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The Characteristics of Faith

Faith sees what others cannot see. Its joy is in the reality of future things which enables the believer to understand the unseen universe and his right in Christ Jesus. A man without faith does not know his right in Christ Jesus. He believes until he shouts, cries and kicks, the Lord would not hear him.

Faith enables believers to overcome fear and other barriers that rob the faithless of God’s blessing. By faith, the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and brought down the walls of many cities. By faith, Moses stretched his staff to the Red Sea and the Israelites walked through the dry ocean bed (Exodus 14:16-22).

Faith provides strength for a believer to endure hardships and difficult times. By faith, Joseph endured the prison condition. By faith, Paul and Silas counted it all joy to suffer for Jesus in Philippi (Acts 16:22-25). Faith strengthens the believer to persevere even when the promise seems to delay in its fulfilment. Perseverance is an essential instrument of faith.

The Bible instructs us “to run the race with perseverance” (Hebrews 12:1-2). Hardship and temptation discipline us and improve our Christian character, thus making us better disciples of Christ. Even then, we have to throw off everything that could hinder our movement towards Christ. While running the race, we should fix our eyes on Christ – Christ alone – the Author and Finisher of our faith.

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