“This is surgery. Please, I just see it’s nothing to talk about because I know God is in control. Fluid is coming out of your body,” Prophet TB Joshua told Mrs Pamela Ainomugisha as he ministered during the Mass Prayer/Prophecy session of The SCOAN Sunday Service a fortnight ago…

The Ugandan confirmed the prophecies, saying that for five years she had had endometriosis, which gave her “bad, bad pains.” Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify about the transformation in her life since the prophecy. She said that she had visited numerous gynaecologists, who recommended various operations that only increased the pain.

Pamela also said that condition caused her public embarrassment several times, as regular sanitary and maternity pads could not contain the fluids. “It affected me in every way,” she said. Speaking further, she said that it was sometime in 2016, after a surgery, that she had discovered Emmanuel TV, which she watched from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the following morning. After another surgery in 2017 that only caused her more panic, Pamela decided she had to make her way to The SCOAN. “I’m looking for God now,” she said she had told her herself. And so, two weeks ago, as she slept for the first night after the prophecy, Pamela found that her fluids had disappeared forever. “No more pads, no more suffering. This prophecy brought me deliverance and breakthrough,” Pamela said, with happiness and peace written all over her face. She advised people, “God is the Ultimate Healer.” She also urged people to ignore all negativity from those who scorn God’s power.

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