Coronavirus The ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has not only caused sickness, death, fear and panic around the world but has resulted in the cancellation of several sporting and cultural events, denial of travel Visas between nations, restriction on free movement and assembly. It is like a war in peacetime. A war against invisible microorganisms called … Continue reading


“WE DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH WE NEED GOD,” SAYS WOMAN HEALED OF LONG-SIGHTEDNESS AND SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS For a good 10 years, after suffering a stroke, Ms Natasha Curry, a 57-year-old American, was far-sighted in her right eye and nearsighted in her left eye. This condition made it difficult for eye doctors to recommend glasses for her. … Continue reading THE TESTIMONY OF SISTER NATASHA A US WOMAN

Après la déclaration du prophète T.B Joshua, le samedi 29 février 2020, sur les averses de pluie qui allaient tomber pour effacer toutes les craintes de l’inconnu, la pluie est tombée les jours suivants à Wuhan, en Chine – l’épicentre de l’épidémie de coronavirus. Après cette averse surnaturelle, plusieurs développements encourageants ont eu lieu en … Continue reading


After Prophet TB Joshua’s declaration on Saturday 29th February 2020 about showers of rain falling to wipe away all fears of the unknown, rain fell in the following days in Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. After this supernatural shower of rain, several encouraging new developments have taken place within China. Firstly, … Continue reading CORONAVIRUS PROPHECY UPDATE: