Tb Joshua Ministries,The SCOAN

The situation some of us are facing today, we ought to have faced earlier in life. But because of impatience and inability to see beyond our immediate situation, we take shortcuts in an attempt to escape from reality. It does not take long to discover that most of the alternatives or shortcuts we take have their way of disappointing us. What situation are you in now? As a Christian, do a proper reflection and you would see that behind your situation lies God’s purpose for your life. This means, there is no real alternative other than faith in God. Remember, events that seem ordinary may have extraordinary effect in the spirit, much of which is hidden from the ordinary eye. This is why we need God. Without proper reflection, you would take actions that would change the purpose of God for your life.

Our God is awesome; He uses foolish things to confound the wise. For example, God can use disappointment to preserve us. Disappointment preserved Peter for redemption. As a Christian, sit and reflect and you would discover that nothing happens for nothing. That situation you are in does not come by chance. It is as it should be by divine will. There is an adage that says, “If you are in a hurry to get something, you would also be in a hurry to spend it”. Today, many have changed the history of their lives because of inability to see beyond their immediate situations. Those who see beyond their immediate situation do not despair in the face of seeming disappointment

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