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Prophet Harry Thoughts on The SCOAN Thanksgiving and Reunion Service

Tb Joshua, The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV, Prayer mountain

People of God, GOOD MORNING! What a wonderful day it is; it is indeed as it should be by divine will!
I am writing to you from Lagos, Nigeria, where I am to honour my mentor, my father, my teacher – the man who changed my life through Christ – God’s servant Prophet T. B. Joshua.

It is a day of joy because though my mentor is not amongst us in the body, the Spirit of the Lord that abided in Him is moving mightily in our midst! I know that so many of you have joined our mother in the Lord, Mrs Evelyn Joshua, and along with the thousands of believers physically in attendance of today’s powerful service you have become witnesses of the Lord Jesus’ promise! For in John 14, He promised not to leave us orphans but to give us another Helper, that He may abide with us forever; and the Helper has moved with fire amongst us today!

Today’s service is a proof that those who make Jesus their source shall find Him to be all-sufficient! It is indeed a proof of what my father, Prophet T. B. Joshua, frequently said; that for those whose lives are centered in Christ Jesus the best is always yet to come!

With renewed joy in my heart I leave you with the assurance that as you too continue to relax in the precious arms of the Holy Ghost, the best is yet to come in your lives as well!

The Almighty God is with us!

– Man of God Harry

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