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At just 10 years old, Miss Esther Fadahunsi was rendered virtually useless without a pair of crutches. For two long years, she suffered with bilateral Blount’s disease, a growth disorder of the shin bone that causes the lower legs to angle inwards. Because of this problem, she could not walk on her own. She could not do things around the house, play with her age-mates and she even missed a whole year of school.

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Her mother took her to different doctors in the United Kingdom, in desperate search for a solution. The doctors in London said that that they had to perform a series of operations in order to correct the problem. Miss Ester helplessly went through eight different critical surgeries. After the eighth surgery her leg bone broke. Esther and her mother came back to Nigeria in August. It had seemed that all hope was lost, but one day, Miss Esther was watching Emmanuel TV and her faith was lifted after seeing someone with a similar case like hers receive healing.

They decided to visit The SCOAN. When they came to The SCOAN Sunday Service, man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed her to climb on the Mountain of Prayer and pray there. Esther was carried there and as she began to pray, her legs started shaking. Suddenly, she could feel her knees start to straighten and immediately was able to stand up and walk on her own without any crutches, to the glory to God! She and her mother advised all to have faith in God and to believe that all things are possible.

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For all of six years, sixty-two-year-old Mrs Stephanie Nosore had difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis. To help ease her pain, doctors had given the Ghanaian pensioner a lumbar corset. They told her that her bone had shifted and that there was a compression around her hip, where she felt the most pain. Despite all treatments, including acupuncture, the pain continued. “Sometimes the pain would be so much that I would lose consciousness,” she said today as she testified of her healing during the Special Living Water Service on Friday. As she spoke to God on the Mountain of Prayer on Friday, Mrs Nosore said, “I heard a voice say, ‘Get up’.” As she ended her testimony, she told people to realise God’s power is on the Mountain of Prayer, describing it as “an invisible theatre or hospital.” She advised people to stay connected to Christ, believing in God and keeping a clean heart.

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morning water

The Living Water Service – Teaching and Living the Truth in Christ Jesus

The Living Water Service held on September 27th, 2019 at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN was a huge success by every standard. Our forecast before the service was around 100,000 participants but in the end, we had underestimated this number by a huge margin. This is what SCOAN and TB Joshua are known for; generosity and unlimited love for humanity. Everyone was free to come, and many did. The organization was excellent. People were in orderliness, uniformity, patience and consistency. The participants came from different places, mostly Africans, but with diverse challenges. Jesus proved His presence and dominion over all our challenges. This service to the society is what we call “Preaching the Truth and Living out the Truth”.

Apostle Paul had encouraged Timothy thus, “As for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which can make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work, (2 Timothy 3: 14-17)”. This scripture seems to be exactly describing Prophet TB Joshua, the senior prophet in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria. Our collective task is that we have to daily grow in the Faith Jesus generously bestows on us with His holy word and spirit; picking our example from SCOAN team.

What have we learnt from Jesus Christ and what are we teaching to live by? Probably many of us are familiar with John 14, where Jesus tells His disciples that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. But what did that saying mean for them, and what does it mean for us? Isn’t that what we are seeing in SCOAN? How do we let other Christians know that our strength is our living by the teaching of Jesus and not only by knowing His teaching and preaching it?

These SCOAN teams, it seems to us, are the people that do know their God, working strong, and doing exploits. They understand Jesus and are instructing many, (Daniel 11:32-33). This ministry, for example, is also like the time Jesus and His mother were both invited to a wedding, on their rights. When the wine runs out the Church is to provide. The hungry crowds are to be fed not sent home, the sick to be healed, the captives set free. At 27 September 2019, the power of God manifested itself once again.

With this overwhelming crowd observed today our prayer is that God will continually empower SCOAN and Emmanuel partners to be able to run this programme periodically. It would also be appreciated if a special programme could be organised to target specifically Church pastors, Deacons, and their families, say once a year. Today, the Living Water service had the effect of a national crusade. Therefore, on behalf of all those who participated, or had been blessed either from the distance or within SCOAN premise, we express our profound gratitude to Senior prophet TB Joshua, SCOAN team and Emmanuel partners. Kindly continue in the good work you have learned and firmly believed in.

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Let It Go So You Can Grow

On Sunday, The SCOAN Choir gave an especially inspired, energetic praise and worship session that saw many falling under the anointing available at ‘The Arena of Liberty.’ From song to song, including the iconic “Rain Your Power Over Me” and “Holy Spirit Take More of Me”, the choir struck the right chords with the Heavenly Host and set congregants in tune with the heavenly frequency.

Prophet T.B. Joshua exhorted the church on the need to make heart contact with God when making requests of Him. He once again stressed the importance of offering “life-saving and life-changing prayer” that is addressed to the Son of David, Jesus Christ. He taught the congregants to pray sincerely thus: “Son of David, have mercy on me. Let Your mercy speak for me. Let Your favour speak for me.” However, he also insisted that breakthrough can only come when a person has “a heart that is full of love, forgiveness, pardon, faithfulness, obedience and humility,” which he prayed God to give the congregants. In a ministration spiced up with faith-building and conscience-stirring songs, Prophet T.B. Joshua said it was necessary to testify to God’s goodness always and to shed off all weight from pain of the past before climbing on the Mountain of Prayer. “Something will leave your business today. Poverty will leave your home today. Hardship will leave your finances. Stagnation will leave your career. Prepare yourself before you get there,” he counselled the congregants after praying with Emmanuel TV viewers.

Speaking in the same vein, Prophetess Yinka gave a message titled LET IT GO SO YOU CAN GROW. Citing Ephesians 6:11, Luke 11:4, Luke 15:11-32, Judges 15, Romans 12:17-21, and Ephesians 4:2-4,31-32, she identified some of the Christian attributes that help us to receive from God, as well as those that hinder His blessings in our lives. She noted that a Christian needs both defensive and offensive tools as part of their armour. She further said that forgiveness, love, peace, kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, forbearance and endurance are among the positive qualities required of a Christian. The opposite of these, she added, would hinder God’s blessings. A highpoint of her sermon was the advice: “If you find it difficult to forgive someone who hurt you, try responding with kind actions – love and care for him or her. Soon you will realise that right actions lead to right feelings.”



Two Sundays ago, during the Mass Prayer session, a prophecy Iocated Mr Jade Baatjes, an Indian. It was a case of bed-wetting. “I think your case needs urgent attention,” Prophet T.B. Joshua told the young man as he gave him an anointed handshake that sent the latter sprawling on the floor. “You are free; you will never experience it again!” the prophet declared, in Jesus’ name. Last Sunday, Jade returned to church to glorify God for his deliverance. The 26-year-old told the church he had also had the affliction of a spiritual wife and that it had all started about seven years ago. Jade told of his addiction to pornography as well as of his isolation from family and friends due to the shame of bed-wetting.

“Once or twice a week, this spiritual wife would come to sleep with me,” Jade confessed, adding that the spirit of lust had consumed him so much that he could see women naked even when they were clothed. “I was extremely depressed and suicidal,” Jade opened up, even as he disclosed that he had been about to kill himself when he got a call from a concerned aunt of his. Jade said he had come to The SCOAN after having been to several other places in search of deliverance. “The bed-wetting has completely stopped and I don’t see the spiritual wife anymore,” he said. He advised people to see Jesus Christ as the permanent solution and to commit to receiving from Him.


For over 20 years, Mrs Akpos Oloye suffered the reproach of barrenness. However, she wasn’t Mrs Oloye for all that time. A previous marriage had been childless for so long that her then husband had had to part ways with her due to family pressure. And when Mr Kebbi Oloye had asked her to marry him, Akpos had told him about her problem but the young man had persisted. He said a voice had told him she was his wife. As such, despite severe opposition from family and friends, Mr Oloye had gone ahead with the marriage. At some point in the search for a child, the couple visited The SCOAN for prayers. There, a prophecy located them and Prophet T.B. Joshua placed an anointed hand upon them. Several months later, the couple returned to The SCOAN: Mrs Oloye was now heavily pregnant. During her testimony then, she said Prophet T.B. Joshua had appeared to her in a dream, telling her God said he should give her two children. She immediately went to buy clothes for the expected babies.

Every morning, the couple would address the baby things as their children. On Sunday, several months after that testimony, Mrs Oloye returned again to The SCOAN with not only her husband but also some of her friends and other family members. Why? Because the twin babies have now arrived, to the glory of God! In a tearful testimony in which she recalled her days of heavy reproach from neighbours and family, Mrs Oloye spoke of her plan to commit suicide as well as of her husband’s steadfastness and sacrifices despite taunting from colleagues at work, even as she thanked God for using His servant T.B. Joshua to minister deliverance to her.

Disclosing her babies’ names as Tamarapriye (‘God’s Gift’) and Perere (‘Wealthy Woman’), Mrs Oloye described herself as the ‘Hannah of our time’ and advised spouses to be patient with each other during times of challenges. She also advised all people to wait on God’s promises. On his part, Mr Oloye advised people to believe in God’s power.


For eight years, Cameroonian firefighter Mr Taku George was rendered virtually helpless by a stiff neck owing to cervical spondylosis. Doctors gave him powerful prescription painkillers and a neck collar but these did little to ease his pain.

His disoriented state of mind often made him forgetful and he would accuse his wife of taking money that he himself had misplaced. Booked for an operation in South Africa, he decided to seek God’s help, having been told that the operation held the risk of paralysing him. Two Sundays ago, he received prayers at The SCOAN, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Testifying of his healing on Sunday, he said he had been unable to run or do his exercises as a firefighter. According to Taku, he became light right after the prayers and he can now turn his neck in all directions, with absolutely no pain. “I’m not feeling any pain; I’m a happy man,” he told the church. He advised people to believe in God’s healing power.


“There is a woman there – you are bleeding,” Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied two Sundays ago during the Mass Prayer session. As those words rang out, a woman named Chioma Enyinnaya came out to confirm it, saying she had had the condition for twelve years. Speaking in French during her testimony last Sunday, the Gabon resident said the condition would make her weak and her stomach would swell; it also affected her relations with her husband. She used orthodox and herbal medicines but the problem remained. After the prophecy, she said the blood dried up immediately, to the glory of God. She advised people to have faith in God.


Two Sundays ago, Mr Charles Kenechukwu had been at The SCOAN Sunday Service when a prophecy located him during the Mass Prayer session. The Holy Ghost had revealed, through Prophet TB Joshua, that the businessman had received stolen goods and now faced the possibility of arrest and prosecution. Realising the gravity of the case hanging over his head, Charles had promptly come out to confirm the prophecy, explaining that he had been unaware that the car batteries he had received were in fact stolen goods. True to the prophecy, when he returned to his base in Owerri, Imo State, Mr Kenechukwu learned that an arrested robber had mentioned his name in respect of the goods. However, following the divine mercy he had received after the prophecy, Mr Kenechukwu did not have charges pressed against him, as the owner of the goods opted to discontinue the court case. He advised business people to “carry God along” in all their dealings.


Mr Abraham Oghenekewe, an Abuja-based contractor, wanted to have a comfortable life – with loads of money streaming in from his contracts. He told a friend about it. “I know a witch doctor in Delta State,” the friend answered. Abraham followed him there; after all, he himself was from Delta State. The herbalist gave him a charm meant not only to bring contracts but also to ‘protect’ him. But there were strict rules to be followed: He was not to let his wife see the charm, he was not to touch it after sleeping with his wife, he was to return to the herbalist immediately if he lost the charm, he was not to let the charm be drenched in the rain. He took the charm home, hoping to start prospering within three months. But no! In fact, all contracts ceased and sickness invited itself to the Abrahams’ home. His daughter took ill, his wife’s legs began to swell and Abraham himself lay on the sickbed. He called the witch doctor. “It’s a small thing. Come over to the village,” the herbalist instructed the ailing man. Ignoring the state of Abraham’s pocket, the native doctor demanded a live goat and the sum of forty thousand naira, besides other items.

Desperate to get out of the situation, Abraham managed to raise the funds and the witch doctor performed the rites. But the situation worsened and his wife’s legs swelled even more. Then he stumbled on Emmanuel TV at a friend’s home and planned to visit The SCOAN. He eventually made it to the church after mysteriously losing his transport fare several times. Somehow, Abraham had managed to get into church with the charm. However, as the service progressed, a prophecy located him during Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministration exposing that the charm which he had brought to the church service was in his pocket. “Since then, I’ve felt like a newborn baby,” Abraham testified on Sunday. “I feel free, extra free,” he added. With his equally healed wife standing beside him, Oghenekevwe also confirmed that his daughter has now recovered from her illness. “My brothers and sisters, please follow God,” he urged the church and viewers.


When he turned 14 years old, in junior secondary school, Desmond got initiated into a cult. As he grew older, he acquired more and more powers as he literally shot his way through the ranks, eventually becoming the next-in-rank to the head of his cult. When shot at, bullets would bounce off his charmed body. And when danger was lurking, he would get a sign in his chest and be immediately teleported elsewhere. Of course, he sometimes landed in uncomfortable places, such as trees and rivers, but he always managed to escape danger.

Regretful of his past life of violence, Desmond came to church two Mondays ago and participated in the Living Water Service. He was there to ask for mercy from the Son of David, Jesus Christ. After he communed with God on the Mountain of Prayer and took the Living Water, he began to vomit. In the end, three cowries got out of his system; they had been the source of his fortification in the violent world of cultists. During his testimony on Sunday, Desmond told of how he perpetrated violence on campuses and at political gatherings. Booze, women and riotous living, he said, were the things on which he frittered away all the money he realised from doing violence on behalf of politicians. Now a new creature in Christ Jesus, he advised the youth to desist from joining cults.

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The Healing Living Water On The Temple Of Prophet TB Joshua Of SCOAN

living water services

The president of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua, has been known worldwide for using water as one of his faith healing materials. He started using, right from the early part of his ministry, sacks of sachet water, moving to Anointing Water, morning water and now Living Water that individual fetches on their own by faith from running taps on SCOAN Temple.

Water is common in Christianity for drinking, purification and cleansing, for baptism, used in Egypt by Moses before Pharaoh until the magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of God.” The advancement that Prophet TB Joshua has brought water ministration to in evangelism and faith-building is significant. In his generosity, he has made it as part of the free services of SCOAN to humanity to run the Living Water Service at least once a month. Everyone is also invited. We pray that individual will put their faith together and fetch their Living Water. SCOAN is not charging anyone for this but requiring our faith only in the Healing Jesus Christ. TB Joshua uses this water himself as all his disciples. I’m looking forward to it very soon.

The call of Jesus Christ is very simple and clear when he said to Peter, “follow me and I will make you a fisher of men”. Peter had earlier recognised Jesus Christ to be different from others Rabbi in town when he told Jesus to depart from him because Peter recognized his unworthiness. Hence many people may be fearful, feeling unworthy or not willing to be exposed on camera and run away from this deliverance opportunity. Others may be thinking that the powers they already have like charms, cultism, all forms of contrary spirit are sufficient to deliver. These are the very reasons why you need Jesus Christ who gives a lighter burden in the place of mountains of burdens from the pit of hell.

Our doubts about TB Joshua or scepticism should by now be gone. Israelites were foot dragging recently in Nazareth but at the end, they were nursing the idea to have the return and repeat of the crusade by TB Joshua and his team. Unless you try you will be working with falsehood and fake rumours. Christ is alive and SCOAN of TB Joshua is proving this. According to Revelation 11:6 God has given some of His prophets power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. It isn’t a man’s doing but what God ordains. This is why we appreciate TB Joshua and Emmanuel partners for their love and generous service to humanity. google-site-verification: googleae88ba0c5f15eeb8.html

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Meet The Man Who Arrested TB Joshua!!!

tb joshua prison

In this ‘clip from the archives’, hear the shocking confession of the man who arrested TB Joshua on the accusation of drug-dealing over 20 years ago in 1996…

Yusuf Hassan was among a team of 18 officers working for the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) who stormed The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations to arrest TB Joshua and kept him incarcerated for 13 days!

“We get above our fears when we remember the more difficult and trying situations God has taken us through in the past. Let’s take my case as an example.

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“In 1996, a battalion of fierce-looking soldiers came into the church to arrest me on account of a petition from my adversaries accusing me of dealing in drugs – something I knew nothing about. And you all know the penalty such drug related offences attracted at that time – I mean, during the military era – capital punishment or at best, life in jail.

“My enemies actually wanted me dead at all costs. Under this circumstance, one whose focus is not on God is bound to be frightened and panic-stricken:

  • The fear that the enemy was capable of planting the exhibit in one’s premises before calling in the police.
  • The fear of the punishment attached to the offence if found guilty.

“All these were capable of demoralizing me even before I got to the cell, if I were not a man of faith. The Holy Spirit never makes mistakes. So relax in times of testing. He will not let you fail. He knows your enemy; your enemy always makes mistakes!”

Watch Video Below:

morning water


After inviting the Holy Ghost to dwell in ‘The Arena of Liberty’, The SCOAN Choir asked for mercy from the Son of David – Jesus Christ – who heals, delivers and saves. Thereafter, they thanked Jesus for His love, the life He gave and for every moment of His attention. While they sang, the Spirit of God suffused the arena and the congregants were encouraged to open their hearts in readiness for the day’s ministration.

Prophet T.B. Joshua began his ministration by thanking the people for praying and fasting with him for the last seven days, since the “Africa Unite” video went viral, touching the hearts of millions and moving nations into action against the rising spate of xenophobic attacks on the continent. He said, “what happens to any African happens to all Africans,” even as he reiterated his call for the continent’s unity.

As he began the prayer session, Prophet T.B. Joshua said it was important for people to open their hearts to receive from God, exercising faith based not only on the evidence of God’s power before their very eyes but also on what they are yet to see. He observed, “It is the Word of God that brings the entire being into harmony. It heals, it blesses, it delivers and saves.”google-site-verification: googleae88ba0c5f15eeb8.html

However, while rounding off the prayer session, Prophet TB Joshua warned viewers and congregants against falling for the antics of fraudsters trying to extort them by claiming to be able to get them The New Morning Water and give them access to The Living Water Service. “There is nothing like that. We are doing all this because we are given freely and we give people freely,” he stated.

In “OVERCOME YOUR SITUATION” Prophet Racine cited some verses in the Holy Bible, such as Romans 8:35-39, 2 Corinthians 12:7, Galatians 3:8, Mark 11:22 to encourage Christians on the need to see with the eyes of faith and to regard their trials as opportunities to move higher on the faith ladder. With the stories of biblical characters, Prophet Racine showed that the Christian race does not need to be easy before Christians can believe themselves to be in a good relationship with God. He described the trials and challenges of Christians as divinely ordained and advised God’s children not to succumb to pressure and tension from the devil’s camp. In Racine’s words, “All these heroes of faith had something in common: They fought the same battle camouflaged differently – different situations – but they overcame their situation and they came out of it better than when they went into it.”



For 12 years, Ghanaian Ms Juliana Agbo had difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis; she also had a stiff neck due to spinal canal stenosis and degenerative disease. On top of that, she had hypertension. Because of her condition, she frequently had to stay off work, sometimes for as long as two years. As a single mother of four, she had a hard life indeed, not being able to do anything for herself, including cooking, washing and bathing herself. Unable to stand or move for long, she found it hard to fend for herself and family. However, despite being told by a military doctor that she could never be cured of her ailments, Ms Agbo sought God’s face at The SCOAN two weeks ago. There, she received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After the prayers, she became light and has since then been able to do all that she could not do before the prayers. No longer using her lumbar jacket or the neck collar, Ms Agbo demonstrated her perfect healing as she exercised her neck and limbs before The SCOAN congregation last Sunday. “There is nothing God cannot do,” she told her listeners.


She is only nine years old, yet Miss Diana Agyo, from Nigeria’s northwestern state of Nasarawa, has known what it means to feel incredible pain. One day, Diana had come from school complaining about pain in her left leg. Her dad had thought it was a joke and that his daughter would get fine in no time. However, the situation worsened and her parents took her from hospital to hospital. Finally, it was decided that she should have an operation. She had to use crutches to enable her walk and also prevent her bone from breaking altogether. Diana then asked her parents to bring her to ‘The Arena of Liberty’. Two weeks ago, her distraught parents brought her to The SCOAN for prayers. After an anointed touch from Prophet Racine, Diana took to her feet without the aid of her crutches. “The pain disappeared immediately,” she told the church on Sunday as she kicked the air to show her healing. “I am the happiest person on earth,” Diana’s father said as he testified about his daughter’s healing. “I want to advise people to have faith in God,” the elated Diana told her listeners. “Pour everything to God because He is our refuge,” Diana’s father advised.


In every literal sense of the word, Mrs Rebecca Keeditswe, from Botswana, was a lion-hearted woman. It was no surprise, for in her childhood she had participated actively in lion worship rituals with her parents. When she got married, Rebecca had this spirit follow her into the marriage – and she made life truly miserable for her husband. When angry, she would act violently and destructively; one day, she burnt up the family’s two sofas, which could not be replaced until two months later. Even worse, Rebecca became so disgusted at her husband’s sight that she pressed for a divorce, offering to finance the proceedings when the hesitant man objected to the move. After much pressure, Mr Keeditswe, bemoaning the fate of his young children, tearfully agreed to have the divorce actions begin. However, he asked that they visit The SCOAN first. A fortnight ago, the couple came and, during the deliverance session, the demon in Rebecca manifested and she received her perfect deliverance. During the couple’s testimony on Sunday, Mr Keeditswe told of how his wife had forced him to re-enroll her in another school out of town, despite having invested heavily in a school in town. To worsen matters, Rebecca refused to finish her studies at the new school. “I didn’t have a say in the house,” the soft-spoken Mr Keeditswe said. He also detailed all the futile efforts he had made to resolve his marital crisis, including appealing to Rebecca’s parents and seeking counselling. To the glory of God, since Rebecca’s deliverance from the ‘spirit of lion’, Mr Keeditswe has been enjoying nothing but genuine affection from his wife. “I can see now that I am the man and she is the wife; there are a lot of changes in her,” he said during his testimony on Sunday. He advised people to be patient with their wives and to be focused on God’s leading. Glad to be going to court to cancel her divorce papers during the last week of September, instead of going there to perfect the divorce, Rebecca advised people to seek God’s kingdom before everything else.


Because they were told that their daughter Liann had a ‘spirit husband’ preventing her from choosing among her many suitors, they took her to a native doctor, who purportedly performed some rituals to rid her of the evil force. However, rather than change her, the rituals made Liann very ferocious, not able to tolerate men. Eventually, Liann got married to a very patient man. In the home, Mrs Ati took control of everything, dictating to her husband on every issue for 19 of the 20 years of their marriage so far. Hardly ever interested in intimacy with her husband, it was a miracle, she said, that she managed to have kids at all. Owing to her fearsome temper, Liann was always ruining business opportunities, eventually leading to the collapse of the family’s business. Two weeks ago, Liann was at The SCOAN and, as she saw the woman of God laying hands on the congregation, she prayed that the Lord would locate her. And the Lord did. As the woman of God laid hands on her, Rebecca encountered God’s power as the evil spirit in her manifested. During the couple’s testimony on Sunday, Mr Austin Ati told of how he kept losing money due to mismanagement by his wife and apprentices, as well as of his wife’s overbearing nature. Mr Ati advised the people to trust in God. On her part, Mrs Ati advised people to seek divine solutions to problems in their children’s lives; she also advised men to seek God’s face concerning their marriage.


Until two Mondays ago, Ms Francisca Dickson had been depressed for the past 10 years and, in the last nine months, suffered from anxiety disorder. It had all started after she lost both her parents. Unable to get parental love in her formative years, the Nigerian living in Ghana grew up feeling unloved and unable to love. A bitter young woman with pain in her heart, Francisca lived a life of emotional isolation, unable to connect with people. Not surprisingly, she became self-loathing, finding little or no meaning in life. As her anxiety disorder progressed, Francisca increasingly depended on prescription drugs to sleep. Unable to take it any longer, she found her way to The SCOAN, where she participated in The Living Water Service. Testifying on Sunday, Francisca said she had felt heavy while making her way to The SCOAN Altar. “The period I was praying it was as if something came out from my heart and burst out as tears from my eyes. Then I took The Living Water and started vomiting,” she said. She continued, “I saw a man in white apparel standing at the pool where The Living Water is flowing. Then I saw another man in white apparel and with a glowing hand. He was rapidly placing his right hand on people’s head; it was as if I was crying on his feet. Instantly, that peace, that joy came to me.” Elated about her deliverance, she told the church that she no longer has bitterness in her heart. She also testified that she is now free from depression and anxiety as well as from dreams of death and dead people, asserting that God’s Spirit is indeed present in The SCOAN.

morning water


On 19th September 2019, over 160 of the Nigerians who voluntarily returned from South Africa in the wake of xenophobic violence came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). They all testified that tensions had significantly reduced after T.B. Joshua’s tearful song ‘Africa Unite’ was released and thanked God for His intervention. They equally acknowledged they had forgiven the perpetrators of the violence and chosen not to respond with revenge after hearing the Word of God on Emmanuel TV.

Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners gave the group the sum of N12,000,000 ($33,500) – with N100,000 given to each adult and the remaining allotted according to the size of the families, as many arrived from South Africa with young children and many had lost their means of livelihood during the recent attacks.

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Here are just some of the experiences of the returnees, recounted in their own words:


“I lived in South Africa with my husband and three kids for several years without any issues. However, on 2nd September 2019, my husband was called that his entire shop had been burned down. He started crying – because we practically lost everything that day. In the ensuing chaos, he was shot with a rubber bullet in his hand and injured. Two weeks ago, I watched personally when the man of God cried on Emmanuel TV. Since that time, the tension has gone down. We believe God is in control.”


“I have two kids who I was struggling to care for and send to school. My husband was shot and killed during a previous xenophobic attack. I own a canteen where I sell Nigerian food but the entire shop was destroyed in the attack. I was very angry but since TB Joshua spoke to us on Emmanuel TV and said we should forgive and not harbor offence, I have forgiven them in Jesus’ name. Since he cried for Africa to unite, the situation has calmed down.”


“Everything was fine in South Africa but things changed recently. During the xenophobic attack in September, my shop was broken into, looted and then set on fire. My house was also broken into and all the valuables were stolen. Because of fear, I ran away. As you see me now, I only have the clothes on my back. I didn’t bring anything with me from South Africa. Watching Emmanuel TV, I saw Prophet TB Joshua crying for Africa to unite and stop killing each other. Since then, the tension calmed down because when he says something, people listen. He is a very powerful, prayerful person. We are here for him to pray for us.”


“I am a businessman from Imo State. I don’t want to call this xenophobia – I would say some misguided individuals are using this opportunity to loot and take advantage of people, especially foreigners. Several weeks ago, youths were going from home to home, mostly where foreigners were living. They would break in and loot everything. Some unlucky to be there were attacked. Because of this, I was homeless, sleeping on the streets for several weeks. I didn’t even take a shower for over two weeks or change my clothes. Some of us ran into the bush in fear of our lives.

“When I saw Prophet TB Joshua compose and sing the song ‘Africa Unite’, I saw him in tears for the first time in my life. I saw a message of hope, peace, forgiveness and tolerance. Before that song, there was anger within the Nigerian community. We were sending messages back to Nigeria, sharing horrible videos and calling on our people to revenge the attacks. But after that song, I was delivered from that anger, malice, grievances. It was a self-deliverance. I realised our enemy is not the physical appearance but a person without flesh or blood – spirit-beings. The cause of all this is misinformation within the jobless elements but the greatest weapon to fight back with is love. After that song, I experienced calmness in my heart and calmness in the environment we were living in.”


“I lived in South Africa for eight years – since 2011. It started three weeks ago – they were looting our businesses, our shops. My little shop was destroyed. I even learned that three men with guns came looking for me. I lost everything. We watched on Emmanuel TV and were so proud of our prophet when we saw him saying, ‘Africa Unite’. We were all crying with him. When we learned a plane would repatriate willing Nigerians, we said, ‘Let us use this opportunity to come home and then to see the man of God; he is a father of all nations.’


“I lived four years in South Africa; I married a South African and we had two kids. I am a car-dealer. During these attacks, the shop where I had my cars was burned down. More than 10 cars were completely burned in that shop. The salon next to it was also burned. That’s how I decided to return to Nigeria with the Air Peace flight.”


“My personal experience is that I went to South Africa to shoot a musical video as an upcoming Gospel artist. During the attack, my husband was seriously injured; he had a bloodied wound on his head. I saw the brutality, anger and hatred but I realise the people perpetrating this are hoodlums, vagabonds and street boys – it does not represent the real South Africa. It was sad to see Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Malawians, Ethiopians running for their lives. We were thankful that Chief Allen Onyema sent a plane to South Africa to rescue us.

“Whilst in South Africa, I saw the man of God weeping on Emmanuel TV. This cry did not go in vain! After the cry, I saw peace on the streets of South Africa. Even South Africans came out and held a peace rally and apologised for what happened. TB Joshua saw what was going, went on his knees and cried unto God. God heard our prayers!”

After receiving the financial assistance, all the returnees were filled with gratitude to God, acknowledging that they never expected to receive such support and thanking God for using TB Joshua to help them restart their lives back in Nigeria.

As TB Joshua said when answering the question on why he shed tears: “What we don’t know is that if we reject people on account of the bad ones among them, we also reject the good ones.”

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Xenophobic Enveloping Africa Putting TB Joshua in Tears

tb joshua, crying, africa unite

Truly many of us didn’t expect our Prophet TB Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, to be crying for the plights of helpless African Youths who found them being chased out of South Africa. The politicians in all the countries of Africa have only been making very calculated political statements on the episode until TB Joshua cried about it. The public was in blindness, seemingly due to political and economic failures in their respective countries. African youths are now the victims. If these youths would survive “the Mediterranean Sea death trap” they would take yet another risk to other places including “South Africa”. Since after apartheid it seems to us that South Africa has no robust economic plan for the long future of that part of the World. We wish our prophet to give a prophetic word on the economic development of Africa in general. On academics, both short-term and long-term economic development plans should be suggested.

Meanwhile, why would Prophet TB Joshua leave the daily enormous problems in SCOAN and shedding tears because some Africans are killing themselves over economic survival; not necessarily criminal activities as South Africa government would want the rest of the world to believe. The media claimed the loss of lives to be just 12 souls. This number is relatively low compared to what is currently ongoing in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other parts of the world daily. The hurricane in Bahamas, USA, or other place are claiming souls too.

The first answer we got is that African leaders and their youth are living in blindness, but TB Joshua can see. In Genesis 19:9-12 we read where the people of Sodom were due for God’s fire the next morning, but the inhabitants of that sinful region failed to see. Instead, they blamed Lot saying, “This one fellow came into sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them”. The angels in that episode saved Lot but they smote the men that were at the door of Lot’s house with blindness, both small and great; so that they wearied themselves to find the door. Each society requires a true Prophet in their midst for divine direction and guidance.

Incidentally, some of TB Joshua’s tears touched a few African leaders and the xenophobic victims, producing some prevailing calmness currently. It’s like the days of Prophet Elisha when the Syrian government thought that the prophet in Israel had a spy in his palace. Otherwise, why would Elisha be able to give correct information about the plans and moves of the Syrian army to the King in Israel? The full story could be read in 2 Kings 6. Therefore, the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing just as the hearts of many world leaders are towards TB Joshua at the moment. Many church leaders, political or economic leaders are unhappy with the man of God seeing their evil plans and teaching the public which path to avoid or not. Eventually, they would find out where the prophet Elisha lived so that they could arrest him.

“Therefore, sent he thither horses, and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night, and compassed the city about” to arrest the man of God. Whereas the servant of Elisha was fearful about the strength of the enemies arraigned against his master prophet Elisha wasn’t blind either did he have to cry. Instead, the prophet said to his servant, “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them”. And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the LORD, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.

The relevance in every society of true men and women of God in this dark age is becoming more needful than before. Recently it appears that the government in South Africa has learnt some lesson because it sent out peace envoys. Nevertheless, we cannot say that African leaders have learnt anything. Xenophobia may happen soon again in any part of Africa, including here in Nigeria or South Africa. If political leaders have learnt their lessons it will be seen in the economic and youth development programmes subsequently so that this generation of African youths is not wasted away; drifting from pole to pole all in their search of better places. This is when the tears of a prophet TB Joshua of our time could be more effective when the government takes divine steps to avert coming disasters.

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South African Returnees Get Financial Aid, Succour From SCOAN

Says “TB Joshua’s tears against xenophobia on live TV saved our lives”

They looked trapped, beaten and ruffled. It was a mix of pain and relative relief. Pain, because all they had laboured for had vanished; pain, because their livelihoods had disappeared; pain, because they lost loved ones; and relief, because now they had returned home and from the airport, they came to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The first batch of returnees were victims of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

As they entered and sat down in the church, they began relating their stories of escape one after the other. According to them, it was the tears of Prophet T.B. Joshua during the live Sunday Service broadcast on September 8, 2019 that calmed the crisis in South Africa. As they came to SCOAN, the founder and spiritual head of the ministry, Prophet T.B. Joshua, told them that love would always remain supreme, just as he stressed on the need for unity, harmony and togetherness.

Prophet T.B. Joshua in his message to the returnees promised to continue to help them by praying for them and also through financial aid. He promised to help them by investing in their future which is the future of Africa. He equally mentioned that their spiritual wellbeing remained important to him. On behalf of himself and Emmanuel TV partners, Prophet Joshua gave them N3,000,000, with each returnee getting N100,000. The man of God stated that love is the only language that transcends all barriers.

While telling their stories, the returnees whose plane arrived Nigeria on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, gave different accounts of their ordeals but thanked Prophet Joshua for being used by God for salvaging the situation and for providing succour for them after their return.

According to Uche Victor Nwaocha, one of the returnees: “With me are my colleagues, friends, fellow brothers and sisters who came from South Africa voluntarily. I don’t even know where the problem of Africans attacking Africans came from.

‘’I was involved in the baking business. I baked chin-chin and I am proud to say it. I built the business from scratch. Africa should help us. The United Nations should help us; Prophet T.B. Joshua has tried. If others can join hands with the man of God and Emmanuel TV, then things will be better. Prophet T.B. Joshua forewarned Africa and they neglected it. This is the repercussion. The reason we all agreed to come to the Synagogue Church of All Nations is to appreciate what this ministry, Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel partners have been doing in our lives. We don’t joke with his prophecies. We always watch Emmanuel TV; that was what saved us. The tears that Prophet T.B. Joshua shed last Sunday during the live Sunday Service broadcast saved many lives. It reduced the catastrophe. After the Sunday Service where Prophet Joshua shed tears, there was calm everywhere. The police and politicians were confused. We took the opportunity of the calm to board the plane and head back to Nigeria. Many Nigerians are still coming. They don’t want us. We can see that. “

Kayode Johnson Oluwafemi equally narrated his experience. According to him, “I stayed in Pretoria Central, South Africa. This incident happened in my base. I stayed indoors for over two weeks before I could come out. On Sunday I heard that Prophet TB Joshua spoke to Africa. He wept on live TV and that saved many lives. I decided to return to Nigeria. I appreciate the man of God. He is a blessing to this generation. After Prophet TB Joshua wept against xenophobia, we were surprised that the South Africans called us for a meeting. They told us that they were willing to settle the whole issue. I was then able to step out of my house. The taxi drivers also called us for settlement.”

In his account, Aamefunam Ogbonna, another returnee stated that “The xenophobic attacks started on September 2, 2019. It was terrible. On September 8, there were tears by Prophet T.B. Joshua asking Africans to unite. His tears affected my soul. I prayed that God should use the tears in turning around the situation in South Africa. I prayed for peace. It was the tears of the man of God that made the police rally round us in saving us from the attackers. We must show love to one another.

Jude Anthony, a Nigerian based in the United States of America but who also lived in South Africa, commneded the efforts of Prophet Joshua in salvaging the situation. ‘’I am a Nigerian from the United States of America. I lived in South Africa for seven years. A friend of mine sent a Whatsapp video to me where I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua calling on Africans to unite. I saw how tears flowed from his eyes. The Bible says that God will answer the prayers of a righteous man. God heard Prophet T.B. Joshua that day when he wept. He is well respected across the world. His message has also been about love and unity. We are here today to thank him for interceding on behalf of humanity. I believe God answered his prayers on that day in stopping the spread of the calamity,’’ he said.

While recieving the money on behalf of others, Mr Nwaocha stated that ‘’We are grateful to Prophet T.B Joshua, the Synagogue Church of All Nations and Emmanuel TV. When we came here, we felt you would turn us back but you welcomed us. We are very grateful. Continue the good work.’’

On his part, Mr Anthony noted that ‘’we are most grateful. We are the first batch of returnees. We are overwhelmed by this. We have lost our livelihoods but thank God, we thank the man of God.’’ Others who spoke, thanked the man of God for the reception and the financial assistance. Olusoji Ayoola, another returnee, revealed that ‘’I am happy that we are back home. We give God the glory. We thank Prophet TB Joshua.’’

Daniel Eluebo, also a returnee could not hold back his joy when he exclaimed that ‘’I want to thank God for what he has done. All these started unexpected and God has used it to bless us unexpectedly.’’

It will be recalled that on September 8, 2019, during a live Sunday Service broadcast, Prophet Joshua in tears called on Africans to unite against the hateful tendencies that divide humanity, with Africa in particular. According to a song composed by him and jointly performed, Prophet Joshua said: ‘’Africa, unite. Don’t let fellow Africans feel unwelcome in our lands. Africa, unite. Remember where we are coming. We need each other; we need one another to grow. The South cannot do it alone. The West cannot go it alone. The East cannot do it alone. The North cannot go it alone. See the fight over joblessness among the youths. Where is the law? See the fight as a setback to Africa. Africa, unite… Let us come together. Africa, unite. Let us live in harmony.’’google-site-verification: googleae88ba0c5f15eeb8.html

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“Why I Cried Over Xenophobic Attacks “- TB Joshua

tb joshua, scoan, emmanuel tv
Prophet TB Joshua

After shedding tears last week at the outbreak of xenophobic violence in South Africa, Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has spoken about his uncharacteristic display of emotions.

“It was very necessary for Mr TB Joshua – not Prophet – to cry because of what he saw coming,” Joshua told a congregation – which included hundreds of South African nationals on pilgrimage to his church – on Sunday 15th September 2019.

The cleric proceeded to thank the multicultural congregants – and believers worldwide – for joining him in prayer.

“Thank God our prayers were answered,” he declared to enthusiastic applause, evidently referring to the palpable de-escalation in tension in the volatile region.

Corroborating this assertion, thirty of the Nigerians who voluntarily returned from South Africa in the wake of the violence visited The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) to thank Joshua for the “tears he shed for African unity”.

In a report published in the Nigerian Tribune , Uche Victor Nwaocha explained there was tangible fear within the foreign community in South Africa with threats of more xenophobic violence looming large but Joshua’s tearful call for African unity changed the equation.

“The tears he shed last Sunday not only touched hearts but saved many souls. After that Sunday service, there was calmness,” the Nigerian, who lived in South Africa for seven years, revealed.

Ichigodora Dengarinenharo, a Zimbabwean also living in South Africa, echoed Uche’s sentiments in a comment on YouTube, insisting the song was actually “a prayer”.

“After releasing this song, all of a sudden there was calmness in the whole country,” she wrote.“There were plans to spread xenophobia to all provinces on the 9th of September but instead, after releasing this song on the 8th, we woke up to a quiet South Africa.”

Kayode Johnson Oluwafemi, another of the Nigerian returnees, explained he stayed in his house for almost a fortnight after the violence broke out in fear of reprisal attacks.

“The man of God’s message and tears shook the whole of Africa. Even those South Africans that were fighting before – they called us for a meeting of settlement… We saw the changes immediately. Even me – after the message, I had confidence to go out,” he shared.

Joshua, who is known for his humanitarian gestures, gave the group N3,000,000 to support them on their return to their homeland.

Speaking further during the church service, the cleric insisted that every nation has its challenges but the approach of the provoked South Africans “was wrong”.google-site-verification: googleae88ba0c5f15eeb8.html

“It’s okay to be wrong only if we retract our steps,” he insisted, adding that he had a sent a message to “people in authority” in South Africa calling on them to “hold a peace rally” to send a message of appeasement.

True to his words, South Africans gathered in large numbers later on Sunday, taking to the streets to stage a peaceful rally calling for African unity and apologising to foreign nationals targeted in the xenophobic attacks.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa equally revealed his nation is sending a team of Special Envoys throughout the continent to deliver a message of solidarity to the African Heads of State.

‘Africa Unite’ , the song Joshua composed addressing the precarious situation, has been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube and Facebook since its release last week.

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Africa Unite: TB Joshua Tearful Song Goes Viral!

tb joshua, crying, africa unite

TB Joshua’s emotional song calling for African unity has gone viral, ratcheting up over 700,000 views on social media in under two days.

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The Nigerian cleric, who penned the lyrics in the in the wake of the recent eruption of xenophobic violence in South Africa, was visibly moved and shed tears as the song was played during his church service on Sunday 8th September 2019.

The song clearly struck a nerve with thousands commenting that the composition made them equally emotional and echoing Joshua’s call for African unity.

The simple melody calls on Africans to avoid violence, overlook differences and embrace peace.

According to the lyrics: “The South cannot do it alone. The West cannot go it alone. The East cannot do it alone. The North cannot go it alone. We need each other; we need one another to grow. Africa unite.”

Joshua also called on all parties involved to respect and uphold the law. “See the killing over drug misuse. See the fight over joblessness among the youth. Where is the law?”

The song concludes with a plea for Africans to ensure fellow citizens of their continent do not ‘feel unwelcome’.

Remi Sonaiya, a former Nigerian Presidential candidate, was among those to react on Twitter after watching the song replayed on Emmanuel TV.

“It was rather moving and many in the congregation were in tears. May the prayers be answered. Killing and looting aren’t the solution to our problems. Good governance is,” she wrote.

On Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube Channel, the song has recorded over 300,000 views with another 400,000 watching the clip uploaded to Joshua’s verified Facebook account.

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“I am the Hannah of our time!” So declared Mrs Oloye Akpos during her testimony last Sunday. Many months ago, she and her husband had come to The SCOAN in search of a child. There, words of prophecy had located her as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed and prophesied to the congregation. He told

her that she was in her second marriage and that she was seeking the fruit of the womb. On that occasion, like last Sunday, Mrs Akpos had been at The SCOAN with her loving, God-fearing husband. During her long and engaging testimony, she told of how much rejection, dejection and depression she had faced as fellow women mocked her for her infertility. She had even suggested that her husband have a child by another woman. He eventually brought her to the arena of liberty after watching Emmanuel TV and after Prophet TB Joshua had appeared to her in a dream telling her she would have a set of twins. To cut the long story short, today Mrs Akpos is heavily pregnant with a set of twins! Beaming with joy, Mr and Mrs Akpos advised all to believe in God no matter their situation.

Last Sunday was indeed a historic day as the Heavens opened upon the children of God. A million thanks are not enough for what Jesus Christ has done, is doing and is about to do in our lives. As we give thanks to God, let us stay connected to Jesus Christ for the best is always yet to come!

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tb joshua cry
Crying TB Joshua Calling For Africa Unity

It was an emotional moment on the September 8th, 2019 Live Sunday service at the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN) where Prophet TB Joshua under the leading of the Holy Spirit was on stage with The SCOAN Choir.

The esteemed man of God who has decided not to talk but to express his feelings and those of like-minded Africans and the world at large through this special composition urging Africa to unite in love and solidarity. Let us stop the killings. Let us welcome one another. “Africa Unite!”

This is so touching; we have never seen Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV shedding tears.

This is happening due to the recent unrest in South Africa and Africa at large. In the photos, we can see a placard hung over Prophet TB Joshua as he tears roll down his eyes singing:

Africa unite

Africa let us unite

We need each other

We need one another to grow

Africa unite

Africa unite

The South cannot do it alone

The West cannot go it alone

The East cannot do it alone

The North cannot go it alone

We need each other

We need one another to grow

See the killing

Over drug misuse

See the fight

As a setback

To Africa

Come together

Oh Africa

Don’t let fellow Africans

Feel unwelcome to our land

Africa unite


Africa Unite – let these words resonate in your heart and your prayers as we join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer for Africa.

More Photos Below:


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It was a feisty singing session on Sunday as The SCOAN Choir gave a virtuoso performance that got worshippers dancing with holy abandon, swaying to a medley of worship songs with inspired rhythms, melodies and lyrics.
Prophet T.B. Joshua was in a very expansive mood when he joined the congregation on Sunday. He delivered a message titled FORGIVENESS IS NOT AN OPTION. Reading from Matthew 18:21-22 and Colossians 3:13-14, he exhorted the people yet again on the need to let go of offence. He stressed that it was important to identify the barriers between oneself and God. He also said that it was necessary to maintain the essentials of life set on the believer’s table by properly handling the matter of whom we have offended and who has offended us. Forgiveness, he insisted, is the source to the freedom that God desires for us, regardless of whether we are the offender or the offended. He noted that God simply commands us to forgive and that “Forgiveness is not an option,” he concluded. After his ministration, he prayed with the people and prophesied on their cases as led by the Holy Spirit.

Prophet Chris gave a message titled DON’T GET STUCK IN A STOPOVER, taking his readings from Genesis 37, 39-45 as well as 2 Corinthians 4:17. He likened the challenges faced by Christians to transit points meant to connect them with their destinies, and advised them not to get stuck there. He told the worshippers that as Christians, whatever they might be passing through “is part of the events arranged and designed by God to usher you into your destiny.” He therefore assured them thus: “If you know this truth…, you will not get carried away by your challenges, you will not get so caught up in your challenges, you will not allow your situation, your challenges, your troubles to mislead you or deceive you.”

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Last week, Dr Arthur Nwashindi and his wife Mercy were at The SCOAN to testify of the Lord’s goodness in the life of their little boy, Arthur-Prince, who had been diagnosed with glaucoma, a condition that could lead to total blindness. Their child had been complaining about short-sightedness and occasional loss of vision. Disturbed, the Nwashindis booked a Monday appointment with a surgeon in Lagos. However, they had stopped over at The SCOAN for prayers the Sunday before. After a touch by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the following day they took the boy to see the doctor, but not before they had been queried by their son on the necessity of honouring the doctor’s appointment. To cut the long story short, after comprehensive tests, the specialist issued a clean bill of health for Arthur-Prince. Thanking God for the miracle, he said, “Now I can see clearly.” “There is no impossibility with God,” Dr Nwashindi said. On her part, Mrs Nwashindi said, “We should solely depend on God, for He has the final say.


Two weeks ago, Mr Emmanuel Semadio had come to The SCOAN with the problem of a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and cervical spasms. An administrative officer in managerial capacity, he could not do his work effectively owing to severely limited mobility. Despite his neck collar and drugs, he had been unable to free himself from pain. After prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, however, he got his perfect healing. “The power of God touched me,” he testified on Sunday, turning his neck to demonstrate his healing. “Run to Jesus,” he advised people.


“There is a woman that’s having triple fibroids; right now it’s coming out,” so prophesied Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Mass Prayer two Sundays ago. The prophecy had been for Mrs Augustine Aziagbenyo, a Ghanaian, who had identified herself after the man of God spoke. Afterwards, she went to the restroom and, to God be the glory, the fibroids had indeed been flushed out of her system. “God’s time is the best,” she told the church. Also testifying on Sunday was her husband, who also urged people to trust in God.


Mr Andrew Akhabue, a Lagos resident, had been travelling when his driver found that the car radiator had overheated. Joining the driver to check the engine, he had boiling water splash over him as the radiator burst suddenly. After weeks of medical attention, Mr Akhabue’s injuries remained very painful and he could not walk properly. It was in this condition that he visited The SCOAN three weeks ago. As Prophetess Yinka prayed for him, in Jesus’ name, Mr Akhabue felt a surge of divine heat in his burnt thighs. Moans of pain escaped his lips but those were going to be the last time he would feel the pains. “After a while, there was something like cold water poured on that spot,” he said of his experience after the prayer. Within days, the wounds on his thigh dried up and Mr Akhabue no longer feels pain and can walk perfectly. To God be the glory!


It was clear that these Colombian sisters were besides themselves with joy as they testified on Sunday. The Monday before, they had attended The SCOAN Living Water Service – and that had marked the end to 25 years of gastritis and fibromyalgia for Maria Mosquera and to insomnia and hypertension for Betty Murillo. Once Maria took the Living Water, the power of God struck at the root cause of her problems and she vomited a large amount of a blackish substance. “I felt light afterwards,” she reported. Also gone was the severe pain that had prevented her from lifting her right shoulder. On her part, Betty can now sleep like a baby, with her insomnia and hypertension gone. The Switzerland residents advised people to have faith in God and watch Emmanuel TV.


Four years ago, Mr Daniel Lumisa, a Congolese special-needs teacher based in Canada, had been playing a game with his students when an ill wind suddenly blew into his left ear. By the time the eerie sensation was over, his students’ voices had become like a distant echo. Soonafter, he discovered he had totally lost his hearing. At work, they granted him three months of compassionate leave. Then he returned to the doctors, who told him he would need hearing aids. After six months, he returned to work but they still insisted he would not be able to teach. As his treatment progressed, so did his condition worsen. Mr Lumisa then took his case to God, visiting The Arena of Liberty two weeks ago and receiving prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Since his healing, he has been able to hear clearly without his hearing aids. He advised people to seek Jesus Christ for their healing.


After her marriage, Mrs Happiness Chinweoke had been unable to fall pregnant due to blockage of the fallopian tubes. Instead of panicking at the doctors’ diagnosis, she continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, even buying baby clothes in faith. During a Sunday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about her condition: “There is a woman under the gallery. There is something inside you; it is not fibroid but it has burst. It is coming out in the form of bleeding”. The man of God then asked her to go and check herself in the restroom. She did so after identifying herself before the congregation and indeed, blood substances had come out of her, just as the man of God had prophesied. In no time, she fell pregnant. On Sunday, she came to testify in the company of her husband. The couple advised people to have faith in God.


She was 14 years old when the spirit of lust and rebellion overpowered her. Years later, the Ghanaian Rosemond had emerged as unrepentant prostitute who felt no qualms about drugging or attempting to kill her children when they hindered her work. She also connived with male partners-in-crime to rob her ‘clients’. In the process, she had four children and the Nigerian fourth baby father asked her to marry him. He brought her to Nigeria. But he gave up the idea when his family objected. Not knowing what else to do, she reported herself to the Holy Spirit at The SCOAN. There, she received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After the prayers, Rosemond suddenly developed a deep love for her children, asking to see them and be allowed to show them love. Before ending her testimony on Sunday, she prayed that women who are still living the kind of life she lived in the past would change their ways.


It was nine years of agony for the Mugyabusos eleven pregnancies ended up being miscarried. It was a peculiar situation as each miscarriage occurred in the fourth month of pregnancy! According to Mrs Mugyabuso, the miscarriages occurred after an evil woman appeared to her in the dream. In 2017 they had come to The SCOAN, where they received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus from Prophet T.B. Joshua, as well as The New Morning Water. On the night of that same day, Mr Mugyabuso saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream assuring the couple that their problem had been solved. They returned to Tanzania, continuing to pray and minister The New Morning Water. This time, the pregnancy made it to term! Last week and they came to The SCOAN with their baby girl to testify of God’s goodness! The couple advised people to focus on God no matter the situation they are in.


When the pregnant Mrs Cynthia Lavoe had gone to the hospital on the 18th of April 2018, she had been hoping to return home with a baby. But after three hours of energy-sapping labour, she had had to leave for home with nothing but surgical stitches on her belly. Her baby had died in the womb and the doctors had had to evacuate it. Three days later, Mrs Lavoe and her husband, Samson, began to notice that something was amiss, so they returned to the hospital. However, the tests revealed nothing even though the woman continued to feel severe pains even as her stomach swelled and fluid flowed out of her stitches. As designed by God, a friend gave one of the Good Morning Stickers he had received at The SCOAN to Mr Lavoe, who handed it over to his wife, urging her to pray with it and place it over her stomach. That night, Mrs Lavoe had a dream in which somebody told her that something had been left in her stomach during the surgery. In the morning, she returned to the hospital and as the nurses dressed her wounds, one of them noticed something unusual sticking out of the stitches. She pulled at it – and it turned out to be a surgical gauze! The gauze which was forgotten by the surgeon in her womb during evacuation of the dead baby, had soaked up fluid and had been causing damage in her system. The couple testified on Sunday that Jesus is the Master Healer and urged people not to joke with the Good Morning Sticker and other faith tools.

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“Draw my heart, oh Holy Spirit, that I may love You more and more.
Draw my heart, oh Holy Spirit, that I may know You more and more.
Draw my heart, oh Holy Spirit, that I may do what is holy.”

Our hearts were drawn closer to the Spirit of God more and more as the words of this anointed song, composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua, rose from the lips of The SCOAN Congregation and Emmanuel TV Viewers. As they joined together from around the world, honouring God and surrendering all to Him, the Spirit of God fell afresh and chains of bondage were disconnected, evil spirits manifested and were cast out and the seed of sickness and disease was flushed out.

In this anointed atmosphere, Prophetess Yinka took to the altar and delivered an encouraging message titled, “YOUR SETBACK IS FOR A COMEBACK”. After identifying two categories of people – those who choose to wallow in self-pity when facing hard times and those who choose not to be overwhelmed by their trials and setbacks – she likened our challenges to temporary stops on the journey to our divine destiny. She demonstrated how many have allowed their setback to rob them of productivity and the joy of life, failing to discover that their challenge is a tonic to their success in life. In her words, “Whatever challenges you may be passing through, I want you to know that it is not a full stop but a comma in the sentence of life”.

With this uplifting word, she moved to the Prayer Line and began to minister God’s healing touch to those afflicted with various sicknesses and diseases. Stretching forth her right hand in the power of God, she proclaimed healing and deliverance, in Jesus’ name and Christ’s result followed – the lame walked, the bound were loosed and the oppressed were set free. Prophet Racine and Prophet Chris joined her and they began to move through the length and width of The SCOAN Auditorium, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heaven continued to rain down as Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped onto The SCOAN Altar. Reinforcing Prophetess Yinka’s message, Prophet T.B. Joshua exhorted the church to “HONOUR GOD IN TRIALS”. As he read from James 1:2-4, 2 Corinthians 12:7 and Job 23:10, he pinpointed the essence of trials in the life of the Christian. Describing trials and challenges in health, career, family and other areas of life as tests of faith that help us to mature spiritually, he urged Christians to not murmur, complain or lament when problems come but to use such occasions to grow their relationship with God. “Don’t try to escape them; they are tests to mature you.” He said they should honour God before men by adopting a cheerful attitude in good and hard times for “As Christians, trials, affliction and temptation are meant to shake our faith and nothing more”. He concluded with this bold proclamation: “After this message, I believe, you will be bold enough to face your challenges with joy and hope”.

Stepping then into a time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the delivering power of Jesus Christ over individuals, nations and the world at large, ministering in prayer and prophecy. Individuals rushed forward to confirm the prophetic messages and share their testimonies of how God had answered their prayer with a miracle.


Imagine being unable to share a hearty laugh. Imagine being condemned to wearing only dark colours when you are a lover of bright colours. Imagine not being able to take soft, fizzy drinks even when your taste buds badly crave them. Imagine having to swallow drugs upon drugs while doctors struggle to discover your problem. Imagine constantly feeling weak and dizzy due to constant menstruation for eight months! Well, that was the story of Miss Peace Ewelu, a security officer from Cross River, Nigeria – until a fortnight ago when a prophecy located her at The SCOAN. “There is a lady there – right now you are bleeding as I am talking. Please come out.” Those were the words of the Holy Spirit speaking through Prophet T.B. Joshua during The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer. Having identified herself and shown her medical documents, Peace went to the restroom to confirm the bleeding. Peace said that by the time of the prophecy on Sunday, she had changed her pad three times already. But that was the end of her problem, as the prophecy had ended her suffering. She then wiped herself with new tissue paper and no longer was she bloody. Testifying on Sunday, Peace said, “At times I shed tears – maybe it’s tears of joy,” speaking about her freedom from unceasing bleeding. “In God’s own time He makes all things beautiful,” she advised those seeking divine help.


In June 2019, on the insistence of her mother, Ms Fiona Barretto attended The Emmanuel TV UK Revival. She was one of the hundreds of people who received healing, deliverance and salvation at the well-attended event. Diagnosed in 2011 of rheumatoid arthritis, Fiona also had fibroids, asthma and osteoporosis. After prayers from the woman of God, Fiona parted ways with her cocktail of ailments, crying, “Thank You, Jesus!” She could now cook and drive and do so many other things, including helping her visiting ailing mother at home in Buffalo, New York, USA. Encouraged by the miracle, Ms Fiona made arrangements and brought her 80-year-old mother, Ms Ermelinda Barretto to The SCOAN for her own healing. She had had osteoarthritis of the knees since turning 60 years old and had been unable to move without her special socks and walker. After the prayers, however, the Tanzania resident can now walk unaided, bathe herself and use the toilet on her own. The doubly blessed mother and daughter advised people to forgive their offenders while praying to God in faith.


A once well-off civil engineer, 43-year-old Solomon Odang had suffered pain from a stiff neck for 12 years. The origin of his problem was a fall from a tree when he was 10 years old. Over the years the effects of the fall increased to the point Solomon could barely function at his job. He patronised various spiritualists and medical doctors but even with treatment was advised not to lift heavy objects, including carrying his children. Despite the constant use of a neck collar, he began to lose sensation and strength in his limbs. A doctor friend frightened him when he said, “You might end up with a stroke”. No longer able to fend for his family, Solomon once thought of suicide. A friend assisted his visit two weeks ago to The SCOAN where he received instant solution from Jesus Christ. “I felt a sensation of freedom and peace as the man of God prayed for me,” Solomon testified last Sunday. He then demonstrated his perfect healing by turning his neck and bending his frame to different degrees. “God’s mercy will bring you freedom,” he advised his listeners.


“In the name of Jesus Christ, the passage is open!” So declared Prophet T.B. Joshua as he prayed for Mrs Ngozi Nwachukwu during The SCOAN Sunday Service of two weeks ago. Mrs Ngozi had been unable to have intimacy with her husband since a miscarriage the previous year as her vaginal muscles kept contracting, making even urination painful. Any night her husband tried to meet with her, ‘offended’ evil spirits would later violate her in her dreams. “I even took traditional drugs, yet no solution,” Ngozi told the church on Sunday. Her husband then suggested The SCOAN. Having watched Emmanuel TV before, Mrs Ngozi believed firmly that her very presence on The SCOAN grounds would end her problem. She was delighted to be located through prophecy. As instructed in the prophecy by the Prophet, she went to the restroom and urinated an unusual coloured liquid. She later testified that she and her husband were able to meet successfully after the prophecy and are now a happy couple. “Hope in God and seek His face,” Mr Nwachukwu advised couples around the world.


It was easy to tell that a very deep and positive impression had been made on Pastor Samson Nyangu, who had come all the way from Zambia with a severe liver problem that seriously affected his health and ministry. He had lost his appetite, felt pain in his stomach and experienced irritation at night. He could not carry out his pastoral duties by visiting his members for counselling. With his medication having failed to give him any relief, Pastor Nyangu visited The SCOAN two weeks ago for prayers. As Prophet T.B. Joshua declared, “You devil, remove your hand from my people!” the pastor felt something snap in his stomach and he started vomiting. What came out was a thick mass of blood and poisonous substances – the evidence of God’s right hand in the pastor’s life. It was in memory of that moment that he sang thus: God of T.B. Joshua/He has done it for me/He will do it for you/He will do it for us/I came with sorrow/With tears of sorrow/I am going back to Zambia/With tears of joy. He advised ministers of the Gospel to humble themselves and seek help from the Lord.


Two weeks ago the delivering power of Jesus Christ manifested across three generations of one family as two teenage children, their mother and grandmother were set free from the curse of bed-wetting. Mrs Jenette Yula, a Cameroonian based in Canada, had visited The SCOAN for prayers with her kids. As the man of God laid hands on her and her children, a demon within her reacted forcefully, exposing its evil plan of family destruction, before being finally subdued. That night, all the beds stayed dry as grandmother, mother and children saw confirmation of their deliverance. On Sunday, when they returned to The SCOAN, they glorified God for rescuing them from the satanic bondage that had been shaming them. Mrs Jenette testified that while the demon held sway, her husband refused to share a room with her and she was unable to sleep over at friends’ homes for fear of wetting their bed. The demon, which used to appear as a spirit husband in many forms, also prevented Jenette from receiving favour and promotion. Having experienced God’s awesomeness, she advised people to have faith in God and keep watching Emmanuel TV.

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The SCOAN Choir dished out many songs from their rich repertoire, many of them composed by Prophet TB Joshua. It appeared, however, that one song stood out in more ways than one, causing congregants to dance ecstatically for the Lord like King David did in 2 Samuel 6 and causing Prophet TB Joshua to request encores of it when he got on The SCOAN Altar. It was a song in praise of “Chukwu Nna, meaning ‘God of the Heavens’ in Nigeria’s southeastern language of Igbo. Even without understanding the lyrics, people of diverse races and tongues swayed to its pulsating rhythm and melody as the Spirit of the Lord saturated ‘The Arena of Liberty’.

Prophet TB Joshua began his ministration with a prophetic word for congregants: “What you have been going through will soon be a memory; it will be part of your history.” He told worshippers that their future was being fashioned by God and that they should be ready to share their testimony about the present, when that future arrived. He assured them that their present pain, affliction, hardship or embarrassment would surely become no more than a memory from distant times. However, the man of God said it would be important to view God’s promises from the faith perspective, knowing that adversity often makes Christians wiser, stronger and better people. Reading from Psalm 119:71 – “It was good for me to be afflicted so that I may learn the decrees of God” – Prophet TB Joshua advised the people to make heart contact with God in order to be able to receive from Him.

Earlier, Prophet Chris gave a sermon titled Return to Reality. Anchored on 1 Peter 1:23-25, the message urged congregants to discover their purpose in life through the Word of God, whose truths remain unchanging. He advised that people should avoid the fantasy of thinking they can derive lasting happiness and inner peace from material things. As such, he preached, those who want a truly meaningful life should face the reality that the Christian race is a tough marathon with many hurdles to cross. He also charged the youth to imbibe the virtues of hard work and perseverance, realising that success can never be reached through shortcuts, that is, without rigorous due process. “Everything in this world has an expiry date,” Prophet Chris noted. While demonstrating the futility of a materialistic life, Chris said it was pointless trying to impress people by keeping up appearances. Closing the sermon, he reminded the church: “In life there are storms, trials, troubles, so the only way to stay steady, steadfast in a world that is unsteady is to build your life upon the solid rock of God’s Word.”



Two Sundays ago Mrs Nnenna Irobi, a Nigerian from Enugu State, had been waiting on God for healing from four years of pain from a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and knee arthritis. After giving her several medications to no avail, her doctors advised her to consider using a neck collar and bandages for her knees. Despite these aids, Nnenna continued to feel severe pains and her gait appeared to be devoid of vitality. Believing that God’s presence was available at The SCOAN, she decided to go there for prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. She was one of those who got a chance to pray on The SCOAN Altar during the service. As she got on the Altar, with no little difficulty, she began to pray there, rolling on the floor asking the Son of David to have mercy on her. In no time, she began to tug at her neck collar and soon flung it away, together with her bandages. Nnenna’s supportive husband, Joseph, thanked God for healing his wife after four years of severe pain and saving him from worry. As she closed her testimony on Sunday, Nnenna advised people to believe in God.


After two years of continuous bleeding, Mrs Chioma Uchenna finally saw the end of a terrible reproach in her life two Sundays ago. She was at The SCOAN when a word of prophecy located her. Prophet TB Joshua had declared: “There is a woman there – you are bleeding profusely. This is the challenge you brought here. The Lord has delivered you. You should be proud; you should be happy.”

The Abuja resident had thought she had been seeing her menses when the bloody episode began, so after five days she became alarmed. Yet, she went to see a doctor only a month after. Surprised at her negligence, they ordered a two-month bedrest and gave her drugs, including a blood tonic. For one week, the blood stopped flowing but soon returned with incredible pressure, forcing her to use special absorbent pads that still could not contain the blood. She began losing strength and having nagging headaches. Having heard of the Lord’s exploits at The SCOAN, she sought her husband’s permission to visit, hence the prophecy that brought an end to her misery. In her testimony on Sunday, Chioma said the prophecy also put an end to her asthma. She therefore advised people to believe in God’s power.


In tears of pain did Mrs Thoko Lubisi struggle on to The SCOAN Altar two Sundays ago. For nine years, the South African had been suffering from chronic lumbar pain, which meant she had to use a lumbar corset to ease her pain. The classroom teacher was unable to do her work effectively, her situation worsened by numbness of the knees leading to difficulty in walking. Unable to function in all spheres, Thoko started feeling depressed. It was in that condition that she had got the opportunity to pray on The SCOAN Altar two weeks ago. And although she had gone there in tears, Thoko climbed off The Altar in jubilation. In an instant, she had felt relief surge through her whole body. Testifying on Sunday, Thoko sang and danced for joy to demonstrate her perfect healing, in the name of Jesus. She advised people to wait upon the Lord for solutions to their problems.


Because she believed God had prepared a miracle for her at The SCOAN, Mrs Elizabeth Feris was prepared not to mind the severe physical inconvenience that she would experience on a trip to Nigeria from Namibia. For 13 years she had been using an arm sling due to a stiff shoulder, the result of a torn shoulder ligament. Two Sundays ago, she had got the chance to climb on The SCOAN Altar for prayers. “I felt somebody take me by the arms and lift me up,” she said of her experience as she began to climb The Altar. “When I got on The Altar,” she added, “I felt somebody lift a burden off me.” Ending her testimony on Sunday, Elizabeth advised people to visit The SCOAN for prayers. But Elizabeth didn’t testify alone. She was accompanied by her 61-year-old sister in-law, Ms Magrita Diergaardt, who had difficulty in walking for 10 years due to osteoarthritis and muscle cramps. Magrita said she stopped feeling pain in her limbs after she received prayers, in the mighty name of Jesus. “No matter your challenges, turn to God,” Margrita advised the church.


It was in 2014 when the couple had first received a prophecy delivered by the Holy Ghost through the man of God TB Joshua. Mrs Ekoma had lost three pregnancies already but the Word from the Lord was that she would have a baby boy. After prayers, Barrister Armstrong Ekoma returned to his Jos, Plateau State base with his wife.

Months later, the duo were back at The SCOAN and another prophecy located them: Barrister Ekoma had been slapped physically by a woman possessed of a malevolent spirit who later showed up in his dream to slap him innumerable times more. “I had a quarrel with somebody in the day. That night I had more than one thousand slaps in my dream,” Armstrong said. The prophecy further said that the lawyer’s destiny had now been tampered with and that his libido was in grave crisis, a fact he also confirmed in excited amazement. After the prophecy about their coming son, one year rolled into the next, then to the next and to the next. According to Mrs Ekoma, during her testimony on Sunday, what had kept the couple going was Prophet TB Joshua’s words: “A prophet will say that which he will live to see accomplished.” And so, five years after the initial prophecy, baby Divine Ekoma was brought to church as evidence of God’s power. Shedding more light on the couple’s situation, Barrister Ekoma narrated how their missing wedding rings had turned up in a computer system he had taken for repairs. He also told of how a scan had shown he had degenerative disc disease, with doctors suggesting he undergo an operation that might cripple him, hence the couple’s recourse to The SCOAN. In what he thought was even worse, Barrister Ekoma said he had developed a boil between his anus and testes while at The SCOAN, causing him to wonder if further affliction had not been added to what he had. But that boil was in fact a sign of the relief to come. Three days later, he said, the boil burst open and there was no problem any longer. “That was how I got healed,” Barrister Ekoma told the church. While Barrister Ekoma advised people not to doubt God’s power, his wife urged women not to give up on their home.


In 1986, when he was yet in elementary school, Diepreye started getting nightly visits from a female figure in his dreams. After making love to him, she would ‘expose’ coming examination questions to him, helping him to pass brilliantly. He told his mother. She took him to a spiritualist who told him, “She’s the spirit who guided your father in his lifetime; do not run away from her, because she will make you exceptional in academics. But you must never marry.”

When he was old enough, Diepreye married. And his problems began. The spirit turned malevolent and gave him loss of memory, nightmares, hypertension, spirit of anger and lack of affection in marriage. Even more, she dogged his every step with untimely death, constantly asking him to kill himself and making him see dead relatives. “The spirit gave me boldness not to fear death,” he told the church on Sunday. Diepreye’s boss advised him to visit The SCOAN. On the flight down to Lagos from Abuja, the plane ran into turbulence and Diepreye thought of breaking the window and jumping to his death. To the glory of God, he made it to The SCOAN, where a prophecy found him two Sundays ago: “There’s a voice you hear – a strange voice. It dictates what you do sometimes.” On how he felt once Prophet TB Joshua spoke about his problem, Diepreye said, “A load was lifted off my body and I became free.” Since that word of prophecy and deliverance, Diepreye’s life has now become a source of happiness to him. He is also now full of affection for his wife and two children. Diepreye’s wife advised spouses not to give up on their marriage when it is in crisis, just as her husband advised people to look up to the Cross for victory against dark forces. On his knees, “the new creature” asked his wife for forgiveness over past mistreatment.


When Ms Petunia Mnisi visited The SCOAN sometime in 2016, she received three prophecies. The first was about her need to forgive. The second was about her estranged daughter who had become suicidal. The third was about her use of charms. Petunia confirmed all the prophecies. She said her father was killed in 1997 by villagers who accused him of wizardry and her mother also died after being accused of witchcraft. On the second prophecy, Petunia said her daughter turned against her and left home. A witch doctor had told Petunia’s daughter that her own mother was after her life. On the third prophecy, 55-year-old Petunia said she used charms to attract men but ended up repelling them instead. As Prophet TB Joshua gave the prophecies, he asked Petunia to forgive her offenders and assured her that her daughter would return home. On July 22, 2019 Petunia’s daughter indeed returned home, according to Petunia’s testimony on Sunday. Full of smiles and deep inner joy, as well as love for each other, Petunia and her daughter jubilated in front of the church. Explaining that she had stopped using charms since 2016, Petunia advised people to monitor their children and introduce them to God only. On her part, Petunia’s daughter said she now loves life and no longer thinks of suicide. She advised parents to show love to their children.

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Nigerian Student Testifies TB Joshua’s Prayers Helped Her Gain Admission to Oxford University!

blessing, tb joshua, scoan

A Nigerian student in UK who gained admission into the prestigious Oxford University has acknowledged that the prayers of T.B. Joshua were instrumental to her academic breakthrough. 

In the run-up to her exams, Blessing explained that “things got really tough” but she found strength through praying along with Joshua via his television network Emmanuel TV and ministering ‘Morning Water’ from his church.

In a testimony shared on Joshua’s official Facebook Page followed by 3.5 million people, a young lady named Blessing Omorodion recounted how her mother visited the cleric’s Lagos-based Church in December 2018.

“I had recently applied to the University of Oxford to study medicine, so I asked her to pray about my application. The following Tuesday after she visited The SCOAN on Sunday, I received an email stating that I got an interview and, by the grace of God, I got an offer,” she recounted.

However, the academic requirements necessary to meet the offer were rigorous. “I was required to get at least an A* and 2 As in my A-levels exams, so I knew that I would need to pray and work hard to meet these conditions,” she explained.

In the run-up to her exams, Blessing explained that “things got really tough” but she found strength through praying along with Joshua via his television network Emmanuel TV and ministering ‘Morning Water’ from his church.

“The encouraging words of Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV helped me to maintain my faith,” she testified.

According to Miss Omorodion, she even surpassed her academic expectations in the ensuing exams. 

“By the grace of God, I not only met my offer but exceeded it by getting 3 A*s in my Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology A levels,” Blessing ecstatically concluded.

Her academic institution Brampton Manor took to Twitter to celebrate her achievement, with Oxford University’s official Twitter feed retweeting the announcement of her successful admission.

An article published in UK’s Sun Newspaper highlighted Blessing’s remarkable achievement, revealing she only arrived in Britain aged 15 and could barely speak English at that time.

The University of Oxford, the oldest academic institution in the English-speaking world, is renowned as one of the world’s most prestigious universities and universally ranked among the best higher learning establishments worldwide.blessing, tb joshua, scoan

T.B. Joshua equally sponsored a Nigerian student, Olayinka Oduwole, for a PhD in the same institute, investing over £100,000 (N44m) in her academic pursuits. She has since graduated and now engages in pioneering research into 5G technology at the University of Surrey.

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The Cold War Against TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

When we reveal that there is an anti-TB Joshua gang out there that are on a secret mission (though no longer secrete) to kill the Prophet, don’t try to get yourself being misled that we are being alarmist. It is important to bring this to your notice that all this information are not just exaggerated reports, but they are well received classified intelligent security reports from diverse sources around the world on the evil plot against TB Joshua’s life and ministry.

As times goes on, we will be trying our best to draw your attention to some events that will be unfolding. Matching those events with these security reports will go a long way in unveiling the truth.

We need to know that the evil forces who have taken control of the world establishments are as we speak, waging a deadly cold war against TB Joshua and his ministry. TB Joshua is being targeted in every front and those behind this conspiracy are doing it in such a way that it is difficult to trace where the targets are coming from. It will only take one with deep insight into conspiracy matters and personal revelations from God to know what is going on. And you will be shocked to know those behind all these evil schemes against the Prophet. Always put it in mind that it is a local and international collaboration.

In our past published security recommendation here to the Prophet and the SCOAN family worldwide, we made mentioned as part of the security intelligent reports we received that there is a plan target against those that have publicly associated with TB Joshua, especially those in well-placed positions. We told everyone to watch their back because those that want to kill TB Joshua will be coming after them too. They will be blackmailed and there imaged tarnished with supports from News media and journalist; which is a part of the holistic scheme in their targeting of TB Joshua and his ministry.

The world is under the power of Satan and those that have sold their soul because of the vanity of this world are the ones who are into this scheme to kill the Prophet and as well targeting those around him. They are not comfortable with the great work of God in the SCOAN and the grace of God – the spiritual powers/ gift in the life of the Prophet.

Most of their evil schemes they intended against the Children of God are being forced to be on hold and those in enforcement are being brought to not through the Prophetic gift, healings and deliverance in the life and ministry of the Prophet, and these they are not comfortable with.

They don’t know what God may do next through the Prophet and they are counting the day they will be exposed for the evil they are. To their shame before the entire world.

We are all aware of the reported persecution our beloved Sister in Christ, Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo is going through because of the testimony she gave to the glory of God at the SCOAN on the goodness and mercies of God upon her life, family and career.

The facts that the world News media are trying to twist the truths and create the impression that Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo completed are God’s given house after 14 years through proceeds of corruption, should not come as a surprise to anyone.

We are all aware of the role she played compelling the government of her nation to seek aid from TB Joshua during the period when the deadly Ebola Virus was spreading around communities and killing citizens of the nation of Sierra Leone.

Remember the security reports that came from an alleged Russian security sources during the period of the attacked at the SCOAN guest house . It claimed one of the reasons for the attacked against the SCOAN was the role the Prophet played as an instrument in God’s hand in helping some Africa nation during the Ebola virus crisis. (Note: we are not in any way given a substantiation to the said report since there have not been any official response from the SCOAN about that report till date.) The said lady that is being persecuted right now was the one who out of patriotism and love for her nation persuade her government to seek divine help from God in TB. Joshua’s ministry.

For those who watched her first Testimony, she gave Live on Emmanuel TV after God’s intervention in stopping the spread of the Ebola virus in her nation. There was a revealing part of her testimony that was edited out in the respond Video from the SCOAN concerning her recent travail.

Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo was the one who exposed on Emmanuel TV the opposition they face from some powerful international bodies who confiscated the Anointed Waters sent by TB Joshua to help stop the Ebola Virus diseases. This was even though the Anointed water was officially ordered by the then government in power. But some powerful international forces never wanted the anointed water to be used but with the help of some persons amongst them, who have the fear of God some of the anointed water was secretly released to them to be used in some regions.

She and some voluntaries had to risk their lives to go to does affected regions to minister the anointed waters and does regions have been declared Ebola virus-free till date.

So therefore, we must know where this battle is coming from and the direction it is heading towards.

Let us not forget the many conspiracy theories out there about the Ebola Virus disease itself– like those that say it was manmade, a biological weapon and it was created to reduced or exterminate the African race. Also, TB Joshua said the Ebola virus was manufactured from the pit of hell. We will allow you to put things together and think for yourself.


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