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Prophet TB Joshua Relocate to the mountain to seek God’s face ahead of 2020

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Prophet TB Joshua

Foremost and internationally recognized Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of all nations(SCOAN) has relocated to the mountain in order to seek God’s face and direction for 2020.

This was announced during a live service at his church in Lagos by one of his ministers , Prophet Racine, who read a letter to the congregation that cut across all nations and explaining why TB Joshua was not in service .

The minister who was with Prophet TB Joshua earlier at the mountain stated that he and some other ministers had to return from the mountain for the church service but the man of God had to stay back because God has not released him and also because of the things he saw ahead of 2020.

He said even though he isn’t in their midst physically, he was there spiritually because there is need for him to seek God’s face towards the coming year.

“The man of God Prophet TB Joshua will not be in our midst physically because he is at the prayer mountain. Take note of the word ‘physically’ – in body he will not be here but he is with us in spirit.

We too were at the mountain. We only returned for the service – but he remained behind. He is concerned about all that is about to happen in the New Year ahead around the world’’

He did a flashback to January 2019 when the Man Of God went to the mountain to pray and seek God’s sake for the year, making it known that all what God showed him came to pass.

“Remember what God showed him in the same mountain at the beginning of this year – what would happen. Now he is back there to know what will happen next year. Let us listen to what God showed him.

“This has been played thousands of times on Emmanuel TV. When it was playing at the beginning from January 4th, you were not taking it seriously. Today, you and I will agree that this year is so fearful’’

Afterwards, a video of Prophet TB Joshua on the mountain was played. It was reinstated that the man of God has the whole world in mind and it was due to this reason that he was absent from the church service

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It was only three days before Christmas and expectedly, the ambience in ‘The Arena of Liberty’ reflected the colours of the season. From their stand, The SCOAN Choir dished out songs of praise and worship that echoed around the world. “Holy Spirit breathe in me,” they began. Thereafter, they asked the Holy Spirit to take more of the people and give them more of Himself. “Abba Father!” they also sang in praise, preparing the hearts of the people for a life changing encounter with Jesus..

The sermon, titled ‘Measure Your Life By Your Love For God’ began with the Bible’s assertion that only the virtue of love can set faith to work, thereby pleasing God. Prophet T.B. Joshua read from Corinthians 13:13 (NIV): “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” He said that love conquers evil and that Christians should depend on the Holy Spirit to lead them on whom to show love. “Love looks around to see who is in need, who is sick, who is unsaved, who is depressed, who is worried,” the man of God said. As such, he advised Christians to measure their lives by their love for God via unconditional display of concern for the welfare of those around them, who are the very image of God. However, he cautioned, Christians should not be discouraged by those who fail to appreciate their acts of sacrificial charity. In his words, “God says that we should give, so give. He wants to see your genuine willingness. By the time you get to a certain point Jesus will now help you to give to the right people.” He concluded with the need to maintain a relationship with God.

Similarly, Prophetess Yinka gave a message titled “AT CHRISTMAS, LET YOUR SEED MOVE GOD.” She started by noting God’s unconditional offering of His Best Seed, Jesus Christ, for the salvation of humankind. She described Christmas as a time to plant seeds of love in a way that will move God and help to reshape our destiny. Prophetess Yinka questioned why people are able to give up their worldly possessions but tend to be unwilling to give up sin, noting that it is important to be reconciled with God. Starting with Isaiah 9:6, she explained that Christmas is significant as “the basis of our eternal hope,” representing “a glorious light that will dispel every shade of darkness in our lives, a glorious increase and complete joy arising from His birth and a glorious liberty and enlargement with good reason.” Failing to walk in love, Prophetess Yinka said, will lead to suppressing God’s promises in our lives. Seeking to prick congregants’ consciences, she noted, “Perhaps that seed of love, that seed of forgiveness, the seed of patience, humility, may be what God will use to reshape your destiny, even the destiny of your children.” She therefore urged people to plant seeds with genuineness, simplicity of heart and humility.

After the sermon, congregants saw evidence of God’s awesome power as stubborn contrary spirits got booted out of people’s lives by the authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

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TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV Celebrates Christmas in Bethlehem!

tb joshua, scoan, bethlehem

On Tuesday 24th December 2019, a special Christmas Service at the Manger Square in Bethlehem – the historic birthplace of Jesus Christ – was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, the popular television channel belonging to Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua.

Representatives of TB Joshua were received personally by the Mayor of Bethlehem, Adv. Anton Salman, who sent a greeting to the Nigerian cleric and said the message of Bethlehem to the world would “always be a message of peace, love and justice”.

Mayor Salman then gave the Emmanuel TV Choir unprecedented access to celebrate Christmas in the world-famous Grotto at the Church of the Nativity, historically regarded as the site where Jesus was born and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Joined by US Gospel Artist VaShawn Mitchell, the choir recorded and sang a song composed specially by TB Joshua in honour of the season.

According to the lyrics: “Christmas is not only about Christ of history. Christmas is not only about Christ of story. Christmas is not only about baby Jesus. Christmas is about Christ the Spirit reveals to us.”

Moving to the Manger Square, thousands of local residents in Bethlehem and tourists who travelled from across the globe to celebrate Christmas at Jesus’ birthplace, gathered to celebrate with the Emmanuel TV choir.

“This season reminds us of the message on the Cross – ‘Father, forgive them’,”TB Joshua said in a message delivered by one of his evangelists to the throngs in attendance.

“This means that whether you are a victim or a perpetrator, we all stand in helpless need of God’s Divine forgiveness,”he continued.

“This season, make it a point of duty to love others just as you would want God to love you, to bless others just as you would want God to bless you and to forgive others just as you would want God to forgive you.”

After singing two new songs composed by TB Joshua titled ‘Who On Earth’ and ‘Jesus Is The Reason’, VaShawn treated the crowd to a rendition of his hit song ‘Joy’.

It is not Joshua’s first involved with the ‘Holy Land’. When the cleric visited Bethlehem in 2017, he saw an “urgent need” in the kidney division of the Beit Jala hospital and bought six new dialysis machines to help the patients.

He also held a two-day crusade at the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice in Nazareth, Israel in June 2019 which attracted thousands from around the world.

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It was a clear sign of the amazing signs that were to follow as The SCOAN Choir’s praise and worship caused an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon congregants, who let go of their inhibitions as they danced in holy excitement, grateful to be seeing the end of year under God’s guidance.

In a message for the season and for all time, Prophet TB Joshua exhorted congregants on the virtue of doing unto others as they would want God to do for them. He read from Luke 11:4 and Matthew 25:45. While the first passage talks about asking for God’s forgiveness after forgiving others, the second one urges Christians to try and meet their neighbours’ needs in the assurance that they are doing so for God. As such, he urged congregants to adopt unconditional love as a way of life: “The way I love you is the same way I will be loved. The way I help you is the same way I will be helped. The way I release you is the same way I will be released. The way I restore you is the same way I will be restored. The way I care for you is the same way I will be cared for.”

In another practical message, Prophet Chris taught the church: “LET YOUR CONSCIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE.” The message dwelt on the need for Christians to realise that no one is perfect, as all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Taking his proof text from Proverbs 28:13 – Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy”– Prophet Chris showed that trying to cover up a sin or imperfection will only lead to more sin and imperfection, as was the case with David in 2 Samuel 11. In the words of prophet Chris, “It is not that children of God do not make mistakes or do the wrong thing but when they do their heart is troubled because it is not their will to commit sin.” He therefore advised congregants not to ignore their conscience.

Indeed, the Lord moved mightily on the day as many received healing, deliverance and salvation as God’s servants prayed with the people in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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Tb Joshua ministry, scoan

Faith in Jesus Christ is a necessary condition for true spiritual healing, blessing and salvation. When the man of God says, “You are healed”, you are healed indeed – but you have a role to play. Remember, when Jesus met the man He healed at the pool of Bethesda, He said to him, ‘Look, you are healed now but you have a role to play or else you will not only lose this miracle; worse things will happen to you’ (John 5:14). What is this role Jesus is talking about? Jesus was telling him to accept the miracle by faith.

How do you accept a miracle by faith? We accept miracles by faith when we recognise the reason for the miracle. The Bible says the only genuine reason for receiving is salvation. When you receive for the sake of salvation, whatever you receive would stand the test of time because then you would worship the Giver rather than the thing you are given; you would worship the Creator rather than the created. Whatever we receive would come with the peace of God that would give us fulfilment in Christ and when you are fulfilled in Christ, you lack nothing and want nothing; you are content. When you are content, whatever anybody achieves out there does not matter to you. You would believe you are what God says you are. This is what I mean by seeking for salvation.

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“There is a woman there – you put on underwear but at the same there are a lot of things you put under you to cover up because you are always seeing yourself – I will not call it bleeding because it is not blood alone; fluid and everything just come out of your body after an operation you did. So, please come out; God loves you.” Those were the words of prophecy that located Ms Elyse Kangela, who had come all the way from DR Congo to seek God’s touch at The SCOAN a fortnight ago. Somewhat timidly, Elyse had stepped out to identify herself as the recipient of the prophecy. Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify about what had happened since then. “In 2017,” she began, “I had an operation for multiple fibroids.” She said after returning home, she had kept bleeding and had gone back to the doctors. They told her they found no fibroids but saw signs of endometriosis. They suggested removing her womb but she objected. Consequently, she had to start wearing baby napkins, sometimes changing them up to three times a day. “It was so embarrassing for me,” she said. “Immediately after the prophecy,” Elyse added, “I went to check myself and couldn’t believe it was all over. I was so happy and excited.” She advised people to trust in God and believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

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The SCOAN Sunday Service began with a rich offering of songs of praise and worship which ascended to Heaven, causing an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the congregation as many received salvation, healing, deliverance and breakthrough, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

As it was the day after world-renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke passed away, the man of God T.B. Joshua called for a minute of silence in honour of the departed God’s General. Prophet T.B. Joshua then stated that it was all about Jesus Christ and not about himself or Evangelist Bonnke. He began his message for the day by telling congregants they can only maintain their blessings by gaining the power to read the Bible with Holy Spirit-inspired understanding. He said when we read the Bible we have to approach it as the mind of God, which is also reading us as we read it.

Insisting that quality (or depth of understanding) is to be preferred to quantity (coverage of Scripture), he advised, “Read your Bible slowly, attentively and repeatedly, with forgiveness because we need corresponding power to understand what you are reading.” He therefore admonished Christians against trying to get ahead of the Holy Ghost and instead let go of all offence as they seek God’s face. Moreover, the man of God said that sincere prayer comes from the heart, hence the need to worship God in Spirit and truth. “Our heart is the prayer room,” he stated, even as he urged the people to model virtues such as humility, love, pardon, goodness and forgiveness.

On his part, Prophet Racine exhorted the church on the topic “AN APPOINTMENT WITH JESUS.” He quoted 2 Corinthians 6:2, “In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. The kernel of his message was the need to rely fully on Jesus Christ for our needs, for “no one is hopeless whose hope is in Jesus Christ” and “there is appointment in disappointment if God is involved.” To make Jesus be for us what we want Him to be, we need to discover our weakness so that we can discover our need for God’s strength, he said. Prophet Racine closed his sermon with the words: “Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our life. Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our way. Believing in Christ Jesus redeems our time.”

Stepping into a time of prayer, the name of Jesus Christ indeed brought redemption to multitudes as they cast down their medical devices, walked out of bondage and ran into the light of Jesus Christ! Testimonies followed…

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Tb Joshua ministry, SCOAN

In Romans 15:1-3, the Bible stresses the need for us to always appreciate the fact that we are not evenly gifted. The strong should strengthen the weak with all their substance. What is your strength? Your strength might be in the area of money while mine is in the area of divine knowledge; yet another’s may be in the area of wisdom, counselling, healing or craftsmanship. Whichever area you are strong in, you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother. This is the true meaning of ‘true friendship’.

Anyone who gives to others is, according to Apostle Paul, charitable. When you are in the business of giving charitably – I mean, sowing into other people’s lives – God, who is the Dispenser of all good, would give you, in His mercy, abundance of good so that you might enjoy sufficiency and abound in good works. So anyone who gives to others is conscious of the future. To the carnally minded, money, service or sacrifice given in charity may seem thrown away but when given in proper attitude and intent, it is seed sown from which greater increase is expected.

Works of charity should be given carefully and cheerfully in thought and design. It takes grace to give cheerfully. Those whom God calls for any service, He will make fit for it. If you are called to run by God, He will help you to maintain the speed. God wants you to run but with a purpose. If God calls you for what you are doing, He will make you fit for it. To maintain true friendship therefore, we should spend less on ourselves and more on others. This is the only way we can commit more faith and love in the society of which we are a part.

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Tb Joshua, SCOAN

It is the goodness of our cause that interests God, more than our physical and mental disposition. This explains why the young, rustic and seemingly inexperienced, tactless David could defeat Goliath in battle. This explains why weak people like me, who are without great strength, fast legs or smoothness of the tongue should ever remain grateful to God for the purpose HE has designed us for. HIS divine cause is what we are born for, it is what we are living for and it is what we are going to die for. As a Christian, when you understand this philosophy of life, you will continue to strive, press on – after that divine cause for your life.

After struggling, after our hard labour, God would still have to mark our work. When we have done everything, we must leave the issue with HIM. If we succeed, we must give HIM all the glory. However, there are factors beyond human control, which stand for unexpected events. We may meet failure and setback in those very plans we have promised ourselves high success and satisfaction. If we fail, we must submit to HIS will, for we may not know when our time is coming. Remember, everyone has a divine cause; the way and manner God executes HIS plans in people’s lives differ. That is why we should give all glory to HIM in success and submit to HIM when things seem otherwise.

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Reinhard Bonnke, TB Joshua and Overcoming Division in The Body of Christ

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“Let us have a minute of silence for one of God’s Generals – Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. May his soul rest in perfect peace.” The entire congregation rose solemnly to their feet. Respect. Honour. Acknowledgement. A day earlier it had been announced that German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke had passed onto glory at the ripe age of 79. “It’s all about Jesus, not all about T.B. Joshua. It’s not about Reinhard Bonnke; it’s all about Jesus.”

It was with these heartfelt words that Pastor T.B. Joshua began his sermon at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday December 8th 2019. Hours earlier, his social media platforms – followed by millions – had published a touching tribute to Evangelist Bonnke, describing him as a “missionary with a burning passion for the Gospel.” Celebrating his ‘life and legacy of harvest’, Emmanuel TV declared, “The character of a true believer is that he finds refuge in the secret place of the Most High God. Heaven is our resting place, our dwelling place. Here Reinhard Bonnke rests – in the precious arms of Jesus Christ.”

I’m sure churches around the African continent and indeed the world offered similar sentiments and shared similar tributes. Reinhard Bonnke was, after all, a colossus in the evangelical world whose mammoth crusades led untold millions to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, the significance of Joshua’s poignant tribute lies in the divisive events preceding it, much of which remains shrouded in mystery by the ‘dirty politics’ that unfortunately infiltrated Nigerian Christianity. Indeed, many don’t know that Reinhard Bonnke publicly renounced any ties with TB Joshua – at the specific, urgent insistence of then Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) President Ayo Oritsejafor.

In 2007, Bonnke had been interviewed by Emmanuel TV in one of his public meetings, immediately irking Nigeria’s Pentecostal fold who had denounced Joshua as an impostor who used diabolical powers. Bonnke spoke several weeks later on ABN (African Broadcasting Network) – the channel owned and operated by Oritsejafor – stating he was unaware of Emmanuel TV’s correlation with TB Joshua and renouncing any ‘endorsement of TB Joshua’ suggested by his initial interview. At the period when ‘persecution’ against TB Joshua from Nigerian Pastors was at its fiercest, Oritsejafor was undoubtedly among his chief critics, stating categorically in an interview with the Vanguard in 2009 that he did not consider Joshua to even be a Christian and threatening to ‘expel’ any member of PFN who was caught ‘fraternising’ with him. Oritsejafor’s spiritual father – the late Benson Idahosa – once famously said TB Joshua was ‘below his cleaner’ and defiantly declared he would shortly die. Without jumping to any conclusions, it’s pertinent to note his own passing followed soon after.

In an article from US-based Charisma Magazine in 2002 about the controversies surrounding Joshua’s ministry, Peter Vandenberg, then executive vice president of Christ for All Nations (CFAN), explained Bonnke’s rationale for ‘keeping a distance’ from the Nigerian cleric. “We held a meeting organised by 2000 local pastors and every one of them said that Joshua does things that are occultic and that what he is doing is not doctrinally correct… We stand with the majority of Christians there who have denounced him. Our brothers in Nigeria are on the ground there, and they know best.”

It’s intriguing to note the ministry quoted ‘the majority’ as opposed to ‘seeking God’ for insight. However, years have passed since these controversies raged and time has unequivocally spoken a rather different picture than the ‘majority’ quoted above. Rather than receding away from prominence, TB Joshua has grown leaps and bounds, emerging as Nigeria’s most well-known televangelist with an increasingly large international following. Whilst Oritsejafor has faded into virtual anonymity, Joshua’s ministry has seen exponential, sustained growth (ABN has 1,500 YouTube subscribers and Emmanuel TV has 1,500,000). Prominent figures in Nigerian Christendom who vociferously condemned him such as Mike Okonkwo, Chris Okotie and Matthew Ashimolowo have dipped into ‘relative obscurity’ compared to Joshua’s meotoric rise in influence and acclaim.

Amidst such criticism, Joshua remained silent – letting actions speak louder than words. His sermons are centred on the simple truths of God’s Word, he engages in huge humanitarian projects both locally and internationally and the countless testimonies emerging from his ministry unequivocally give glory to Jesus Christ. Whilst Oritsejafor has been embroiled in the controversy of the Prosperity Gospel – recently caught on camera ‘commanding’ Americans to pay $5,000 each for an ‘anointed mantle’ at Morris Cerullo’s church – TB Joshua has painstakingly made it clear miracles cannot be exchanged with money and openly distanced himself from the excessive greed associated with the ‘Prosperity Gospel’. To surmise the scenario, the advice of Gameliel in Acts 5:38-39 springs readily to mind: “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

I expect Bonnke just listened to what the ‘majority’ said without taking time to personally observe TB Joshua or seek the face of God concerning his anointed ministry. I am sure he – like many others in the Pentecostal fold – realised the truth about Joshua’s genuineness and unique spiritual calling but found it difficult to publicly acknowledge given his past comments. Regardless, this tribute by TB Joshua provides a powerful lesson, especially poignant for those in the vineyard of Christ. Let us forget pain of the past, put aside our differences in the body of Christ and ensure we stand for unity – with Jesus Christ at the forefront of all our actions and attitudes. After all, it’s not about Reinhard Bonnke, TB Joshua, Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome or any other minister of God – it is all about Jesus!

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The Shining Light From SCOAN Of Prophet TB Joshua

tb joshua, scoan
Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of the SCOAN, Lagos Nigeria, probably needs no further introduction; even as the fearful year 2019 he had predicted is coming to an end. However, the light coming out of SCOAN through the class of prophets, prophetess, preachers, evangelists, choristers and all manners of Church administrators being raised by this prophet of our time would require a study on this enormous illumination. We have no sufficient statistics to back up our explanation on how many miracles, or simply how many families and individuals had benefited from TB Joshua ministries this year 2019 alone. It is simply a phenomenon, awesome, and beyond ordinary scientific explanation. We thank God for all that came out of SCOAN in the year 2019 despite its gloominess and the changing fearful world. Every Church of Jesus Christ needs to be this alive, with the great Jesus Gospel, His power and authority over all the principalities and powers.

Now our God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ, (2 Corinthians 4:6). A lamp could not be hidden under a bowl as it would be rapidly extinguished by its lack of oxygen. In any case, one wouldn’t light a lamp simply to put it out. Hence we wouldn’t attempt to cover the glory of God coming out bright and strong from the SCOAN. If only 50% of those who had received healing, breakthrough, deliverance, and salvation of souls, had been able to maintain what they received, by obedience to the Word of God, every country in our planet would have got a measure of the illumination we are trying to describe. Yet many others had stayed in their different distant communities and only exercised faith in Christ Jesus through Emmanuel.TV and are maintaining the blessings because Jesus is everywhere, and ready to respond to our genuine call to Him for help. If you have received Christ in your heart then let the lamp shine on all who are in your house, within your community, and all those who come into the house or you come across in your daily walk. This seems to be the common message from SCOAN being led by TB Joshua. The prophet has put the message simply as being “God’s channel”.

Meanwhile (John 1:5) “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”. Again this is the message wherever Jesus chooses to operate this season of Christmas. Only one thing is needed from everyone this season, that is a praise of Thanksgiving. Like Mary did in Matthew 26:7,12 “There came unto Him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on His head, as He sat at meat…..(Jesus responded) For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.” This Mary had encountered Jesus earlier in her life, a woman afflicted by many demons. What she did was not only a Thanksgiving but actually timely. The other women who went later to anoint the body of Jesus would have returned home with their equally expensive oil because Jesus had already risen by the time they got to His grave-site.

Therefore if you see the light beaming out of SCOAN today, kindly respond positively to the call of Jesus immediately, because another opportunity may never come. Jesus is alive and the proof is in Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry. Get your soul and body anointed with the precious blood of Jesus Christ before you encounter death to ensure resurrection. Join the disciples of Jesus today and become alive and an effective witness. The SCOAN, an arena of liberty and a platform for us to express our faith, hope and love freely and independently in Jesus Christ.

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In February 2018, when the doctors told him he had colon cancer, Mr David Ogen would not have been very surprised. After all, for 25 years he had been addicted to smoking, a very expensive habit in the United Kingdom where the Slovakian lived with his wife. The doctors had told him: “After chemotherapy, we will operate on you but it’s fifty-fifty. You see, if you survive the operation, you may lose the capacity to use your male organ for procreation.” And that wasn’t at all a cheerful prospect for Mr Ogen, so in July 2018 he ran to a place of refuge – The SCOAN. Meanwhile, before visiting, he had found himself using the toilet at least eight times a day, eventually leading to his quitting paid employment. After prayers at The SCOAN, he returned to the doctors in the UK and told them the operation was off! “You must be joking,” they sneered at him. But he knew his faith had made him whole. Then the doctors tested him and found his tumour had disappeared! They tested him two more times – and the tumour was still nowhere to be found! Luckily for Mr Ogen, the anointing that dried up his tumour also took away his desire for cigarettes! What was more, he became the proud father of a beautiful baby girl about a year later. Mr Ogen and his wife returned to The Synagogue to testify of the Lord’s goodness in their lives. Clutching her “miracle baby” close to her chest, Mrs Ogen advised people to look for a Bible-believing church and to wait for God’s time.In February 2018, when the doctors told him he had colon cancer, Mr David Ogen would not have been very surprised. After all, for 25 years he had been addicted to smoking, a very expensive habit in the United Kingdom where the Slovakian lived with his wife. The doctors had told him: “After chemotherapy, we will operate on you but it’s fifty-fifty. You see, if you survive the operation, you may lose the capacity to use your male organ for procreation.” And that wasn’t at all a cheerful prospect for Mr Ogen, so in July 2018 he ran to a place of refuge – The SCOAN. Meanwhile, before visiting, he had found himself using the toilet at least eight times a day, eventually leading to his quitting paid employment. After prayers at The SCOAN, he returned to the doctors in the UK and told them the operation was off! “You must be joking,” they sneered at him. But he knew his faith had made him whole. Then the doctors tested him and found his tumour had disappeared! They tested him two more times – and the tumour was still nowhere to be found! Luckily for Mr Ogen, the anointing that dried up his tumour also took away his desire for cigarettes! What was more, he became the proud father of a beautiful baby girl about a year later. Mr Ogen and his wife returned to The Synagogue to testify of the Lord’s goodness in their lives. Clutching her “miracle baby” close to her chest, Mrs Ogen advised people to look for a Bible-believing church and to wait for God’s time.

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“There is a spirit of depression,” Prophet TB Joshua had prophesied on May 5, 2019 to Chinese national Mr Wen Zuo Cong. He also spoke about a rich uncle of Wen’s who had committed suicide because of depression. Months later, last Sunday (November 17), Wen returned to church to testify about how God had transformed his life since the prophecy.

He began by stating that he had sunken into the abyss of worry and depression, leading to suicidal thoughts, especially following the death of his rich but young uncle. He also said he used to have nosebleeds and irregular heartbeats. After the prophecy and prayer, he continued, his life took a turn for the better, as the spirit of depression left him, together with the heart palpitations and nosebleeds. Wen said he had been surprised to hear Prophet TB Joshua mention his inner struggle with depression, since it was a secret he had kept strictly to himself. “Everything is OK; I am very hopeful about tomorrow,” Wen told the church. He advised people to love another and to display forgiveness based on the living power of Jesus Christ.

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When she went to visit her basketball-playing son at a US college in December last year, Sweden-based South Sudanese national Mrs Flora Duku sustained a fracture in her right foot. She had thought it was a simple matter and that things would soon return to normal but, to her surprise, her doctor in Sweden told her she would need surgery.

In the meantime, she was swarmed with painkillers. Flora decided she did not want the surgery, despite being unable to do most of her daily activities. She asked the doctor for a year’s grace while she planned to visit “the Master Healer” – Jesus Christ! “As the woman of God prayed for me, I stood up and there was no more pain,” Flora told the church during her testimony last Sunday.

Now no longer needing her ankle support, Flora can wear whatever type of footwear she wants, to the glory of God. She advised people, “Don’t run from God; run to Him.”

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Tb Joshua, SCOAN Prophet

If you find yourself in any unpleasant condition as a Christian, you should not despair but believe the more, have faith the more, pray the more and fast the more – because the situation is meant for your belief, just as you see your good times as a reason for your belief.

In the case of Paul and Silas, bodily pain counted for nothing. Instead of the beating and humiliation they received in the hands of the Roman officials and the mob to make them abandon their cause, I mean their faith, it made them have faith the more, believe the more and praise God the more (Acts 16:23-25). When Paul and Silas were imprisoned at Philippi and their backs were raw from beatings, they sang hymns. They chose the bright colour of praise instead of the dark colours of depression, bitterness, despair, self-pity and rejection. No matter what affliction or crisis we may face, we too can decide how we respond.

In the case of Stephen, the fear of being stoned did not scare him to abandon his faith. The more he was stoned, the more he confessed Christ, the more he became stronger in his belief, faith and conviction. At each stone they cast at him, he confessed, “Jesus is Lord!” He saw his pain as a reason for believing God just as he did his good times (Acts 7:59-60). The death of Stephen only seemed like death but it was not. The prison condition experienced by Paul and Silas only seemed like jail but it was not.

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Owing to disc prolapse and nerve root compression, Ugandan Army major and Member of Parliament Mrs Susan Lakot had severe difficulty in walking, a condition that affected her work as an officer and legislator. For three years, the 44-year-old had moved from hospital to hospital as she sought a solution. However, all her doctors could offer was a lumbar corset, as well as drugs that she was supposed to use forever. “This problem disabled me,” Susan said when she presented herself for prayers at The SCOAN two Sundays ago. Unwilling to subject herself to a surgery that was not guaranteed to cure her, she had visited The SCOAN after watching numerous similar cases on Emmanuel TV. “Out – in the name of Jesus Christ!” Prophetess Yinka had declared over her. And within seconds, the Hosts of heaven went to work on Susan as she shivered and fell to the floor. By the time she got back up, she had been perfectly healed, to the glory of God! During her testimony last Sunday, the officer in Susan manifested as she marched briskly and executed press-ups, to the admiration of the church and the glory of Heaven. She advised people to give God the priority in their lives…

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Ending This Fearful Year Prophesied By Prophet TB Joshua

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

At the beginning of the year 2019, Prophet TB Joshua prophesied that the year 2019 would be fearful. Those of us who had been following him for several years keyed into the prophecy. We knew from his prophecy that 2019 was going to be full of dreadful challenges and only faith in Jesus would see us through. Ordinarily, it had been expected that most of the fear would come from individual attitude to the unknown, all the possible negative feelings and thoughts that would drive our emotions. In short, the prophecy impacted on us that despite the challenges therein living our lives to the fullest was going to be by His grace.

Nevertheless, no Christian should live under any fear, even the fear of the unknown, and expect answers to prayers or joyous living. This is because when we choose to live with the fear of the unknown, the choices and decisions we make would not serve us well nor make us holy in obedience to Jesus. Each Christian should learn that Faith or encouragement in Christ had not been the absence of fear, but our belief and trust in Him is what guarantees our triumph over fear. Every day in the year 2019 had been fearful. In many parts of the world, many had experienced different degrees of political upheavals, terrorism, xenophobia, extreme weather conditions, economic depression, unemployment, food insecurity, and so on. There were physical reasons to have made us living our lives in the fear of the unknown rather than in the fullest potential possible in Christ Jesus. But His grace had been sufficient, making us over-comers.

As we consider the prophecy of TB Joshua, and desire to find a place for our prophet in the scripture, at least two prophecies come to mind. In Daniel 12: 4 it is written,”… ., even to the time of the end, many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”. This increase in knowledge has given birth to Emmanuel.TV and other Christian satellite broadcasting stations. In Matthew 24:14 Jesus has also prophesied that “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”. Hence though a fearful year, over 500,000 million people worldwide must have listened to the gospel through Emmanuel.TV this year 2019.

Therefore the fearfulness containing in the outgoing year has been beyond mere apprehension of physical and temporal situations around or fear of the unknown. Rather it is becoming more obvious that Jesus is on His way for a harvest of His faithful followers. Jesus made this known in Luke 21:17-20, “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake. But there shall not a hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls. And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh”. There are still a few days left in this year 2019 for each one to let the Word of Salvation go out freely from our mouth, otherwise, they remain only fearful days ahead.

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“This is surgery. Please, I just see it’s nothing to talk about because I know God is in control. Fluid is coming out of your body,” Prophet TB Joshua told Mrs Pamela Ainomugisha as he ministered during the Mass Prayer/Prophecy session of The SCOAN Sunday Service a fortnight ago…

The Ugandan confirmed the prophecies, saying that for five years she had had endometriosis, which gave her “bad, bad pains.” Last Sunday, she returned to church to testify about the transformation in her life since the prophecy. She said that she had visited numerous gynaecologists, who recommended various operations that only increased the pain.

Pamela also said that condition caused her public embarrassment several times, as regular sanitary and maternity pads could not contain the fluids. “It affected me in every way,” she said. Speaking further, she said that it was sometime in 2016, after a surgery, that she had discovered Emmanuel TV, which she watched from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the following morning. After another surgery in 2017 that only caused her more panic, Pamela decided she had to make her way to The SCOAN. “I’m looking for God now,” she said she had told her herself. And so, two weeks ago, as she slept for the first night after the prophecy, Pamela found that her fluids had disappeared forever. “No more pads, no more suffering. This prophecy brought me deliverance and breakthrough,” Pamela said, with happiness and peace written all over her face. She advised people, “God is the Ultimate Healer.” She also urged people to ignore all negativity from those who scorn God’s power.

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After a horrific accident, Mrs Virginia Ohiri developed a hideous ulcer that grievously affected her left leg and refused to heal. She was forced her to depend on her husband and child for all forms of support. “For two years, I could not do anything and my son even had to suspend his schooling to help me,” she explained. Despite visiting top hospitals, she felt no relief so she decided to take her case to God. At The SCOAN, she received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and Prophet T.B. Joshua declared healing upon her. Virginia said that her leg became cool right after the prayer and immediately, the ulcer began to heal. Virginia later returned to church to report the state of her leg – the gaping sore was now dry. Her advice to the whole world was simple yet profound: Run to God for solution to life’s problems – He alone is the Problem Solver.

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“There’s a gentleman bleeding through the anus. You are bleeding as I’m talking…. Don’t be afraid. This is the time you should be delivered. God is working out the answer. Jesus loves you,” so said Prophet T.B. Joshua a few weeks ago, during The SCOAN Sunday Service. The prophecy was for a certain Mr Charles Daniel, who had promptly stepped out to identify himself. He said he had been afflicted with the problem of anus cancer which caused terrible bleeding for the past six years. Last Sunday, Charles returned to church to testify about God’s goodness in his life. The Delta State indigene, who resides in Lagos, said that he had expended his resources on seeking a solution and his business suffered as a result. He also said that he had been a doubter of God’s power at The SCOAN and had been a non-fan of Emmanuel TV. He had, nevertheless, come over at his wife’s insistence. The first time Charles needed to use the toilet after the prophecy, he had been rather unsure about his healing. However, as he pushed, only the expected substance came out to the glory of God! All other organs affected in his system have received life as well, in Jesus’ name! Charles advised every doubting Thomas like his former self to examine all things in the light of God’s Word instead of relying on rumour and gossip.