The SCOAN Choir began by acknowledging God’s power and uniqueness. “You are God all by Yourself/Forever You are the same/There is none like You,” so declared the inspired lyrics. Other songs of worship followed, including the iconic Prophet TB Joshua-composed “Spirit Pray Through Me”, and The Synagogue soon soaked in the Spirit as God performed wonders among the congregation.

Prophet TB Joshua began his sermon with John 6:63 (NIV): The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.” Our lives have to depend on the Word of God and we need to meditate on it constantly, thanking God every waking moment, he said. Only success that comes from God, he added, brings peace of mind (John 14:27). He therefore urged congregants to live as true Christians by refusing to be derailed by satan’s antics while ensuring to cultivate the habit of saying “Thank You, Jesus!” for even the so-called ordinary things. Learning to show gratitude for ‘small’ things, he insisted, is sure to command God’s attention always and to guarantee even ‘bigger’ blessings. “Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily lives,” the man of God noted.

Prophet TB Joshua also spoke on the need to show love to all and sundry as we give generously of our time and resources. “The name of God is Love,” he said, even as he stated that “no matter how great your faith, without love it is zero.” Describing prayer, especially the prayer of acknowledgement and gratitude, as a source of protection for the Christian, he discouraged wasting time on responding to scornful talk from those who seek to mock God’s work in our lives. He therefore asked congregants to fill their hearts with the prayer of gratitude so that they can be filled with divine fire. In his words: “You will be pregnant of Jesus and you will have so much to give. Anytime you talk, fire comes out, power comes out. Begin to cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus – “Thank You, Jesus” in your heart, in your spirit.”

On that note, Prophet Chris urged worshippers to BE STILL EVEN IN THE STORM. He began the message by noting the captivating power of biblical stories, before anchoring his sermon on the inability of many of the sojourning Israelites’ to reach the Promised Land, as recorded in Numbers 13 and 14. Prophet Chris likened the situation of many Christians today to the Israelites’ plight in ancient times, as they tend to give up on the brink of their breakthrough due to the storms of life. He read from Mark 4:35-40 and drew three lessons from the passage on how to stay in the faith.

One, we must not “misinterpret God’s silence as rejection” since he may be using our challenges to build us. Two, we must not assess our situation sentimentally and never attempt to cut corners when it comes to getting spiritual blessings. Three, we must not “act or react under tension and pressure” but instead “learn to pause and listen to what the Holy Spirit” is saying about our situation. Prophet Chris concluded with these words of encouragement: “As true members of the household of faith, even when everything around us is unquiet, we remain calm and determined because our strength, our courage, our inspiration is derived from God Almighty.”

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