Mr Ernest Fumador, a Ghanaian, used to have constant nagging headaches and his older sister thought he behaved rather strangely. Ernest thought it was just stress from his workload, especially as he took longer to finish simple tasks. Disturbed by the consistency of her brother’s issues, Vivian Sosu advised him to see the doctors. “You have a brain tumour. Either we place you on drugs or you have surgery,” the doctors told Ernest. He was shaken. He was to take the recommended drugs for three months but along the line, Vivian visited The SCOAN and returned home with The New Morning Water which she ministered on Ernest. Within a short while, his sister noticed improvements in his health as the constant headaches had disappeared and he was able to find sleep again. After conducting another test on Ernest, the doctors gave him clean bill of health as the tumour in his brain had vanished. Lost for words, Vivian simply advised the church, “Have faith in God.” Also in church to glorify God’s name for the healing was Ernest’s nephew, who had been asked by his mother to stay with his uncle and help him out while the tumour lasted. Ernest ended by assuring the church, “With God, all things are possible.” contact for your free morning water package.

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