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After the Pentecost Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer. There at the gate of the temple they came across a certain man lame from his mother’s womb begging alms. Peter and John were also candidates the lame asked an alms. But Peter fastened his eyes on the lame man and said, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have to give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk”. Peter took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. In this wise Peter and John took a bold step for Jesus Christ. Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, always used every opportunity to take a bold step for Jesus. He made healing, giving, prophesying, teaching, etc, looked so easy. He also confronted multiple adversaries from the kingdom of darkness with simplicity and courage. Critics even thought that TB Joshua was not praying over the cases, or simply dramatizing them. There was no spirit of fear or spirit of timidity in TB Joshua for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind.

In the daily warfare for the kingdom of God, the Christian meets with seemingly numerous difficulties. It is an essential reminder to Christians of any generation and degree that all cowardice, all dread of danger, all shrinking from doing one’s duty for fear of man’s displeasure, proceeds not from the Spirit of God. From the Spirit of God proceeds the spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind.

Part of the legacy of TB Joshua is the understanding that through the grace of God, it is expected that each one he has impacted, will daily take a bold step for Jesus Christ. Our business will henceforth be going out to do exploits for God (Daniel 11:32); because we know God, we are made strong in God and we can do the exploits through the spirit of God. Already we have seen the signs that though we may not see TB Joshua physically with us but God remains our present help forever. God is our God forever and ever and He will be our guide even unto death. Ephesians (4:11-12) states that God gives to the church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers “for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ”. The holy spirit will equip everyone to do the work of the ministry. Every Christian should see their main business as serving God and therefore taking a bold step for Jesus Christ Daily.

TB Joshua Lives On !


Prophet TB Joshua Legacy Lives On

Following the fake news that is being circulated on Social Media about an alleged succession battle over who will be the next General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) since the passing on to glory of Prophet TB Joshua. We (SCOAN) have now officially released a statement from our official Social Media pages to debunk the rumour to be completely false and should therefore be disregarded. The statements make it clear that there was an instruction by the Prophet before his death and that is what we will follow concerning how the SCOAN will be run. This is, however, not the first time there has been circulation of fake news since the demise of Prophet T.B. Joshua about who will take over from him. There was the news that some imaginary elders and a group of family members come together to agree to appoint the Prophet wife, Evelyn Joshua to take over as the new General overseer of The SCOAN. This was around when the wife of the Prophet and the entire SCOAN family were still mourning and preparing for the funeral celebration of the Prophet. It is important the Public know that SCOAN is an Apostolic Ministry that is led by the holy Spirit of God. The SCOAN doesn’t operate by man conventions and theory. Every action in the SCOAN is subject to the directive of the Holy Ghost. So also is concerning the new leadership of the SCOAN, it will not be based on public opinion, men’s emotions, convention and perceptions, it will be based on the directive of the holy spirit of God. We understand these are very important moments for the ministry of SCOAN. We pray for God to grant those of us at the SCOAN Headquarter the grace to continue to be submissive to His perfect Will in Jesus’ Name! Amen! Below is the SCOAN official statement:


“Our attention has been drawn to an article published in This Day Newspaper on Wednesday July 14th 2021 titled: ‘Synagogue: Succession Battle Begins as THISDAY Interview is Cited as Evidence.’ The contents of the article regarding an alleged ‘succession battle’ are completely false and should therefore be disregarded. We want to inform the general public that there is no succession battle at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). We are sons and daughters of love and shall continue to let love lead as we follow the instructions laid down by Prophet TB Joshua. Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to honour the life and legacy of Prophet TB Joshua.”



For a good 10 years, after suffering a stroke, Ms Natasha Curry, a 57-year-old American, was far-sighted in her right eye and nearsighted in her left eye. This condition made it difficult for eye doctors to recommend glasses for her. She could not read anything in front of her and she constantly had aches in her eyes and head. Two Mondays ago, Natasha attended The SCOAN Living Water Service. After praying on the Altar and ministering the Living Water in her eyes, she was encouraged by her daughter to try and read something. Natasha fetched a copy of the ministration pamphlet and, to her sheer delight and the glory of God, she was able to read without any difficulty. In her testimony last Sunday, she recalled how she had first stumbled on Emmanuel TV while experiencing sciatic nerve pains. She said she had followed Prophet T.B. Joshua’s instructions to pray for dream revelations about one’s life. She did so, and had dreams about participating in the Living Water Service, even though she had known nothing about the service as at that time. “You can’t have her” had been the refrain by the demons that had been appearing in her dreams. Coming from a Christian background, Natasha told her father about her experiences and informed him that she would visit The SCOAN. She did, and has now received the healing she had been awaiting all these years. She advised people to keep love and faith in their heart as a way of receiving God’s blessings. Natasha’s daughter, Shannon, expressed delight at the peace she felt at The SCOAN. Thanking God for delivering her from depression, the younger woman told the church, “Jesus will stick up for you.”



For the last one year, 10-year-old Chris Ngabo, from Burundi, had been suffering from difficulty in walking following an ankle injury he had sustained while playing football. The condition had degenerated into osteochondral lesion grade 4 and doctors had had to recommend a knee brace for him. A very playful boy, Chris had previously suffered allergies and broken his finger, hand and knee, and had been in the operating theatre three times in the past. Surprisingly, he also had high blood sugar at his age. His mother, Josiane, had taken him for treatment of the ankle but he had continued to limp while walking. Doctors then decided that he should have surgery, as his cartilage had weakened. The once-active boy could no longer climb the stairs, ride bicycles, kneel or play football. Troubled by the situation, his mother brought him to The SCOAN. “I command all affliction in your body to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ,” prayed Prophet Racine as he laid an anointed hand on the little boy. Since then, Chris has regained his health and vibrancy to the glory of God Almighty. His blood sugar level has also returned to normal, to the amazement of his doctors. “Trust in God,” Chris advised other children.


Owing to osteoarthritis, Mrs Lucienne Esteve, from France, had suffered for three years from difficulty in walking. The 45-year-old had had her knees locked in braces, to help ease her pains. Yet, she could not walk long distances and was unable to do her basic daily duties, including bathing herself. It was in this condition that she had visited The SCOAN a fortnight ago to receive prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After an anointed touch from Prophetess Anne, Lucienne sprang to her feet, exercising her limbs and glorifying God’s name. “I felt light as soon as the woman of God prayed for me,” she testified last Sunday. Now, she can wear high heels and walk with no difficulty at all. She advised people to have faith in Jesus, the true Healer.


For the last five years, Mr Okas Hammed had been using a neck collar because of the problem of cervical spondylosis. “I cannot do any hard work – to carry a small bucket of water is so hard for me,” he said as he made his way to The SCOAN Altar during The Living Water Service of two Mondays ago. A resident of Ogun State, Okas also had an enlarged liver and spotted kidneys. Despite visiting several hospitals and healing homes, he got no reprieve from his condition. After rolling on the Altar in prayer, Okas stood up and parted ways with his neck collar for the pain had vanished instantly. He then moved over to another section of the Altar to minister the Living Water. Okas said his faith had been lifted three weeks ago, when he saw a woman known to him testifying on Emmanuel TV, and that he had decided to visit The SCOAN after watching the testimony. “No matter your situation, the God of possibilities will answer you, if you call upon Him,” he advised listeners and viewers


“I am the queen from her village. I destroyed her marriage. I stopped her menstruation. I pushed her to do prostitution. I gave her body pain, chest pain and headaches. I entered her from her village.” Those were the confessions from the household demon in Kate, a Liberian woman who had traversed the continents while she engaged in prostitution. From Ghana to the United Arab Emirates and China to Vietnam and Cambodia, Kate had seen all shades and shapes of men in her bid to fend for her children and see them through school. Whatever business she set up with the proceeds of prostitution always ended up failing. In marriage, she had also failed as her husband had suddenly woken up one morning and walked out of their home after saying she looked like a dog, leaving her with kids to feed. Kate’s problems had actually been the result of the pact that her late parents had with household demons. Kate’s priestess mother had used to feed her children with food served to idols and, in fact, Kate’s original name meant something like ‘dumpsite’, an indication of her parents’ frustration at having lost other babies before her. Kate’s father had vomited his heart after being bitten by a snake while on his other wife’s farm. Afterwards, the children were moved to the Liberian capital, Monrovia. The stubborn demons had followed Kate there, hence their ruining the marriage that she had contracted at age 22. After the Liberian Civil War, Kate moved to Achimota, Ghana on the advice of a friend, who prodded her into prostitution. While doing prostitution, Kate had no home of her own and was always at the mercy of her numerous clients, some of whom took delight in beating her up and refusing to pay her. In one instance, a familiar client took her deep into a forest in Achimota and transformed into different forms right in her presence, causing her to have an out-of-body experience. She would later discover the man had died three months before! Despite that experience, Kate had continued her dirty business and had travelled to the different parts of the world already mentioned. While in Cambodia, Vietnam and the UAE, she began to have persistent dream encounters with a certain figure who later revealed himself as T.B. Joshua, a name that was by then unfamiliar to Kate. The figure had kept advising Kate to quit prostitution. After sharing the dream with a friend, Kate became aware of who the figure was. Her friend then advised her to visit The SCOAN, assuring her that she would get the money for the trip if indeed she had been seeing a true man of God. Miraculously, somebody gave Kate the money for the trip. Meanwhile, for the last seven years, Kate had not been menstruating. In her bid to maximise the use of her body for prostitution, she had got into the habit of trying to block away her menstrual flow by stuffing loads of cotton wool down her private part, leading to the ceased menstruation and the other bodily pains that the demon in her confessed. To the glory of God, Kate’s menses returned after she participated at The SCOAN Living Water Service of two Mondays ago. She is now a new creature—no longer ruled by the desires of the flesh. “The Living Water is real,” Kate said, explaining that she had drunk the water and mentioned the name of her Dubai-based tuberculosis-afflicted sister, who had vomited the evil deposits in her system after the prayer. Kate advised men not to abandon their wives and children. She also advised people to open their hearts to God by “sitting on the right bench in church.” Finally, she encouraged women to see their body as God’s temple.


Speaking in French, the evil spirit in Mr Ngozo Mamadou had blurted, “I am the goddess. He has signed a pact with me. I own his life. He wants money.” Those, among others, were some of the revelations concerning the Central African Republic citizen during The SCOAN Living Water Service of last Monday. Coming from a war-torn country, Ngozo had lost both parents in his home country during the war. His sister had died in Cameroon of gunshot wounds sustained during the war and his ailing brother had died in northern Nigeria despite all the expenses that Ngozo had incurred in a bid to save his life at a witch doctor’s home. Distraught and indebted, Ngozo had asked the witch doctor for help with his finances. In response, the witch doctor had initiated him into the cult of a so-called goddess of money, who had demanded either another person’s blood (which she called “mercury”) or Ngozo’s selling of his soul to her. During the riverside initiation ceremony, Ngozo had been made to swallow four eggs. Unwilling to spill blood or give himself to the goddess, Ngozo had tried to kill himself but a Cameroonian woman dissuaded him and asked him to visit The SCOAN. Hesitant because of his different faith, and incapacitated by his poor finances, the young man finally accepted to visit, the woman having promised to pay his fare. While in church last week, Ngozo had vomited four stones as Prophet T.B. Joshua began his ministration during the service. It had all begun when Ngozo started feeling a churning in his stomach, even though he had been constipated for the past three days. Now he no longer has nightmares in which dead people appear and he can sleep peacefully and use the toilet with ease. “I felt that something came out of me,” he recalled about how he had felt during the deliverance session. Ngozo advised people to avoid witch doctors and embrace Jesus Christ.


After Prophet TB Joshua’s declaration on Saturday 29th February 2020 about showers of rain falling to wipe away all fears of the unknown, rain fell in the following days in Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

After this supernatural shower of rain, several encouraging new developments have taken place within China. Firstly, Chinese health officials have declared that by the end of March, there will be no more new COVID-19 cases in Wuhan. Secondly, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan as China closed all 14 of the emergency hospitals they built to attend to victims of the outbreak. Lastly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that over 70% of victims infected with coronavirus have fully recovered as life begins to return to normalcy across the nation.

REJOICE – because these showers of rain are wiping away all fears of the unknown – for example, coronavirus!





Tb Joshua Ministries,The SCOAN

Exodus 14:13 – “Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

When Moses said, “Don’t be afraid”, he equally meant to say, “Overcome your fear” for fear is a thief of faith and hope. When our troubles seem unyielding to our prayers, it is in our own interest to get above our fear by leaving it to God. Don’t think of saving yourself by fighting a natural battle! ‘Be still’, means, ‘be calm, confident and determined’. God does not need our effort or assistance to carry out His promises of deliverance.

God revealed to Moses what He would do in the circumstances and he believed. Moses was saying to the people, ‘Don’t waver in your faith; be steadfast and be still – have peace of heart, have confidence in the God you believe in. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again; the trouble you see today you will never see again’ (Exodus 14:13). Their enemies were frustrated and immediately they surrendered.

PRAYER POINTS:➡️ Lord, let my enemy see Your finger in my life, get frustrated and surrender because You have set a table before me in the presence of my enemy.➡️ What is your problem? Ask God to give you the grace to always cast your burdens upon Him as Moses did in his encounter with the Egyptian army at the Red Sea.➡️ Lord, in my encounter with the evil forces, teach me the way I should go as You did the Israelites at the Red Sea.➡️ Instruct me the way I should go as You did Moses in his encounter.➡️ Save me from the wicked plans of my adversaries as You did Daniel in the lions’ den.➡️ Deliver me from every generational curse as You did Jabez.➡️ Lord, give me power to face all the challenges of the enemy, in the name of Jesus.➡️ I loose myself from the bondage of fear, in Jesus’ name!

The Danger In Collecting Offerings – TB Joshua

tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua has sensationally declared that “most offerings collected in churches all over the world are a curse, not a blessing.”

Joshua, who was speaking to a packed congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) was responding to a question raised about why offerings are not collected during his weekly Monday ‘Living Water Service’.

“We cannot begin bothering distressed people – I mean, the sick ones, the poor ones – asking for financial support,” the cleric explained.

Adding that although it was Scriptural to collect an offering, “The question remains: Whom are we asking for support? The distressed, the sick, the poor?”

Enlightening congregants further, he stated, “When you are healed and delivered, your ‘Thank you’ is a blessing from God. But when you are distressed, your ‘Thank you’ is distress. When you are sick, your ‘Thank you’ is sick.”

Joshua then declared: “You are your ‘Thank you’ because you cannot live above your word. That is why most gifts today are a curse, not a blessing… That is why you have to be very careful.”

Sharing practical examples from daily life, the cleric explained how judging by mere appearance is misleading as people are often pretentious.

“I know people beyond appearance because I look at the heart,” he revealed. “Appearance is deceptive.”

The video of Joshua’s short sermon on YouTube elicited a deluge of responses from followers, many declaring it was the “first time” they had heard a pastor explain such subject matter.




The living presence of the divine power of God was tangible in the air as The SCOAN Choir rendered songs of worship in the second Sunday Service for the year 2020. As they moved from song to song, the Holy Spirit overshadowed ‘The Arena of Liberty’ and congregants began to fall under the anointing as they walked into their freedom from disease, lack, indebtedness, disappointment and a host of other problems caused by the devil and his agent.

Prophetess Yinka described the New Year as “A NEW OPPORTUNITY”, a message which focused on the need for Christians to seize the opportunity of a new year to amend their ways before God and to change their behaviour towards others. She took her proof text from Ephesians 4:17-23 but also read from Matthew 26:41, Proverbs 15:33, James 4:10, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Galatians 2:20 and Joshua 24:23. Prophetess Yinka strongly encouraged Christians to engage in serious self-examination and “to maintain a steady focus in an unsteady world.”

The woman of God told congregants that they had to live in humility and that they could not keep worshiping their old selves, since genuine Christianity comes out of conversion rather than mere conviction. Consequently, she added, our conduct must match our faith confession if we must enjoy God’s blessings. She also warned congregants to be wary about the challenges of the New Year and concluded by exhorting congregants to follow the good road to the good life by praying more, reading the Bible more and loving and helping others more.  

After the message, the Lord worked wonders through His servants Prophetess Yinka, Prophet Racine and Prophet Chris. Again, the Spirit of the Lord moved in ‘The Arena of Liberty’ and many contrary spirits were chased out of the lives of God’s children.


Mr Ernest Fumador, a Ghanaian, used to have constant nagging headaches and his older sister thought he behaved rather strangely. Ernest thought it was just stress from his workload, especially as he took longer to finish simple tasks. Disturbed by the consistency of her brother’s issues, Vivian Sosu advised him to see the doctors. “You have a brain tumour. Either we place you on drugs or you have surgery,” the doctors told Ernest. He was shaken. He was to take the recommended drugs for three months but along the line, Vivian visited The SCOAN and returned home with The New Morning Water which she ministered on Ernest. Within a short while, his sister noticed improvements in his health as the constant headaches had disappeared and he was able to find sleep again. After conducting another test on Ernest, the doctors gave him clean bill of health as the tumour in his brain had vanished. Lost for words, Vivian simply advised the church, “Have faith in God.” Also in church to glorify God’s name for the healing was Ernest’s nephew, who had been asked by his mother to stay with his uncle and help him out while the tumour lasted. Ernest ended by assuring the church, “With God, all things are possible.” contact scoanonlineservices@gmail.com for your free morning water package.


For 44 out of her 54 years of existence, Mrs Ginette Laguerre, a Haitian living in the USA, suffered severe difficulty in walking due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. “I moved like a 350-year-old woman,” Ginette told the church, adding that she had lost cartilage in both knees, forcing her to depend on powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. As her conditioned deteriorated, Ginette decided to take her case to God. After receiving prayers at The SCOAN, she stood to her feet and began walking again without her knee braces. “I was looking all over for the pain but I could not find it,” she said excitedly, demonstrating her healing. “I have no problem moving,” she said repeatedly. To God be the glory!

Contact scoanonlineservices@gmail.com for your free morning water package.

TB Joshua’s ‘Morning Water’ Saves Zimbabwean Mad Man For 25years In South Africa

A touching testimony from South Africa of reconciliation and restoration after years of madness, homelessness and family separation has been shared on TB Joshua’s official Facebook Page.

According to the testimony shared by Geogina Gumindega, she had visited Joshua’s popular church in Lagos, Nigeria in October 2019 and received some ‘Morning Water’ – an item believed to be ‘anointed by Jesus Christ’.

Geogina subsequently learned of a heart-breaking situation from one of her close friends whose brother had mysteriously disappeared for twelve years after leaving Zimbabwe for South Africa.

According to the lengthy tale, the man – whose name was given as Leon Ayamu – “left home without the blessing of his parents and also ran away from a woman who had just given birth to his daughter.”

The situation deteriorated in South Africa to the point that Ayamu “started to live in the bush” and fell into mental degradation.

It was so bad that he was “surviving solely on fruits and vegetables” with “monkeys for companionship” in his homeless state.

His discovery was nothing short of miraculous! “We ministered the Morning Water on his sister at 11pm on December 7th,” Miss Gumindega explained. “At 9am on December 8th, she saw her brother by the roadside on her way to the supermarket,”

“God had put him in the right place to be seen by his sister who was not even looking for him that morning!”

The family were apprehensive “due to his rude and violent nature at the time” but “managed to convince him to follow us home”.

Thereafter, Joshua’s ‘Morning Water’ was ministered to Ayamu and placed in the water in which he took his bath.

“After this first bath, he went on to sleep for six hours that afternoon. According to him, he started to remember his family and actually miss them after waking up from this sleep!”

The path to mental stability had begun as the dishevelled man told his family “he began to crave human companionship” instead of merely staying with animals.

A matter of weeks later, with plenty of prayer with the ‘Morning Water’ and tender care, Ayamu “has regained consciousness, accepted Jesus as his Saviour and watches Emmanuel TV 24/7!”

Reflecting on his old life, the restored mad man said it felt “as though he lived in the jungle for only a month yet, in reality it had been over a decade!”

He has since reconnected with his estranged family members in Zimbabwe, “apologised to his parents for his rebellion” and broken free from an addiction to codeine and marijuana that fuelled him in the bush.

However, Ayamu’s tale is marked with disturbing and sordid details.

“He confessed to having suffered physical and sexual abuse from other men who took advantage of the vulnerability of homeless and mentally ill people,” Geogina revealed, explaining that at times he would “wake up with male semen all over his body”.

Gumindega hoped his testimony would “challenge our perspective of the kind of help we give to vulnerable people in his former state.”

Pictures of Ayamu’s condition when he was discovered in the bush and his current state a month later after returning to normalcy were equally included in the remarkable testimony to authenticate its contents.

With the abundance of such ‘testimonies’, TB Joshua’s church continues to attract followers from around the world, with official immigration statistics revealing six out of every ten visitors to Nigeria are bound for The SCOAN.

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