“There is a woman – this woman from South Africa is a herbalist…. This thing has destroyed your children. You are still practising it, till now.” After these words of prophecy were uttered by Prophet T.B. Joshua two Sundays ago, the woman in question, Mrs Jane Maleto, came out to confirm them. The man of God spoke further, “You know this thing has destroyed your children?” When Jane got on The SCOAN aisle last week to testify about God’s hand upon her life, she began by saying, “I don’t know what more I can do to thank God for rescuing my life from the pit of hell.” Then she told the story of how she got inducted into herbalism, disclosing that it had been suggested as the only way for her to rid herself of the inexplicable illnesses that had troubled her life from childhood, even affecting her children. She said that, owing to her mystery illnesses, she never enjoyed collecting the many prizes that she won as a brilliant student. According to Jane, anytime she needed to collect an award she would suddenly have swellings that would disfigure her skin and mouth and she would look unrecognisable in the pictures taken for the occasion. After failing to find a solution at churches and herbalists’ homes, and after resisting the suggestion for 14 years, Jane eventually agreed to train as a herbalist. After a month of training, Jane started on her own and began ‘treating’ people through the mediums that she had been taught to use. However, her problems worsened, just like her children. As Jane pondered about her situation, a man appeared to her in a vision and afterwards she began reading her Bible more seriously. Later on, she discovered Emmanuel TV as she searched for a Christian channel. “I was at the point of taking my life when I discovered Emmanuel TV,” Jane said, adding that at that point she dreamt of Prophet T.B. Joshua point a palm at her. When she woke up, she said, she received relief from the ailment that had been threatening to take her sight. From then on, Jane continued to have dreams of deliverance. Today, Jane is able to eat like any normal person and her stomach no longer swells. “People of God, I’m relieved. Now I can lie on my stomach and feel no pain. I am free!” she declared to the church. Jane advised people to avoid consulting herbalists for solutions to their problems.


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