“Emmanuel!” Dr Irma Bendar’s voice rang out in excitement as she began her testimony on Sunday. The doctor from Russia started by praising God for healing her from muscle spasms, which had it impossible for her to write legibly. Unable to sign off her patients’ prescriptions, Irma had had to rely on stamping instead. The muscle spasms also caused her waist pains and prevented her from sitting for long, despite her using a lumbar corset. Realising that she could not help herself, Irma decided to seek a divine solution. As such, a fortnight ago, Irma found her way to The SCOAN, where she received her deliverance from the evil spirit trying to destroy her by tormenting her life with nightmares. “As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt something come out of me,” she told the church on Sunday. “I am the healthiest person in the world now,” she declared. Irma is now perfectly healed of writer’s spasms. Moreover, she is delivered from evil spirits, even as she no longer feels body pains or experiences nightmares. She told the church, “No disease is incurable; run to Jesus.” Irma also testified about her mother’s healing from poor vision back home in Russia during the Living Water Service of last Monday.

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