The SCOAN Choir dished out many songs from their rich repertoire, many of them composed by Prophet TB Joshua. It appeared, however, that one song stood out in more ways than one, causing congregants to dance ecstatically for the Lord like King David did in 2 Samuel 6 and causing Prophet TB Joshua to request encores of it when he got on The SCOAN Altar. It was a song in praise of “Chukwu Nna, meaning ‘God of the Heavens’ in Nigeria’s southeastern language of Igbo. Even without understanding the lyrics, people of diverse races and tongues swayed to its pulsating rhythm and melody as the Spirit of the Lord saturated ‘The Arena of Liberty’.

Prophet TB Joshua began his ministration with a prophetic word for congregants: “What you have been going through will soon be a memory; it will be part of your history.” He told worshippers that their future was being fashioned by God and that they should be ready to share their testimony about the present, when that future arrived. He assured them that their present pain, affliction, hardship or embarrassment would surely become no more than a memory from distant times. However, the man of God said it would be important to view God’s promises from the faith perspective, knowing that adversity often makes Christians wiser, stronger and better people. Reading from Psalm 119:71 – “It was good for me to be afflicted so that I may learn the decrees of God” – Prophet TB Joshua advised the people to make heart contact with God in order to be able to receive from Him.

Earlier, Prophet Chris gave a sermon titled Return to Reality. Anchored on 1 Peter 1:23-25, the message urged congregants to discover their purpose in life through the Word of God, whose truths remain unchanging. He advised that people should avoid the fantasy of thinking they can derive lasting happiness and inner peace from material things. As such, he preached, those who want a truly meaningful life should face the reality that the Christian race is a tough marathon with many hurdles to cross. He also charged the youth to imbibe the virtues of hard work and perseverance, realising that success can never be reached through shortcuts, that is, without rigorous due process. “Everything in this world has an expiry date,” Prophet Chris noted. While demonstrating the futility of a materialistic life, Chris said it was pointless trying to impress people by keeping up appearances. Closing the sermon, he reminded the church: “In life there are storms, trials, troubles, so the only way to stay steady, steadfast in a world that is unsteady is to build your life upon the solid rock of God’s Word.”



Two Sundays ago Mrs Nnenna Irobi, a Nigerian from Enugu State, had been waiting on God for healing from four years of pain from a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and knee arthritis. After giving her several medications to no avail, her doctors advised her to consider using a neck collar and bandages for her knees. Despite these aids, Nnenna continued to feel severe pains and her gait appeared to be devoid of vitality. Believing that God’s presence was available at The SCOAN, she decided to go there for prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. She was one of those who got a chance to pray on The SCOAN Altar during the service. As she got on the Altar, with no little difficulty, she began to pray there, rolling on the floor asking the Son of David to have mercy on her. In no time, she began to tug at her neck collar and soon flung it away, together with her bandages. Nnenna’s supportive husband, Joseph, thanked God for healing his wife after four years of severe pain and saving him from worry. As she closed her testimony on Sunday, Nnenna advised people to believe in God.


After two years of continuous bleeding, Mrs Chioma Uchenna finally saw the end of a terrible reproach in her life two Sundays ago. She was at The SCOAN when a word of prophecy located her. Prophet TB Joshua had declared: “There is a woman there – you are bleeding profusely. This is the challenge you brought here. The Lord has delivered you. You should be proud; you should be happy.”

The Abuja resident had thought she had been seeing her menses when the bloody episode began, so after five days she became alarmed. Yet, she went to see a doctor only a month after. Surprised at her negligence, they ordered a two-month bedrest and gave her drugs, including a blood tonic. For one week, the blood stopped flowing but soon returned with incredible pressure, forcing her to use special absorbent pads that still could not contain the blood. She began losing strength and having nagging headaches. Having heard of the Lord’s exploits at The SCOAN, she sought her husband’s permission to visit, hence the prophecy that brought an end to her misery. In her testimony on Sunday, Chioma said the prophecy also put an end to her asthma. She therefore advised people to believe in God’s power.


In tears of pain did Mrs Thoko Lubisi struggle on to The SCOAN Altar two Sundays ago. For nine years, the South African had been suffering from chronic lumbar pain, which meant she had to use a lumbar corset to ease her pain. The classroom teacher was unable to do her work effectively, her situation worsened by numbness of the knees leading to difficulty in walking. Unable to function in all spheres, Thoko started feeling depressed. It was in that condition that she had got the opportunity to pray on The SCOAN Altar two weeks ago. And although she had gone there in tears, Thoko climbed off The Altar in jubilation. In an instant, she had felt relief surge through her whole body. Testifying on Sunday, Thoko sang and danced for joy to demonstrate her perfect healing, in the name of Jesus. She advised people to wait upon the Lord for solutions to their problems.


Because she believed God had prepared a miracle for her at The SCOAN, Mrs Elizabeth Feris was prepared not to mind the severe physical inconvenience that she would experience on a trip to Nigeria from Namibia. For 13 years she had been using an arm sling due to a stiff shoulder, the result of a torn shoulder ligament. Two Sundays ago, she had got the chance to climb on The SCOAN Altar for prayers. “I felt somebody take me by the arms and lift me up,” she said of her experience as she began to climb The Altar. “When I got on The Altar,” she added, “I felt somebody lift a burden off me.” Ending her testimony on Sunday, Elizabeth advised people to visit The SCOAN for prayers. But Elizabeth didn’t testify alone. She was accompanied by her 61-year-old sister in-law, Ms Magrita Diergaardt, who had difficulty in walking for 10 years due to osteoarthritis and muscle cramps. Magrita said she stopped feeling pain in her limbs after she received prayers, in the mighty name of Jesus. “No matter your challenges, turn to God,” Margrita advised the church.


It was in 2014 when the couple had first received a prophecy delivered by the Holy Ghost through the man of God TB Joshua. Mrs Ekoma had lost three pregnancies already but the Word from the Lord was that she would have a baby boy. After prayers, Barrister Armstrong Ekoma returned to his Jos, Plateau State base with his wife.

Months later, the duo were back at The SCOAN and another prophecy located them: Barrister Ekoma had been slapped physically by a woman possessed of a malevolent spirit who later showed up in his dream to slap him innumerable times more. “I had a quarrel with somebody in the day. That night I had more than one thousand slaps in my dream,” Armstrong said. The prophecy further said that the lawyer’s destiny had now been tampered with and that his libido was in grave crisis, a fact he also confirmed in excited amazement. After the prophecy about their coming son, one year rolled into the next, then to the next and to the next. According to Mrs Ekoma, during her testimony on Sunday, what had kept the couple going was Prophet TB Joshua’s words: “A prophet will say that which he will live to see accomplished.” And so, five years after the initial prophecy, baby Divine Ekoma was brought to church as evidence of God’s power. Shedding more light on the couple’s situation, Barrister Ekoma narrated how their missing wedding rings had turned up in a computer system he had taken for repairs. He also told of how a scan had shown he had degenerative disc disease, with doctors suggesting he undergo an operation that might cripple him, hence the couple’s recourse to The SCOAN. In what he thought was even worse, Barrister Ekoma said he had developed a boil between his anus and testes while at The SCOAN, causing him to wonder if further affliction had not been added to what he had. But that boil was in fact a sign of the relief to come. Three days later, he said, the boil burst open and there was no problem any longer. “That was how I got healed,” Barrister Ekoma told the church. While Barrister Ekoma advised people not to doubt God’s power, his wife urged women not to give up on their home.


In 1986, when he was yet in elementary school, Diepreye started getting nightly visits from a female figure in his dreams. After making love to him, she would ‘expose’ coming examination questions to him, helping him to pass brilliantly. He told his mother. She took him to a spiritualist who told him, “She’s the spirit who guided your father in his lifetime; do not run away from her, because she will make you exceptional in academics. But you must never marry.”

When he was old enough, Diepreye married. And his problems began. The spirit turned malevolent and gave him loss of memory, nightmares, hypertension, spirit of anger and lack of affection in marriage. Even more, she dogged his every step with untimely death, constantly asking him to kill himself and making him see dead relatives. “The spirit gave me boldness not to fear death,” he told the church on Sunday. Diepreye’s boss advised him to visit The SCOAN. On the flight down to Lagos from Abuja, the plane ran into turbulence and Diepreye thought of breaking the window and jumping to his death. To the glory of God, he made it to The SCOAN, where a prophecy found him two Sundays ago: “There’s a voice you hear – a strange voice. It dictates what you do sometimes.” On how he felt once Prophet TB Joshua spoke about his problem, Diepreye said, “A load was lifted off my body and I became free.” Since that word of prophecy and deliverance, Diepreye’s life has now become a source of happiness to him. He is also now full of affection for his wife and two children. Diepreye’s wife advised spouses not to give up on their marriage when it is in crisis, just as her husband advised people to look up to the Cross for victory against dark forces. On his knees, “the new creature” asked his wife for forgiveness over past mistreatment.


When Ms Petunia Mnisi visited The SCOAN sometime in 2016, she received three prophecies. The first was about her need to forgive. The second was about her estranged daughter who had become suicidal. The third was about her use of charms. Petunia confirmed all the prophecies. She said her father was killed in 1997 by villagers who accused him of wizardry and her mother also died after being accused of witchcraft. On the second prophecy, Petunia said her daughter turned against her and left home. A witch doctor had told Petunia’s daughter that her own mother was after her life. On the third prophecy, 55-year-old Petunia said she used charms to attract men but ended up repelling them instead. As Prophet TB Joshua gave the prophecies, he asked Petunia to forgive her offenders and assured her that her daughter would return home. On July 22, 2019 Petunia’s daughter indeed returned home, according to Petunia’s testimony on Sunday. Full of smiles and deep inner joy, as well as love for each other, Petunia and her daughter jubilated in front of the church. Explaining that she had stopped using charms since 2016, Petunia advised people to monitor their children and introduce them to God only. On her part, Petunia’s daughter said she now loves life and no longer thinks of suicide. She advised parents to show love to their children.


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