morning water


Falling on her knees in prayer, Miss Justina Tarebide suddenly began to vomit blood and poisonous substances. As the Spirit of the Lord continued to move in her system, she then began to urinate! For the fainthearted, the deposit on the floor might have been a source of visual disturbance. Yet, that had been God’s way of delivering Justina from the problem of stomach pain that she had suffered from for the last five years. Justina’s healing had come a fortnight ago as God’s servants Prophet Racine and Prophet Chris ministered during the Mass Prayer session. “I could not eat, breathe or sleep well,” Justina had begun her testimony last Sunday. She said she used to feel excruciating pain but doctors had been unable to help her. When she disclosed the problem to her mother, she told Justina to come to the village, where her native doctor stepfather did his bit, to no avail. On Justina’s return to Lagos, a neighbour brought her to The SCOAN where the Lord located her. Now pain free, she advised people to believe in God, who does all things.


The God of prophet TB Joshua is a wonder working God. If you are outside Nigeria, and you do not have the time or money to Come to Nigeria yourself, Look for some one you trust who can get the morning water or anointed stickers from Senior prophet TB Joshua. But if you do not have the time to come to the church and get it, send an E-mail directly to SCOAN ADMIN ( ) specifying what you need. We will send the morning water to you, it’s totally free.

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