During her childhood, Julia had fancied herself eating wet cement but had never done so until sometime in 2015. At that time, she had become a married woman. She told her husband about it and he advised that she try taking magnesium or calcium. There was no improvement and in fact the Russian also started taking lime scale from her kettle whenever she could not get wet cement. Despite the fact that her addiction was causing her weakness and diarrhoea, Julia continued with it. One day, however, as she was watching Emmanuel TV, she slept off and dreamt of Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for her. In that dream she had fallen down and felt a warm sensation all over her body. By the time she woke up, Julia no longer desired to eat wet cement. In another testimony, Julia said she was healed of a foot abscess after ministering the New Morning Water that she got from a friend who had visited The SCOAN. Her doctor had told her that she would need surgery but the surgery could not be done since Julia was then breastfeeding and could not take painkillers. According to her, the abscess had dried up within two weeks of ministering the water. “No matter your problem, just believe God for your solutions,” Julia advised the church on Sunday.

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