Not only did Prince Isi Okosun, a 47-year-old Nigerian living in Germany, receive healing from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis, he also became a source of faith to others, especially his German doctor and many of his patients. For over five years, Isi had been unable to lead a normal life. In search of a medical solution, he had moved from Berlin to Barcelona seeking out the best of doctors, all to no avail. Booked for an operation, he chose instead to visit The SCOAN, following advice from his brother. However, Isi had had to build his faith first by watching Emmanuel TV, again on his brother’s advice. At The SCOAN, he received prayer as well as a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua about two pills he had been taking to help ease his pain. That was on the 4th March 2018. Last week, Isi returned to church to testify. “I felt something leave my back,” he said of the effect of the prayer. When Isi returned to Germany, he reported himself to the same doctor, asking for a check-up. Surprised that his former patient had been cured without any trace of an operation, the doctor asked how it had all happened. Excitedly, Isi told him about The SCOAN and God’s servant, T.B. Joshua. Since then, Isi said, the German doctor has been referring people with similar cases to speak with him. After vigorously demonstrating his healing again, Isi advised people to run to God when in crisis.

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