From Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, came Mrs Chinwe Dike two weeks ago to participate in The SCOAN Living Water Service. Chinwe had recently had an operation on her glaucoma-infested eyes. She also had high blood pressure that constantly caused her severe chest pain. As such, she had to take a variety of medication to keep her stable. Despite the surgery, she had begun to lose vision in the right eye. As someone who had initially been unsure of God’s presence at The SCOAN, she had rejected the advice that she come to the church for prayer. As her situation worsened, however, she came to ‘The Arena of Liberty’ and humbled herself before her Creator. Before stepping on The SCOAN Altar, she confessed her sins to God and asked for His mercy. Thereafter, she proceeded to minister the Living Water in her eyes. She explained that she felt a flash in her right eye as she regained perfect vision. She went on to drink the rest of the living water. Instantly, Chinwe said, she experienced relief from her chest pain and every other form of discomfort. Testifying last Sunday, Chinwe noted that, “If I had come here earlier, I wouldn’t have needed to go for surgery in the first place.” She added, “I have not taken my blood pressure drugs since that day.”

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