Last Sunday, alongside his younger brother and parents, Matthew Wilson testified about his deliverance from drug addiction. Constant use of marijuana and nicotine had led the young American to drop out of school. He had also become disrespectful and nasty towards his family, even as he constantly nursed negative thoughts and isolated himself.

Owing to the effects of the drugs, he began to feel his throat close up and his chest tighten, leading to anxiety and depression. Unable to stand the situation anymore, Matthew’s dad decided that the family should visit The SCOAN for prayers – and they did so two Sundays ago. After prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Prophet Chris pronounced Matthew free from the spirit of addiction. “I felt free.

I want to thank God for delivering me,” Matthew said about the effect of the prayer. Confirming that Matthew had indeed become “a changed person”, his family testified on Sunday that he is now focused on reading the Bible and relating with family. Matthew advised the youth to turn to God and to avoid drugs.

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