The God of prophet TB Joshua is a wonder working God. If you are outside Nigeria, and you do not have the time or money to Come to Nigeria yourself, Look for some one you trust who can get the morning water or anointed stickers from Senior prophet TB Joshua. But if you do not have the time to come to the church and get it, send an E-mail directly to SCOAN ADMIN ( ) specifying what you need. We will send the morning water to you, it’s totally free.


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  1. The Prophet of Our time – Prophet TB Joshua I pray you heed to my call of healing and restoration . The God that sent you to us will establish his kingdom through you and heal his people . Prophet Sir , we are sick and need a touch from from our Lord Jesus . The new a nnointing water “God’s Own ” and Sticker are indeed what we need this time since we can’t travel to heal us .
    Let his mercy speak for us .
    We continue to give thanks to the Lord for the Ministry and your family . May your days be longer . Thank you for your action at your earliest convenience . EMMANUEL !

  2. Please pray for me Pastor, i’m suffering from Fibroid pains coming from 2013 i had an operations in 2014 but nothing changed, one of my chubes was removed but my still suffering. Please may Jesus have mercy on me and heal me.

  3. I need a copy of the anointing water to shame the devil with wonders to all who doubt God

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