The SCOAN Choir started by urging the weak to confess strength, then they blessed the name of the Lord before asking the Ancient of Days and the Lion of Judah to come forth and “take us in as we surrender to the will” of Oluranlowo, our Helper at all times. Indeed, the praise and worship session prepared congregants’ hearts to receive from the Lord yet again.

Prophet TB Joshua began his exhortation on an interactive note, asking a number of congregants to respond to the question, “How do we know God?” After receiving several different answers, the man of God added: “We know God by the way He speaks. The way He speaks represents His heart.” He stated that “God’s promises are only recorded in the Bible and without God’s promises, our faith is not real faith. He referred the congregants to the Book of Romans 10:17 which says that faith comes through His Word”.

To this end, Prophet T.B. Joshua stressed the need for us to have a right standing with God so that we can receive answers to our prayers. Finally, he again asked congregants to show love to those who despise them, even as they pray in the name of “Jesus in the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Prophet Racine gave a message titled A MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART, citing the passages Matthew 15: 8, Acts 13: 22, Galatians 1: 15-17. He began by noting that many tend to fall into the error of appearance, wherein they focus on the physical attributes and skills of those professing to know God, instead of the focusing on the heart, which is the real person since it is “the seat of desire, will, emotions, wisdom, knowledge, conscience and moral character.” For anybody to be used by God, Prophet Racine explained, they have to be melted first, then remoulded into a divine vessel and get filled with the Holy Spirit.

Prophet Racine added that the battle between the flesh and the spirit is the reason why some people are still followers in God’s kingdom when they have actually been called to be leaders. He then stated that “Our way of thinking, our way of life needs to be reformed to suit Christ’s purpose for our lives,” since God makes us useful in His Kingdom by melting and refining us “through tribulation, through trials, through temptation.” As such, he concluded, “The impact of those trials on ourselves separates us from impurities, separates us from pride, arrogance, anger, resentment and causes the character of God to grow in our lives.”

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