Oluranlowo mi! My Helper! So sang The SCOAN Choir as one of their numbers for the highly impactful Sunday Service. In an echo of God’s Word in Jeremiah 32:27 – Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? – the lyrics of the song stressed total dependence on the power of The Almighty as the people prepared to receive salvation, healing, deliverance and breakthrough.

Prophet Racine spoke on THE PRAYER OF FAITH, as he explained the place of scriptural prayer in our attempt to make heart contact with God. He said, “Prayer is not saying words but praying the prayer,” while realising that there “is an inseparable union between the Word and Spirit.” With bits of Scripture such as Acts 3:46, Mark 9, 2 Corinthians 4:13 and Acts 19 he showed the importance of “using the name of Jesus Christ in love and faith” so that we can receive whatever we ask. He said that knowing the will of God requires knowing the Word of God. In closing, he noted, “The extent to which we think the thoughts of Christ, to that same extent we have the power of God.”

God’s servant TB Joshua joined the congregation to minister healing and deliverance but not before restating his message of last week about forgiveness, which, for the Christian, is not an option but a necessity for spiritual and material growth. He read from Luke 6: 37-38, the passage about not judging others so we will be not judged, not condemning others so we will not be condemned, forgiving others so we will be forgiven and giving others so that we can receive from God in far greater measure. To cap up the exhortation, the man of God also read from Matthew 25:40, the passage in which Jesus uses a parable to illustrate the importance of doing sacrificial charity to all and sundry. In the Mass Prayer session the Spirit of the Lord moved mightily, pulling down ancient strongholds in the lives of the people as prophetic words flowed to free the captives.



An accident. Then a fracture in his right femur – the bone in the right thigh. And gallant soldier Joseph Ibrahim had become incapacitated. Reduced to relying on a pair of crutches, the 32-year-old combatant had to depend on his wife to do most things for him. Unable to return to work despite receiving decent medical attention, Mr Ibrahim pursued the divine option. As such, although based in Enugu State, the Benue State indigene travelled all the way to The SCOAN in Lagos to receive prayers. “Every part in your system that has been damaged – receive life, in the mighty name of Jesus!” so prayed Prophet Chris two Sundays ago for the ailing soldier. As the healing power of God surged through the fractured bone, Mr Ibrahim cast aside his crutches, marching energetically on the SCOAN aisle. On Sunday, he told the congregation while closing his testimony, “There is no sickness God cannot heal.”


When she came to testify in church last week Mrs Edith Kofmah was all smiles. Ten years ago, the Ghanaian had suddenly been afflicted by a strange condition: a thick, dark and smelly discharge kept coming out of her. To save herself from embarrassment, she had to keep wearing pads. But her liberation came two weeks ago, when Prophet TB Joshua prophesied about her condition during the Sunday Service, declaring the devil’s hand removed from her life in the mighty name of Jesus. And indeed that hand was permanently removed, hence Mrs Kofmah’s beaming radiance last Sunday. She advised people not to be afraid of their problems but to seek God for their healing.


“I command healing on you, in the name of Jesus!” That was the Spirit-backed pronouncement made by Prophet TB Joshua a fortnight ago as he prayed with The SCOAN congregation and viewers of Emmanuel TV. During the prayer, by divine inspiration, Prophet TB Joshua gave a word of prophecy regarding the condition of a Hong Kong visitor with a nose-bleed problem. The prophecy was for Miss Ho Tsang Ki, who disclosed during her testimony last Sunday that she could not smell or breathe owing to the problem, which she had had since she was six years old. Advising people not to be discouraged when their prayers seem unanswered, Miss Ho told the congregation to understand that “God’s time is the best”.


Ten years ago, after what the family had thought was a minor domestic accident, Mrs Caroline Onyeneke, a grandmother, eventually became unable to walk or sit properly. Her son Reginald took her to different teaching hospitals and she spent no less than five months at one of them. With drugs failing to put her back on her feet, the doctors decreed an operation but the old woman stuck to her guns: “I want to go to The Synagogue,” she kept insisting. Two Sundays ago, she managed to get herself conveyed to the arena of liberty but, somehow, she was unable to enter the auditorium. As Prophet TB Joshua was praying with the congregation, Reginald, like Blind Bartimaeus did to Jesus in Mark 10:46-52, shouted to gain the attention of the prophet, “Man of God, have mercy on my mother!” After taking a few moments to interrogate the distraught son, the prophet returned to praying with the people: “Every damaged organ in your body – begin to function, in the name of Jesus!” Those were the same words the man of God asked Reginald to say after him as he asked him to lay hands on his mother. At the end of the prayers it was an amazed mother and son who beheld the Lord’s healing power as Mrs Onyeneke walked again. Testifying in church last Sunday in the company of her son and grandson, she asserted “nothing passes God’s power” even as Reginald himself said, “God is the Doer of hard things; have faith in Him”.


He took to The SCOAN floor and spoke into the microphone in front of cameras that were reporting him live to the world. “I want to testify to the glory of God and the shame of the devil,” Mr Joshua Sambo began his testimony on Sunday. He said he had been born with his left ear deaf and that his parents had done all they could to help him. But it was only two weeks ago, he said, that the story changed. The 35-year-old said that during the Mass Prayer with Prophet TB Joshua he suddenly heard a hiss from his left ear, as if from a deflating tyre. Meanwhile, the Kogi State indigene had actually been in church to pray about his difficult financial situation, especially about recovering the over half a million Naira debt owed him. However, when the man of God commanded that every damaged organ should begin to function, Mr Sambo remembered his left ear deafness and tapped into the anointing. On Sunday, he was extremely excited as he testified alongside his wife, mother, son, older brother and father-in-law. “Make your heart the contact point with God and you shall be set free one day, as I have been today,” he advised the church.


In Proverbs 18:24 the Bible says there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. In the case of Miss Alice Dramani, a Ghanaian environmental health officer at Tema Port, this friend was actually a sister – in the person of Mrs Stephanie Daniels, who, together with her husband, had braved all the odds and dared to transport the then corpse-like Alice to The SCOAN, in Lagos, Nigeria. With her distended, bloated stomach, as well as her swollen legs that couldn’t sustain her frail frame, Alice had been written off as a goner by friends and family – except, of course, fibroid-troubled Stephanie and her then jobless husband! It was in this state that Alice received an anointed touch from Prophet TB Joshua many months ago, even as Stephanie and her husband waited on God for answers to their own prayers. “I felt light once I got back on my feet after that touch,” Alice testified on Sunday. But much more was to come. Once back at her lodgings that evening, Alice began to leak stinky fluids from the openings in her body, stooling and urinating at the same time. Despite the stench, Stephanie stood with her till the discharges stopped around 4 a.m. By daybreak, the swollen stomach was down! Still, more was to come. Alice got on the trip back home and remained dry throughout the journey. The moment she stepped into her home, however, the tap got turned on again – and all that had been the cause of pain and discomfort in her life came out of her. Her healing was now complete, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! She reported for work and, as if to test the genuineness of the miracle, Alice’s boss placed her on the very demanding night duty for two weeks. Of course, God proved Himself and Alice outperformed her colleagues. Indeed, the reproach of two years was now over. Meanwhile, it was on the day of Alice’s healing at the arena of liberty that Stephanie’s husband had got a text message on the offer of employment for his present job. In the same vein, Stephanie would later go to the doctors for checks on her fibroids. To the glory of God, they were gone! Alice urged people to focus on God only and to ignore the counsel of doubters. On his part, Stephanie’s husband advised people to see God as capable of doing everything.

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