For 15 years, 37-year-old Mr Eric Tovor had anus cancer, which was a constant source of pain and embarrassment. To defecate, he had to use a special drug. Moreover, he could not wear bright colours, which would have easily exposed his frequently bloody behind. As the pain kept increasing, Eric began taking an overdose of the drug. Always wary of using the toilet, he would starve himself for days.

After exploring numerous avenues for a solution, he decided to visit The SCOAN two Sundays ago. Testifying last Sunday, Eric said that as the man of God approached him for prayers, he began to feel persistent punching in his anus. After a touch from the prophet, Eric felt his pain disappear altogether.

He said he now spends only few minutes in the restroom – instead of the over two hours it used to take him. Eric’ wife said her husband now eats not only three times a day but also adds meat to his meals. Eric advised people to take whatever challenge they have to Jesus Christ.

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