In order to be God’s person, we must seek His attention in everything that we do. Don’t forget that there is darkness everywhere but as children of God, we are not here to get used to the dark but to shine as light. We cannot walk in darkness without a light to show the way – that is the position of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit lightens the Word (John 6:63). Without the Holy Spirit, the Word alone cannot bring Jesus to the scene, cannot transform your situation. The Word will remain inactive, meaningless and oftentimes destructive without the Holy Spirit. Do not let this happen to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with His light, to guide your way, words and your thoughts, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. greetings from south Sudan, pray for my family and my country, we are in totally mess, send us your lord to guide us in our governance.

    there is no love of brotherhood in the country, we hate each from brother to brother, tribe by tribe and section by section.

    all in Jesus Christ name Amen

  2. Hi, people of God at SCOAN church of our national.
    My name is Yoneck Mlauzi living in South Africa, but am from Malawi. First of all, God forgives our sins and teach me how to repent.
    Although it’s not easy to come the church in Nigeria but man of God says is not barial, and everything is possible with God.
    We wanted man of God to My mother and family, the devil which has been attacked my mother since last year November stomach paining till today, we have been visiting alots of doctors and hospitals saying one thing but no change!
    We got hope and faith that only man of God prothet TB Joshua can eliminate of these demons and satanic attack.
    This month because of insufficient funds, we will invite the morning water through email or WhatsApp address via DHL Express team.
    We are working very hard to have the morning water this month .
    Thank you very much, sorry my English is very poor.

  3. Hello Emmanuel,
    I need your prayers people of God, I am very far and I don’t have enough money to come to Nigeria.

    I need you to pray for me and my family, I have a lot of sins I know and what I don’t know, AM asking for forgiveness man of God.

    Man of God, in working place, I don’t get anything, just Small which could not sustain me and family plus relatives, pray for me so that I get good promotion in my work place.

    And Thank you very much people of God.

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