By the time The SCOAN Choir were done inviting the sweet, healing and mighty Spirit of God to take over ‘The Arena of Liberty’, many congregants had fallen under the anointing, vomiting the evil deposits in their system. Delivered from the shackles of the enemy, the people then sang along with the choir and it was soon clear that the Spirit of the Lord had been called down into the people’s midst.

Prophet T.B. Joshua opened his message with a few remarks on the Living Water Service of Friday, 27th September 2019. Reading from 2 Corinthians 12:7, he noted that a faithful and faith-filled Christian may sometimes be faced with a situation of continuous trial that is meant to keep them humble and focused on their Creator. He said that God sometimes withholds answers to a Christian’s prayers in order to prepare them for the challenges ahead. According to the man of God: “Knowing how to believe that God hears you when you pray is a much greater blessing than anything because a prayer of faith can be repeated ten thousand times. God does as He wills.”

In like manner, Prophet Chris spoke on the topic RELATIONSHIP BEFORE RESULT. The kernel of his message was the need for Christians to cultivate a proper relationship with God so that they can have lasting blessings that come with peace of heart, eternal joy, assurance of life and the security of God’s presence – in essence, not just success but good success, as Joshua affirms in Joshua 1:8. Likening a prosperous person without a deep relationship with God to a beautiful car with no engine, Prophet Chris said that “the main thing about Christianity is our relationship with Jesus” and that “nothing is more important than our relationship with Jesus.” The proof text for the message was Ephesians 2:19-21 but the preacher also read from Mathew 5 and Mathew 16:26 to show that lacking a relationship with Jesus will leave many unanswered questions in a person’s life.



Ms Linda Motsa, from South Africa, had been suffering from a stiff neck due to injury to her clavicle. Although the 56-year-old woman had sustained the injury way back in boarding school, it was only 15 years ago that the problem became so serious that she had to start using a neck collar. As an IT professional, she was wary of telling her employers about her condition, even though it kept affecting her productivity. During the special Living Water Service last Friday, Linda got a chance to pray on the Mountain of Prayer and God healed her perfectly. On Sunday, she testified in church: “I’m starting my life afresh and will reclaim whatever I have lost.” She advised people to stop doubting God’s anointing on The SCOAN.

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