morning water


Owing to disc prolapse and nerve root compression, Ugandan Army major and Member of Parliament Mrs Susan Lakot had severe difficulty in walking, a condition that affected her work as an officer and legislator. For three years, the 44-year-old had moved from hospital to hospital as she sought a solution. However, all her doctors could offer was a lumbar corset, as well as drugs that she was supposed to use forever. “This problem disabled me,” Susan said when she presented herself for prayers at The SCOAN two Sundays ago. Unwilling to subject herself to a surgery that was not guaranteed to cure her, she had visited The SCOAN after watching numerous similar cases on Emmanuel TV. “Out – in the name of Jesus Christ!” Prophetess Yinka had declared over her. And within seconds, the Hosts of heaven went to work on Susan as she shivered and fell to the floor. By the time she got back up, she had been perfectly healed, to the glory of God! During her testimony last Sunday, the officer in Susan manifested as she marched briskly and executed press-ups, to the admiration of the church and the glory of Heaven. She advised people to give God the priority in their lives…


The God of prophet TB Joshua is a wonder working God. If you are outside Nigeria, and you do not have the time or money to Come to Nigeria yourself, Look for some one you trust who can get the morning water or anointed stickers from Senior prophet TB Joshua. But if you do not have the time to come to the church and get it, send an E-mail directly to SCOAN ADMIN ( ) specifying what you need. We will send the morning water to you, its totally free.

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