One morning, as she used the bathroom, 65-year-old Mrs Veronica Esedunme found blood coming out instead of urine. She overlooked it. Two days later the situation remained the same, so she ran to the hospital. “It’s cancer of the womb,” the doctor told her after a pelvic scan. “We will need to remove your womb,” the doctor added. She went to another hospital and the story was the same. A third hospital confirmed the same thing. Rather than panic, Mrs Esedunme took her medical documents to The SCOAN,

believing in God’s healing power. During a Living Water Service, she got a chance to pray on The SCOAN Altar and took the Living Water. When she returned to Abuja, her base, she found that the blood had ceased. Confidently, she approached her doctors for checks. To the glory of God, they declared her womb to be in a perfect condition as no traces of cancer was found. She advised people to have faith in God because He never fails.

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