For 20 years, 59-year-old South African Miss Chrismare Groenewald had suffered from difficulty in walking from arthritis, as well as hernia and swollen legs due to poor blood circulation. Also suffering from acid reflux, Chrismare faced excruciating pain both night and day. She took numerous drugs and visited several hospitals but she never experienced relief; instead, her condition worsened. No longer willing to submit herself to the power of the enemy, Chrismare found her way to God’s presence when she presented herself two weeks ago at The SCOAN. After listening to Chrismare, the woman of God Prophetess Yinka cast out the demons behind Chrismare’s problems. In her testimony last Sunday, Chrismare told of the relief she had immediately felt after the woman of God laid an anointed hand on her in the mighty name of Jesus. “It was like everything was melting away,” she told the church. “I was completely healed after vomiting all the poisonous stuff,” she added. She advised people to have faith in God’s power.

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