It was only three days before Christmas and expectedly, the ambience in ‘The Arena of Liberty’ reflected the colours of the season. From their stand, The SCOAN Choir dished out songs of praise and worship that echoed around the world. “Holy Spirit breathe in me,” they began. Thereafter, they asked the Holy Spirit to take more of the people and give them more of Himself. “Abba Father!” they also sang in praise, preparing the hearts of the people for a life changing encounter with Jesus..

The sermon, titled ‘Measure Your Life By Your Love For God’ began with the Bible’s assertion that only the virtue of love can set faith to work, thereby pleasing God. Prophet T.B. Joshua read from Corinthians 13:13 (NIV): “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” He said that love conquers evil and that Christians should depend on the Holy Spirit to lead them on whom to show love. “Love looks around to see who is in need, who is sick, who is unsaved, who is depressed, who is worried,” the man of God said. As such, he advised Christians to measure their lives by their love for God via unconditional display of concern for the welfare of those around them, who are the very image of God. However, he cautioned, Christians should not be discouraged by those who fail to appreciate their acts of sacrificial charity. In his words, “God says that we should give, so give. He wants to see your genuine willingness. By the time you get to a certain point Jesus will now help you to give to the right people.” He concluded with the need to maintain a relationship with God.

Similarly, Prophetess Yinka gave a message titled “AT CHRISTMAS, LET YOUR SEED MOVE GOD.” She started by noting God’s unconditional offering of His Best Seed, Jesus Christ, for the salvation of humankind. She described Christmas as a time to plant seeds of love in a way that will move God and help to reshape our destiny. Prophetess Yinka questioned why people are able to give up their worldly possessions but tend to be unwilling to give up sin, noting that it is important to be reconciled with God. Starting with Isaiah 9:6, she explained that Christmas is significant as “the basis of our eternal hope,” representing “a glorious light that will dispel every shade of darkness in our lives, a glorious increase and complete joy arising from His birth and a glorious liberty and enlargement with good reason.” Failing to walk in love, Prophetess Yinka said, will lead to suppressing God’s promises in our lives. Seeking to prick congregants’ consciences, she noted, “Perhaps that seed of love, that seed of forgiveness, the seed of patience, humility, may be what God will use to reshape your destiny, even the destiny of your children.” She therefore urged people to plant seeds with genuineness, simplicity of heart and humility.

After the sermon, congregants saw evidence of God’s awesome power as stubborn contrary spirits got booted out of people’s lives by the authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

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