To everyone who watched her testify last Sunday at The SCOAN, it must have been clear that 75-year-old Barrister (Mrs) Theresa Amaifeobu was beside herself with joyous excitement over the healing she had received. Struck with cervical and lumbar spondylosis for seven years, as well as osteoarthritis of both knees, the Abuja-based Anambra indigene had felt no relief from the painkillers and neck collar that had been meant to help ease her stiff neck and lower-back pains.

Seeking a divine solution, she had come to church for prayers. As he laid an anointed hand on Theresa, Prophet Chris prayed, “In the mighty name of Jesus, let the power of God flow through your body right now.” He then told her, “Rise to your feet, mama.” And she did, proclaiming God’s goodness and power as she strolled along the aisle. “I am healed; Jesus has done it!” she proclaimed during her testimony last week. Mrs Catherine Okereke, who accompanied her mother to church, thanked God for setting her mother free. Theresa advised people to trust in the Lord, who never fails. “Hold on to God,” Catherine advised.

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