After inviting the Holy Ghost to dwell in ‘The Arena of Liberty’, The SCOAN Choir asked for mercy from the Son of David – Jesus Christ – who heals, delivers and saves. Thereafter, they thanked Jesus for His love, the life He gave and for every moment of His attention. While they sang, the Spirit of God suffused the arena and the congregants were encouraged to open their hearts in readiness for the day’s ministration.

Prophet T.B. Joshua began his ministration by thanking the people for praying and fasting with him for the last seven days, since the “Africa Unite” video went viral, touching the hearts of millions and moving nations into action against the rising spate of xenophobic attacks on the continent. He said, “what happens to any African happens to all Africans,” even as he reiterated his call for the continent’s unity.

As he began the prayer session, Prophet T.B. Joshua said it was important for people to open their hearts to receive from God, exercising faith based not only on the evidence of God’s power before their very eyes but also on what they are yet to see. He observed, “It is the Word of God that brings the entire being into harmony. It heals, it blesses, it delivers and saves.”google-site-verification: googleae88ba0c5f15eeb8.html

However, while rounding off the prayer session, Prophet TB Joshua warned viewers and congregants against falling for the antics of fraudsters trying to extort them by claiming to be able to get them The New Morning Water and give them access to The Living Water Service. “There is nothing like that. We are doing all this because we are given freely and we give people freely,” he stated.

In “OVERCOME YOUR SITUATION” Prophet Racine cited some verses in the Holy Bible, such as Romans 8:35-39, 2 Corinthians 12:7, Galatians 3:8, Mark 11:22 to encourage Christians on the need to see with the eyes of faith and to regard their trials as opportunities to move higher on the faith ladder. With the stories of biblical characters, Prophet Racine showed that the Christian race does not need to be easy before Christians can believe themselves to be in a good relationship with God. He described the trials and challenges of Christians as divinely ordained and advised God’s children not to succumb to pressure and tension from the devil’s camp. In Racine’s words, “All these heroes of faith had something in common: They fought the same battle camouflaged differently – different situations – but they overcame their situation and they came out of it better than when they went into it.”



For 12 years, Ghanaian Ms Juliana Agbo had difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis; she also had a stiff neck due to spinal canal stenosis and degenerative disease. On top of that, she had hypertension. Because of her condition, she frequently had to stay off work, sometimes for as long as two years. As a single mother of four, she had a hard life indeed, not being able to do anything for herself, including cooking, washing and bathing herself. Unable to stand or move for long, she found it hard to fend for herself and family. However, despite being told by a military doctor that she could never be cured of her ailments, Ms Agbo sought God’s face at The SCOAN two weeks ago. There, she received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After the prayers, she became light and has since then been able to do all that she could not do before the prayers. No longer using her lumbar jacket or the neck collar, Ms Agbo demonstrated her perfect healing as she exercised her neck and limbs before The SCOAN congregation last Sunday. “There is nothing God cannot do,” she told her listeners.


She is only nine years old, yet Miss Diana Agyo, from Nigeria’s northwestern state of Nasarawa, has known what it means to feel incredible pain. One day, Diana had come from school complaining about pain in her left leg. Her dad had thought it was a joke and that his daughter would get fine in no time. However, the situation worsened and her parents took her from hospital to hospital. Finally, it was decided that she should have an operation. She had to use crutches to enable her walk and also prevent her bone from breaking altogether. Diana then asked her parents to bring her to ‘The Arena of Liberty’. Two weeks ago, her distraught parents brought her to The SCOAN for prayers. After an anointed touch from Prophet Racine, Diana took to her feet without the aid of her crutches. “The pain disappeared immediately,” she told the church on Sunday as she kicked the air to show her healing. “I am the happiest person on earth,” Diana’s father said as he testified about his daughter’s healing. “I want to advise people to have faith in God,” the elated Diana told her listeners. “Pour everything to God because He is our refuge,” Diana’s father advised.


In every literal sense of the word, Mrs Rebecca Keeditswe, from Botswana, was a lion-hearted woman. It was no surprise, for in her childhood she had participated actively in lion worship rituals with her parents. When she got married, Rebecca had this spirit follow her into the marriage – and she made life truly miserable for her husband. When angry, she would act violently and destructively; one day, she burnt up the family’s two sofas, which could not be replaced until two months later. Even worse, Rebecca became so disgusted at her husband’s sight that she pressed for a divorce, offering to finance the proceedings when the hesitant man objected to the move. After much pressure, Mr Keeditswe, bemoaning the fate of his young children, tearfully agreed to have the divorce actions begin. However, he asked that they visit The SCOAN first. A fortnight ago, the couple came and, during the deliverance session, the demon in Rebecca manifested and she received her perfect deliverance. During the couple’s testimony on Sunday, Mr Keeditswe told of how his wife had forced him to re-enroll her in another school out of town, despite having invested heavily in a school in town. To worsen matters, Rebecca refused to finish her studies at the new school. “I didn’t have a say in the house,” the soft-spoken Mr Keeditswe said. He also detailed all the futile efforts he had made to resolve his marital crisis, including appealing to Rebecca’s parents and seeking counselling. To the glory of God, since Rebecca’s deliverance from the ‘spirit of lion’, Mr Keeditswe has been enjoying nothing but genuine affection from his wife. “I can see now that I am the man and she is the wife; there are a lot of changes in her,” he said during his testimony on Sunday. He advised people to be patient with their wives and to be focused on God’s leading. Glad to be going to court to cancel her divorce papers during the last week of September, instead of going there to perfect the divorce, Rebecca advised people to seek God’s kingdom before everything else.


Because they were told that their daughter Liann had a ‘spirit husband’ preventing her from choosing among her many suitors, they took her to a native doctor, who purportedly performed some rituals to rid her of the evil force. However, rather than change her, the rituals made Liann very ferocious, not able to tolerate men. Eventually, Liann got married to a very patient man. In the home, Mrs Ati took control of everything, dictating to her husband on every issue for 19 of the 20 years of their marriage so far. Hardly ever interested in intimacy with her husband, it was a miracle, she said, that she managed to have kids at all. Owing to her fearsome temper, Liann was always ruining business opportunities, eventually leading to the collapse of the family’s business. Two weeks ago, Liann was at The SCOAN and, as she saw the woman of God laying hands on the congregation, she prayed that the Lord would locate her. And the Lord did. As the woman of God laid hands on her, Rebecca encountered God’s power as the evil spirit in her manifested. During the couple’s testimony on Sunday, Mr Austin Ati told of how he kept losing money due to mismanagement by his wife and apprentices, as well as of his wife’s overbearing nature. Mr Ati advised the people to trust in God. On her part, Mrs Ati advised people to seek divine solutions to problems in their children’s lives; she also advised men to seek God’s face concerning their marriage.


Until two Mondays ago, Ms Francisca Dickson had been depressed for the past 10 years and, in the last nine months, suffered from anxiety disorder. It had all started after she lost both her parents. Unable to get parental love in her formative years, the Nigerian living in Ghana grew up feeling unloved and unable to love. A bitter young woman with pain in her heart, Francisca lived a life of emotional isolation, unable to connect with people. Not surprisingly, she became self-loathing, finding little or no meaning in life. As her anxiety disorder progressed, Francisca increasingly depended on prescription drugs to sleep. Unable to take it any longer, she found her way to The SCOAN, where she participated in The Living Water Service. Testifying on Sunday, Francisca said she had felt heavy while making her way to The SCOAN Altar. “The period I was praying it was as if something came out from my heart and burst out as tears from my eyes. Then I took The Living Water and started vomiting,” she said. She continued, “I saw a man in white apparel standing at the pool where The Living Water is flowing. Then I saw another man in white apparel and with a glowing hand. He was rapidly placing his right hand on people’s head; it was as if I was crying on his feet. Instantly, that peace, that joy came to me.” Elated about her deliverance, she told the church that she no longer has bitterness in her heart. She also testified that she is now free from depression and anxiety as well as from dreams of death and dead people, asserting that God’s Spirit is indeed present in The SCOAN.

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