Because he was facing harassment from his creditor friend, Usman accepted the suggestion from another friend to visit a spiritualist who would help him take the creditor’s life. The spiritualist gave him a charm, and all he needed to do was to call the creditor’s name three times and he would die. The money from the creditor had in fact been taken away by somebody that Usman had regarded as a trusted business partner. No longer able to bear the beatings from security agents, Usman had decided on killing his creditor, hence the resort to the charm. Along the line, he came home one day and found his wife watching Emmanuel TV despite having asked her to stop doing so. She calmly asked him to listen to the man of God. That day, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the need to forgive and the message reverberated with Usman. Eventually, he decided to forgive the creditor he had been intending to kill. How was he to get rid of the charm without any repercussion for him or his family? He decided he had to bring it to The SCOAN, hiding it from the security officials. Usman indeed managed to bring the charm in two weeks ago – but the Spirit of God located him through the man of God and neutralised the charm. And the rest is now history. No more does Usman have nightmares. “Now I sleep like a newborn and always think of Jesus Christ,” he added. He advised people to forgive their offenders in order to enjoy God’s forgiveness.

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