morning water


“There is a spirit of depression,” Prophet TB Joshua had prophesied on May 5, 2019 to Chinese national Mr Wen Zuo Cong. He also spoke about a rich uncle of Wen’s who had committed suicide because of depression. Months later, last Sunday (November 17), Wen returned to church to testify about how God had transformed his life since the prophecy.

He began by stating that he had sunken into the abyss of worry and depression, leading to suicidal thoughts, especially following the death of his rich but young uncle. He also said he used to have nosebleeds and irregular heartbeats. After the prophecy and prayer, he continued, his life took a turn for the better, as the spirit of depression left him, together with the heart palpitations and nosebleeds. Wen said he had been surprised to hear Prophet TB Joshua mention his inner struggle with depression, since it was a secret he had kept strictly to himself. “Everything is OK; I am very hopeful about tomorrow,” Wen told the church. He advised people to love another and to display forgiveness based on the living power of Jesus Christ.


The God of prophet TB Joshua is a wonder working God. If you are outside Nigeria, and you do not have the time or money to Come to Nigeria yourself, Look for some one you trust who can get the morning water or anointed stickers from Senior prophet TB Joshua. But if you do not have the time to come to the church and get it, send an E-mail directly to SCOAN ADMIN ( ) specifying what you need. We will send the morning water to you, its totally free.

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