It was in 2016 when Mrs Eveline Balassy, a Hungarian, had first come to The SCOAN after discovering The SCOAN on YouTube. As at that time, for 31 years she had had the problem of deafness in her right ear, a condition that affected her social life in many ways. She constantly had to be tapped by people trying to converse with her. Doctors had told her that her problem was incurable but she had defied their pronouncement and sought refuge in God. During the Saturday Service that year, Eveline received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua and fell under the power of the Holy Ghost, her head feeling warm. As she returned to her seat, she found that hearing had been restored to her right ear as the person seated to her right engaged her in conversation. The following day, the 41-year-old attended the Sunday Service and received words of prophecy on her depressive state. Eveline confirmed all the prophecies she received and, during her testimony last Sunday, she told of the loss of affection in her marriage and of how she and her husband had been verbally abusive of each other. “We lived together more like roommates; we were not interested in each other’s activities,” she disclosed. After hearing Prophet T.B. Joshua say, “What we are going through will soon be a memory,” Eveline called her husband and suggested that they stop using unpleasant words. He agreed, and since then affection has returned to the marriage, to the glory of God. “When God speaks, changes begin. Never doubt God’s will to help you,” she told the church.

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