Ms Joy Odey, was granted admission to study in a higher institution. Being a young scholar, her parents were expectant of what their daughter was soon to become, a pilot. But her dream came crumbling down when she encountered a roommate who introduced her to hard drugs. She got so addicted that she lost focus at school. Having spent eight years in school, the parents were disturbed by the sudden retrogression. Unknown to them, Ms Joy was entangled in a web of hard drugs.

Consumed by an uncontrollable urge to do drugs, she would sell expensive gadgets such as laptops and ipads just to feed her habit. At this point, she could do just anything to get money to buy drugs to satisfy her incessant urge. At a point, she started posting her pictures on the internet, inviting men for friendship, leading her to a life of prostitution. Sharing one of her worst experiences as a prostitute, she gave account of how a man she was having an affair with suddenly took the form of a beast inside the hotel room, yet, this did not put a stop to her life of prostitution.

Having taken her to many rehabilitation homes all to no avail, her mother, a minister of the Gospel, brought her to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Joy and she was delivered, in Jesus’ name.

Today, Joy and her mother stood to testify of God’s goodness upon their lives, appreciating Him for setting her free from satan’s captivity. Joy testified that she no longer has the urge to take drugs. To God be the Glory!

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