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The event was The Nazareth Meeting With T.B. Joshua. The venue was The Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice, Nazareth, Israel. It was a gathering of people of different colours and diverse tongues from across the continents. Most importantly, it was an event approved by Heaven. A two-day event of Godly exhortation and prayer, The Meeting focused on the need to love unconditionally in a world where “love has lost its original meaning,” having been “watered down today” since many “love one another for selfish, classic, material reasons,” as Prophet T.B. Joshua noted.

Describing Nazareth – the birthplace of Jesus – as “a humble, wonderful place filled with hardworking people,” the man of God, in stressing the message of love to his keen listeners, said, “We are known by our life and practice not what we say only.” The proof text for the message was taken from Matthew 5:44 – “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” However, Prophet T.B. Joshua also cited verses 11-12 as well as 43 and 45 of the same Matthew 5. Having taken the kernel of his message from there, he went on to encourage listeners to also read 1 John 3:18, Luke 23: 34, John 13:34 and John 14:15.

With these bits of Scripture, Prophet T.B. Joshua impressed upon the audience the need to show love to those they might consider undeserving of it. Asserting that “what makes us human is not our ability to think but our ability to love one another,” he urged them “to love one another irrespective of race or religion, for love comes from God.” On that note, he ended the sermon for Day 1 by asking the people to start a new way of life by showing love to those who hate, insult or persecute them. In his words: “If you love many people but there are those you do not love because they hate you, then your love is as nothing; the more you love God, the more you love your neighbour.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua continued his message on Christ-like love on Day 2 of the Meeting. He read from 1 Corinthians 13:1-end, picking his proof text from verse 13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” For further illustration of the message, he also cited 1 John 4: 7-12, Colossians 3: 12-14. According to the man of God, “God measures our lives by our love for Him and for our neighbour.” Consequently, he said, “anyone who does not love his neighbour, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.”

Regarding genuine godly living, Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged his listeners to find it in their heart to overlook the mistakes, weaknesses, failures and shortcomings of their neighbours, as Paul urged the Colossians: “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity” (Colossians 3: 12-14). Indeed, the prophet concluded, “love for fellow man breaks down all barriers.”

On both days, after the sermon, Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped down from the altar and prayed for the audience in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The sick were healed, the afflicted were rescued and those in bondage were set free as the people besought God to give them a loving heart to overlook their neighbours’ weaknesses and failures. As the prayer sessions went on, hundreds fell under the power of the anointing as contrary spirits manifested before quitting the lives of the people.

Moreover, words of prophecy also located many in the audience as the Holy Spirit revealed the issues in their lives.

To cap up The Meeting, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave out  ‘Good Morning Nazareth’ T-shirts  as gifts to each attendee,

even as he told the people:

“The love you give away is the love you keep.”

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tb joshua ministryBy Ihechukwu Njoku
Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has just concluded a two-day event in Nazareth, the historic hometown of Jesus Christ.
The event tagged ‘Nazareth Meeting With TB Joshua’ was held at the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice, a site of Biblical significance for Christians.
Thousands of international pilgrims flocked to the event in Northern Israel from over 50 nations, which was additionally broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and local Israeli television in Arabic and Hebrew.
Several prominent personalities and political figures, including the Tanzanian President John Magufuli – who was represented by his wife Janeth – were in attendance.
“I feel humbled walking in the footprints of Jesus,” Joshua told the multi-national crowd, stressing that it was “God’s design” for Jesus to come from Nazareth, which he described as “the morning of Christianity”.
In a heartfelt sermon titled, ‘We are known by our love’, the cleric spoke on the divine significance of love.
“What makes us human is not our ability to think but our ability to love. This means love is life and if we miss love, we miss life,” he exhorted the crowd, emphasising that love must be unconditional.
“If you want to love better, you should start with someone who hates you, has bad feelings towards you, who sees nothing good in you,” he stressed.
Continuing his message the following day, Joshua called on all present to “love one another irrespective of our religion or race for love comes from God”.
According to the cleric, “Love for fellow man breaks down all barriers; it melts all hindrances. Love has ears to hear the heart. It dissolves prejudices, misunderstanding and suspicion.”
Speaking practically, he added, “If we are able to overlook the failures, mistakes and weaknesses of our neighbour, then there is genuine love because there is no perfect man on earth.”
After his exhortation, the cleric began to pray individually for the thousands present at the free-entry event, many who came with various infirmities and sicknesses in hope of a miracle.
Li Gul Chua, who travelled from China, testified that she could walk freely without crutches for the first time in six years after Joshua prayed for her.
Many fell to the floor at Joshua’s touch, immediately rising to declare they were healed or delivered from ‘unclean spirits that tormented them’.
As the event neared completion, the cleric collected an offering to support the Nazareth area, further explaining how the choice of the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice to host the unique meeting unfolded.
“I visited here three years ago and I saw this place was abandoned,” he explained, showing clips of the unkempt area, overgrown with bushes during his first visit.
“Given the Scriptural significance of this place, I was moved to contact the Mayor, Ali Sallam, and ask his permission to renovate,” he continued, stating this was Emmanuel TV’s “contribution to the place where Jesus’ father and mother came from.”
Joshua also referenced the opposition from some religious figures that accompanied the announcement of his visit to Israel, which intensified in the days leading to the event. “Even though there was rancour, it was an act of God,” he submitted.
He called on the foreign pilgrims present to make Nazareth their “second home”, encouraging them to “visit places such as hospitals, schools and other areas that need your attention and show love because the love we give away is the only love we keep.”
“This is the first time in hundreds of years we have heard the name of Jesus proclaimed publicly in Nazareth,” Pastor Hadad, a Nazarene, emotionally commented, underscoring the significance of the event in the volatile, predominantly Muslim region.
“I used to see Jesus as just a story from history we used to attract tourists,” Itay, an Israeli tour guide, bluntly stated. “Today, I saw – through T.B. Joshua – that the name of Jesus actually has power.”
News of the event reached international media, with coverage in The New York Times, Reuters and Israel’s leading newspapers Haaretz and Jerusalem Post.
Nazareth-Deliverance-tbjoshuaNazareth-Healing-tb joshua
*Pictures taken from TB Joshua Ministries Facebook 
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“Holy Spirit breathe in me,” so sang The SCOAN Choir as the worship session went into full swing, sending the congregation into a quiet frenzy of Spirit manifestation. As the Holy Spirit carried on with the work of sanctifying their hearts and acting in the people that their works may be holy, the ground was prepared for yet another Spirit-filled Sunday Service at The Arena of Liberty.  

In a message titled TAKE HEART, Prophet Racine quoted Exodus 14: 13 and other biblical passages to back up his teaching on the need to overcome fear. Prophet Racine told the congregation to realise that “fear is a thief of faith and hope” that “paralyses our potential by weakening our determination and willpower, preventing us from taking important decisions.” Before ending the sermon, Prophet Racine called for a faith-building song interlude, after which he told the congregation on the need to develop their relationship with the Holy Spirit. Thereafter, he went into the healing session and the Lord showed Himself mightily in the lives of worshippers.

TESTIMONY OF A BELOVED SISTER Good morning my dear brothers and sisters My name is sister Angela from Switzerland last month i desperately wanted to visit the SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria to get the new morning water to help my sick mom but i was not sent invitation after many times of trying …i was so sad until i searched for friends from Lagos on Facebook where i communicated with one sister from the church sister Helen who finally sent me the new morning water through DHL and i used it for my mom and she became well i now know that TB Joshua is a true Man of God to save this generation through Jesus Christ God bless scoan God bless T B Joshua God bless Nigeria. . if you need an urgent invitation from scoan, or you do not have the money to visit scoan yourself, i can connect you to a trusted sister from Lagos Nigeria who will help you with what ever you need . Email her on


From Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, Mrs Ejiro Egbo came to The SCOAN in search of divine healing for her stiff neck owing to a motoring accident. Doctors had given her a neck collar to help the neck heal but she felt little or no relief. She was unable to do any work and could not even carry her grandson. The vice principal had a miserable time as she waited in vain for a medical solution. As she received prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, she said, “I had a shock and was free”. Afterwards, the 56-year-old parted ways with her neck collar and moved her neck freely for the first time in a long while. Accompanied to the church by her son, Mrs Egbo demonstrated her perfect healing on Sunday as she turned her neck in all directions, stretching her limbs energetically. “Come to God for your healing and deliverance through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,” she advised people.


In a bid to bring reproach to Mr. Christian, the devil afflicted him with the spirit of compulsive stealing. “This thing started when I was child,” he said in confirmation of the prophecy by man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to him, he used to wake up in the middle of the night and pick a piece of meat from the soup pot, causing the soup to go sour. On one occasion, he again fell for the devil’s antics, as he stole from his very trusting employer, who promptly sacked him. In so many other ways, the spirit of stealing kept embarrassing him as he mixed with bad company. Two Sundays ago, however, he decided to take his case to God. At The SCOAN, a word of prophecy located him as Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned his case during the Mass Prayer. After coming out, he received his deliverance. Testifying in Church on Sunday, Mr. Christian thanked God for freeing him from the bondage of stealing and “funny dreams”. To God be the glory!


“I cannot wash; I cannot bend – my children have been helping me. I want Jesus to deliver me.” Those were the words of Mrs Paulina Awini, a Ghanaian who suffered excruciating pains from a disc prolapse that made it difficult for her to walk. With a lumbar corset for support in the last one year, Mrs Awini managed to bring herself to The SCOAN for prayers, in the mighty name of Jesus. After prayers from Prophet Racine, she received divine strength in her limbs and regained the power to walk again without pains. During the Sunday Live Service, she testified about the awesome anointing that delivered her from all pain. “Worship only Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” she advised even as she exercised her body to show her perfect healing.


“There is a sister there – you have this urge for animals.” The word of prophecy indeed rang through in the case of Mrs Naomi Dauda, from Borno State, Nigeria. The woman came out to confirm the prophecy, explaining that she used to play fondly with dogs during her teenage years. She would place the dogs on her private part and in dreams she would also see men sleeping with her even as she barked in her dreams. During her years of courtship, the young woman kept experiencing disappointments with her partners. In marriage, she had an unsettled home as the spirit of anger made her consider quitting her marriage. “When I came here last week, I was praying, having been fasting,” she testified in church on Sunday about her expectations from God as she worshiped at the SCOAN on the Sunday she received her prophecy. After the prophetic message was given, she was delivered. During her testimony, she said she now has affection for her husband and sleeps like a baby. She testified that she is now completely free! She advised women to go close to God in order to ward off ‘spiritual husbands’.


It was also a prophecy that located Mrs Gifty Awini. “There is a woman that is bleeding right now, wearing red,” Prophet TB Joshua had declared during The Mass Prayer. In fact, it was the Holy Spirit that had located the Ghanaian among The SCOAN congregation a fortnight ago. Confirming the prophecy during her testimony in church last Sunday, she said she had been bleeding for the past six years and had relied on diapers to help soak up the blood. The blood came with pains in the abdomen, she added. “God, do not let me go back the same,” Mrs Awini had petitioned her Creator during her first service at The Arena of Liberty. She received her freedom through the power of prophecy, in the mighty name of Jesus. She advised people to trust in Jesus Christ, the Saviour.




During a Live Sunday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about a lady, Mrs Tinubu, with the problem of bedwetting. “The Lord has touched you today,” the man of God had declared after the prophecy. Mrs. Tinubu identified herself openly. During her testimony on Sunday, she told of how bed-wetting had made it difficult for her to mix freely with people. She said she did not keep friends or go out owing to the shame of her condition. Since the word of prophecy, she testified, bed-wetting has become a thing of the past, to the glory of God. “Run to Jesus and pray,” she advised people seeking God’s hand upon their lives.

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The SCOAN Choir sang at full throttle as they dug into their reservoir of God-glorifying songs. No sooner had they begun than the heavenly forces joined the congregation as manifestations of Spirit presence took over.

In the light of his upcoming 56th birthday on June 12, Prophet T.B. Joshua told the congregation and viewers that nothing would please God more than for them to show love to the sick and needy, especially people not previously known to them. Stating that obeying God’s commands is the way to show we love Him, the man of God advised the people to seek out those languishing on the sickbed and not only show love to them via giving but also to cultivate genuine friendship with them. The prophet said that doing good to the helpless would be a worthy legacy to hand over to one’s children. “You need something to pinch you, to bother you for the glory of God,” he said about the nature of sacrificial giving, which leads to being able to “live above human destruction”. Reading from John 14:14-15, he restated the need to demonstrate love for God, which requires us to help those in need at all times, whether or not we know them. “Love is life; life is love,” he concluded.

Prophet Racine spoke on “The Power of Faith”, asking the church to acknowledge God’s grace in their lives – in songs, words and purpose. With his proof text taken from Romans 10: 6-17, Prophet Racine stated that faith must be seen as a spiritual issue, a force that grows in man’s spirit, with all Christians having the capacity to activate the power in Jesus’ name through faith confessions, as recorded in Luke 10: 19. The reason, he noted, why some Christians don’t receive from God is that it is possible for one to be “a man of prayer but perhaps not a man of faith.” He added, “Prayer is not right if it doesn’t spring from faith.” Failure to release love and forgiveness to our neighbours, Prophet Racine further noted, will short-circuit the power of faith in our lives (Galatians 5:6). Summing up the connection between love and faith, he said: “We service our faith by loving those around us.”







His case was already deemed hopeless, from a human perspective. However, Mr. Emperor Akpalakpa trusted in God for his healing, even though his employers had let go of him on account of his illness. For nine months, he kept coughing up blood as cancer cells ate up his lungs. To prevent his lungs from collapsing, Ivorian doctors had injected the Nigerian twice a day, yet there was no improvement. Returning to Nigeria, Mr. Akpalakpa received the same treatment but the doctors eventually diagnosed him of lung cancer. “You have three years to live, maybe five,” the doctors told him soberly. Alarmed at the news, the 30-year-old ran to God at The SCOAN, trusting he would be healed once he stepped into the church two Sundays ago. As the Mass Prayer was ending, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared the anointing on any person still experiencing affliction. Immediately, Mr. Akpalakpa was struck by the anointing and he began to vomit gooey substances mixed with blood. “Immediately, I felt relief in my chest,” he testified. The vomiting continued for the next two days, he added. To confirm his healing, he returned to his doctors, who declared him free from all signs of lung cancer and asked him to return to church to give thanks to God. Declaring himself now ready to marry and raise a family, the Nigerian from Bayelsa State advised people to realise there is no disease Jesus cannot heal and that distance is no barrier. “Jesus is alive and real in The SCOAN!” he screamed.


When Mrs Sandra Oloyede developed what doctors later found out to be cervical spondylosis, she had thought it was something that medicine could handle easily. She turned out to be very wrong. Despite receiving drugs and a neck collar, her pains never eased; in fact, they became worse, making her life miserable and rendering her unable to care for her children. The doctors advised her to see a neurologist. However, her mother, who had been taking care of Sandra’s children, advised that she visit The SCOAN. After prayers, the 39-year-old resident of Delta State, Nigeria received her perfect healing. Beaming with excitement during her testimony on Sunday, Mrs Oloyede turned her neck in all directions as she asserted her healing, in the mighty name of Jesus. She advised people to realise that Jesus is the perfect Healer.


 As of today, Benedict Mbam is of a professor of computer science and provost of a college of education in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Before he received the grace to attain this height, however, the academic had suffered career stagnation for no less than seven years. Having reached the position of senior lecturer in 2004 at Ebonyi State University, he was supposed to have become a professor just about six years later. In reality, by 2012 he was still a senior lecturer, even though he had all the requisite qualifications. He decided to seek God’s help. After receiving prayers as well as The Morning Water and Anointed Stickers, he returned home. Only a few months after, the then Dr. Mbam was appointed Director of Academic Planning, a position meant for professors. The next year, 2013, he moved to a federal university, where he was appointed Head of Department and later that same year appointed professor. In 2014, his former university also declared him a full professor. In 2015, he got elected as Dean of Applied and Physical Sciences at the new university. In 2017, he also got elected to the Governing Council of the university and became a member of two powerful university committees. This year, 2019, Professor Mbam was appointed by the Ebonyi State Government as the Provost of the Ebonyi State College of Education. Thanking God for what He has done, Professor Mbam testified that he is now more devoted to God. He advised people to have faith in God and run to him for solutions to their problems.


Mrs Catherine Ereyi, a Nigerian living in the USA, had visited The SCOAN for divine healing for disc herniation and arthritis of her left knee. For 12 years, she had explored all medical avenues to no avail.  With her work requiring constant driving and climbing of staircases, Mrs Ereyi struggled through her pains, many times crying on her bed while watching Emmanuel TV. Last Sunday, God’s anointing located her as the man of God touched and prayed for her, in the mighty name of Jesus. After the touch and prayer, she said, “I got up and became very light.” She added during her testimony on Sunday, “You can see my gait is better now.”






 Six years ago, something happened to Mr. Abraham Ugbede, a Nigerian living in South Africa: Suddenly, he could no longer control his urination and started bedwetting every now and then, so he started using pads, to save himself from embarrassment. Two weeks ago, he visited The SCOAN and the Holy Spirit spoke on his case through Prophet T.B. Joshua. After the word of prophecy and prayer, Mr. Ugbede received his perfect healing. On Sunday, he testified to the Lord’s power in his life. He told of how the condition had prevented him from getting married, even as he confirmed that his urination has now normalised and he no longer bedwets. He also said that his blood pressure has also become normal. “Don’t allow your focus to be derailed and God will meet you at the point of your need,” he advised the congregation.





 Miss Jennifer Kobo used to bleed and experience pain until two weeks ago, when a word of prophecy located her as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the congregation in The Arena of Liberty. For three years, the Benue State indigene had lived with the discomfort of her condition until she received her healing during the Mass Prayer. “Oh, God, forgive my sins!” she had pled as the prayer session began, her body hurting as the blood gushed out. “You can’t understand but God is my witness,” Miss Kobo testified as she ran out of words to express her gratitude to God for healing her. She advised people to seek God’s forgiveness as they approach Him to heal, deliver and bless them.







Mr. Clement Mbeh, a Nigerian from Cross River State, had woken up on the 2nd of July 2018 with severe discomfort in his stomach. He dashed to the toilet but could hardly get anything out. He ran to his doctor, who sent him for a test. It turned out that his prostrate had been enlarged. The PSA measurement –  a diameter of 25.7! He was advised to fly down to India immediately, lest his case become cancerous. However, in the company of his children, Mr. Mbeh chose to visit The SCOAN in late July. To them he had declared his healing after a touch by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the mighty name of Jesus. Upon returning home, Mr. Mbeh went for another test and, to his amazement, the PSA had shrunk back to a diameter of 4.4! “I have no more pains in my abdomen and I urinate freely now,” he declared during his testimony last Sunday. He advised people to trust in God, with whom everything is possible.

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Less than 24 hours after God moved mightily through the flyDSA Arena in Sheffield, UK delivering captives, healing the sick and uplifting His children in The Emmanuel TV UK Revival, dawn broke on The SCOAN Sunday Service. The anointing flowed in torrents as The SCOAN Choir called down the Heavenly host with songs praising Yahweh and the congregation got a boost to their faith as they watched footage from the revival. The forces of Heaven showed no mercy to the forces causing pain, sickness and setback in the lives of God’s children as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit throughout the course of the service.

The man of God spoke calmly and truthfully to the congregation as he entered the altar. Thanking God for glorifying His name during the one-day revival in the UK, Prophet T.B. Joshua noted that, even though a prophet may have no honour in his own home, The SCOAN has been given the commission of promoting love throughout the world. “Love for your neighbour meets hindrances, breaks down all barriers, dissolves prejudice, misunderstanding and suspicion.” Quoting from 1 Corinthians 13: 13, he explained that genuine love for our neighbours is expected if we profess love for God. “If you have all knowledge and ability but have no love, you are nothing. You cannot love God without loving your neighbour… If you love many people but there are some you do not love, that is discrimination in love – your love is nothing.”

“Let us love one another, irrespective of religion and race. Let us love one another, for love comes from God.” Such love, he said, will manifest in our showing care for the sick and needy, even as we give of our time and resources to others. “How many of your neighbours are on your daily prayer list?” he asked reflectively, adding, “It is when you begin to value your neighbour that you can value God”.

The man of God stressed the need for us to show compassion to others and avoid being selfish in our thinking and actions. In particular, he said it would be more fruitful to give to the truly needy than to people from whom we can gain something material in return. “What you do to your neighbour will determine whether your deliverance will be permanent. If you are healed here of affliction, it is not yet over. What you do to your fellow man out there will determine whether your healing will be permanent.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then led the congregation and viewers of Emmanuel TV into the realm of prayer, releasing words of prophecy to those seated around the congregation and delivering a power prayer of freedom to the captives. “You cannot leave here and remain the same,” he professed. “Receive your deliverance, in the name of Jesus!” The presence of God moved tangibly through the congregation as people were loosed from the bonds of satanic attack and healed from their sicknesses. Indeed, it was a service like no other as the anointing arrested every negative spirit in the arena of liberty and brought light to the lives of those connected by faith to Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged in your faith as you share in the testimonies of lives transformed in the arena of liberty:

THE TESTIMONY OF A BELOVED SISTER Good morning my dear brothers and sisters My name is sister Angela from Switzerland last month i desperately wanted to visit the SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria to get the new morning water to help my sick mom but i was not sent invitation after many times of trying …i was so sad until i searched for friends from Lagos on Facebook where i communicated with one sister from the church sister Helen who finally sent me the new morning water through DHL and i used it for my mom and she became well i now know that TB Joshua is a true Man of God to save this generation through Jesus Christ God bless scoan God bless T B Joshua God bless Nigeria. . if you need an urgent invitation from scoan, or you do not have the money to visit scoan yourself, i can connect you to a trusted sister from Lagos Nigeria who will help you with what ever you need . Email her on




“The problem that brought me to The Synagogue, Church Of All nations is the problem of a stiff neck due to cervical spondolysis,” said Pastor Alan Kwesi, a Ghanaian. Ten years ago, he said, he suffered an accident that caused him excruciating pain. After their diagnosis, the doctors had ended up giving him a neck collar and several medications to ease his pain. For 10 years the pastor had borne his condition until he could take it no more. Although a man of God himself, he thought it wise to seek God’s face through other servants of His. At The SCOAN he received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. Said he during his testimony on Sunday, about how he had felt during the prayer session, “It was as if something was massaging my neck, something like an ice pack”. Continuing, he said it was “as if the prophet knew exactly where I was feeling the pain because he held me there as he prayed for me. I became free afterwards,” Pastor Kwesi said, thanking God. Now, he can carry out the work of preaching even more effectively, as he has now been delivered from the lumbar problem that he believes was a family yoke.



Blessing, Miracle, Deliverance

“What is your business with medicine?” the prophet had asked her. “I’m a doctor,” she answered, somewhat in amazement. Then he told her he could see that her ambition was being thwarted. He later prophesied victory for her, in the mighty name of Jesus. That was in February 2019. To confirm the prophecy, medical doctor Amaka Omenyi returned to The SCOAN last Sunday, with her mother, to testify to the Lord’s goodness in her life. “I needed a breakthrough in my life, especially in my career as a medical doctor and also for personal deliverance,” she stated as she began her amazing testimony. She spoke of how she had failed several times in the past as she sought to go abroad for specialist training in internal medicine. For one reason or another, she kept facing rejection from the schools, despite sending in hundreds of applications. As a fan of Emmanuel TV, her mother’s favourite channel, she believed she would soon receive her own miracle. It was in that spirit that she had come to the arena of liberty in February. True to the man of God’s prophecy, Dr Omenyi’s admission application was successful this time, as she was admitted to begin her specialist training at an institution in Pennsylvania, USA. Just last month, she got her US visa without any hassle, to the glory of God. After her three-year training she will emerge as a consultant in internal medicine. Rejoicing, Dr Omenyi advised people to go to a living church for solutions to their problems, realising there is no challenge that God cannot help them to overcome.


Mr Victor Maliki is a Nigerian aviation engineer. While at work, he suffered an ankle dislocation that left his right foot dangling. After bandaging his legs, doctors handed him a pair of crutches to enable him to walk. Concerned by his condition, a friend gave Engineer Maliki one of The SCOAN anointed stickers – the Let Love Lead Sticker. Using a rubber band, he held the sticker in place around the hurting ankle. To his amazement, he began to feel sensations around the foot as it moved on its own accord. Soon after, he slept off on a mattress at work. Waking up, Engineer Maliki was oblivious of the fact that he had been using crutches only a few hours earlier. His ankle had gone back to position and he could walk and exercise his body without needing the crutches anymore. During his testimony in church on Sunday, he advised everyone to seek God for solution to their problems.


Three years ago, Ms Naomi Maduakolam had admired the apparent glamour that reflected in her friend’s way of life so she asked her the secret to her flashy lifestyle. Her friend’s answer: prostitution. That was how Ms Maduakolam began her journey into the ‘world’s oldest profession,’ sometimes servicing up to five men a day. Their meeting points? Brothels and nightclubs all over Nigeria. During one of her night outs, a ‘client’ had drugged her and taken away her phone and other possessions. As she woke up about 48 hours after, she realized she could have easily been used for ritual purposes. From then on, she felt the need to quit the business but her flesh had become too weak to resist and her material needs weighed heavily on her mind. Well, last Sunday, at The SCOAN, God located her through a word of prophecy from His servant, T.B. Joshua. As ordered by the Holy Ghost, the prophet urged Ms Maduakolam to come out and renounce prostitution. After a bit of hesitation, she did and to the glory of God, she came to testify in church last Sunday, thanking God for renewing her mind. She confirmed that she no longer had the urge to engage in prostitution and her lust for material possessions was a thing of the past. She advised people bound in the bonds of prostitution to follow her example, quit the addictive lifestyle and follow God.

As we appreciate God for His mighty works in our midst, we remember the Words of wisdom spoken through His servant, God gave you fitness because of people who are not fit. God raised you because of those who are on the sickbed. Until you extend your love to people like that, you cannot live beyond human destruction.” May His Words penetrate deep into our hearts and overflow in our actions, in Jesus’ name.

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THE TESTIMONY OF A BELOVED SISTER Good morning my dear brothers and sisters My name is sister Angela from Switzerland last month i desperately wanted to visit the SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria to get the new morning water to help my sick mom but i was not sent invitation after many times of trying …i was so sad until i searched for friends from Lagos on Facebook where i communicated with one sister from the church sister Helen who finally sent me the new morning water through DHL and i used it for my mom and she became well i now know that TB Joshua is a true Man of God to save this generation through Jesus Christ God bless scoan God bless T B Joshua God bless Nigeria. . if you need an urgent invitation from scoan, or you do not have the money to visit scoan yourself, i can connect you to a trusted sister from Lagos Nigeria who will help you with what ever you need . Email her on

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The worship session began with “Holy are You Lord”, a song that took the church into moments of deep meditation. Afterwards, there was “Hallelujah” followed by other songs asserting the congregation’s dedication to the ways of the Lord. Indeed, it was a glorious time in the Lord’s presence after the spiritual bounties of Easter.

Prophet TB Joshua spoke on THE BENEFIT OF FAILURE. He said that failure makes us to desire God, as the discouragement from failure can be turned into a life lesson. Citing the example of his own life, he advised Christians to see failure as an opportunity to gain new useful spiritual knowledge. According to him, Daniel’s experience in the lions’ den gave him a chance to prove his God, hence the King’s decree in Daniel 6:25-27. He therefore urged God’s children to stop dwelling on past failures and to live as genuine, humble Christians. 

Chris advised the congregation to DECLARE GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. Insisting that having a testimony does not mean one does not have a situation, Chris said Christians should always acknowledge God’s faithfulness. With reference to Numbers 13:31, Numbers 14:1-2, Deuteronomy 21:29-32 and 1 Samuel 17, Chris preached against giving room to fear, which is one of satan’s tricks to derail Christians from God’s unfailing capacity to heal, deliver and bless His children.






Fifty-nine-year-old Tanzanian Mr Adrian Mihambo came to God for healing because he could not walk owing to degenerative disc disease. For three years he could manage only a bit of movement with his lumbar corset. At The SCOAN during the Easter Sunday service, Prophet T.B. prayed for him and prophesied on the spirit of death in Mr Mihambo’s family. Instantly, the ailing man stood up and took his first steps without his corset. Standing before the congregation on Sunday, he advised people to have faith in Jesus, who does the impossible at The Arena of Liberty.


On Easter Sunday, as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the congregation, he prophesied about a woman with fibroids, saying the fibroids would start to melt immediately. As the ministration went on, a woman started to bleed as God’s Spirit had predicted through the prophet. It turned out that the woman was Mrs Blessing Odaji, an indigene of Nigeria’s southern state of Delta. On Sunday, the school teacher returned to testify of how God had healed her of an eight-year-old condition for which she had taken many herbal concoctions and visited many hospitals and churches. “All of the heaviness has left me and I can sleep very well at night,” she testified. She advised people to make a heart contact with God’s Spirit as the man of God prays.



 On Easter Monday, during the Living Water service, Ugandan Mr John Mugerwa had needed a guide to take him to The SCOAN altar.  By the time he was done there, however, he no longer needed any help. Why? Because although previously blind, he could now see again! In sheer excitement, Mr Mugerwa shook hands with everyone as he made his way down the steps. For about eight years, the Kampala-based businessman had had a tumour weighing down on his optic nerve, thereby causing him blindness. Testifying alongside Mr Mugerwa were his Tanzanian friend and a family member guide. After identifying colours around him, Mr Mugerwa urged people to believe in God’s power.




 Because her menstruation had ceased for a long time, Miss Jemimah Msang, a Tanzanian, was a troubled, unhappy woman. And so she came to The SCOAN for prayers during the Easter Sunday service, where a word of prophecy declared that her menses would return.  After prayers and a touch by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Miss Msang went to the toilet to check herself and, to God’s glory, her monthly visitor had come calling again. Testifying in church on Sunday, Miss Msang said she had a smooth flow, without any pains.






It was a different manner of healing for Mrs Jennifer Rawlings, as it was her own mother whom the Spirit of God had used to heal her during the Easter Sunday service. Under the instruction of the Holy Ghost, Prophet T.B. Joshua had first prayed for Mrs Rawlings’ mother before asking the woman to pray for her daughter, who had been confined to a wheelchair for the past three years. After following the instructions from the man of God, what followed was a miracle as her daughter immediately leaped to her feet and walked independently from her wheelchair! The man of God also prophesied that Mrs Rawlings would vomit poisonous substances from her system – and she did. During her testimony in The SCOAN on Sunday, Mrs Rawlings was accompanied by her mother, niece and friend. She told of how her life had been miserable for the past three years. The Abuja-based businesswoman said she had been to several hospitals, churches and herbalists’ homes before she decided to follow the prayers on Emmanuel TV. After vomiting during the TV prayers, she returned to the hospital and the doctors then managed to get a diagnosis, something they had been unable to get previously. It was at this point that Mrs Rawlings was brought to The SCOAN to receive her total healing and deliverance, in the mighty name of Jesus! “There is God in this place; ignore hearsay,” she advised the congregation.



 Mr William Kamugisha, a Ugandan, had come to The SCOAN with the problem of difficulty in walking. Luckily for him, however, the word of prophecy

also located other areas of his life. The 47-seven-year-old had spent 36 years of his life nursing pains in his right knee and lower back. To help him, doctors had given him a lumbar corset and a knee brace. On the prophecies, the man of God said there was an issue about a missing child, that there was a pot containing evil powers and that Mr Kamugisha had a spiritual wife. After prayers by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the mighty name of Jesus, Mr Kamugisha received his perfect healing and began exercising his limbs vigorously. During his testimony, he confirmed the three prophecies and proved his healing by squatting, twisting and jogging on the aisle. He ended by urging the congregation to believe in the presence of God at The SCOAN.




For Ghanaian siblings Mr Michael Kwablah and his sister Mary, it had seemed as if they were doomed to stagnancy and poverty. Despite having lived in the USA for 13 years, Mr Kwablah could not make any headway in life, as he failed from business to business, chucking up a debt of over one hundred thousand dollars in the process. On Mary’s part, not only had poverty been a faithful partner, she also had a grievous stomach condition that had defied all known medical solutions. Mr Kwablah was told by his pastor that his mother was a witch and had been responsible for his family’s problems. After discovering Emmanuel TV, however, he visited The SCOAN for prayers with his sister and resolved to apologise to his mother and reconcile with his estranged father. Armed with the knowledge that nothing was impossible with God, he returned to base and God rewarded his faith. Ten months after his visit, Mr Kwablah began to record amazing breakthrough. From having nothing, he became the owner of thriving businesses and properties in his home country of Ghana. Not only is Mary herself now healed, she is also the owner of a thriving catering company as well as one supplying building materials to international firms. Moreover, Mr Kwablah’s mother now lives with him in the US. Although he had been thinking of relocating his siblings to the US, today Mr Kwablah is enjoying the milk and honey in his native land. He advised people to learn to forgive and urged pastors not to lie to their church members. Miss Kwarblah advised people to take their problems to God.       



 Mr Emmanuel Sackey, a Tanzanian banker, had kept facing setbacks at work. He had feared he was going to remain in oblivion forever but somehow he found himself at The SCOAN, where he received not only prayers but also The New Morning Water. As soon as he started ministering the water, Mr Sackey saw the dark cloak of invisibility yanked off him by God’s angels. All of a sudden, the ignored worker was suddenly announced as the winner of a major award of recognition by his bank. To God be the glory!

morning water


It was another wonderful singing session on Sunday as The SCOAN Choir led the congregation in worship and praise. And as the session went on, it was clear that the Holy Spirit had taken more of the people and given them more of Himself, as diverse manifestations followed.

Prophet TB Prophet Joshua began his exhortation with the song ‘He is Lord’ and asked the people to open their hearts as he prayed for their good health as well as for their families and businesses. As he prayed on, he again burst into song: “Somebody Touched Me.” He thereafter pronounced breakthrough on the lives of viewers and the congregation, asking them to thank God for giving them rest: “We give you thanks for all You have done,” the SCOAN Choir sang on cue. On his part, Racine gave a message on salvation and righteousness. Entitled “Live For Eternity”, the message stressed the fact that spiritual desires and fleshly desires are two opposite masters who can never be given equal attention. The urged the congregation to serve God so they can have peace that lasts forever rather than happiness which is based on material things.

Racine read from Ecclesiastes 3: 11-12, John 10: 27, Hebrews 11: 1 as he taught that forgiveness of sin comes from exercising faith and that God’s plans for our lives may sometimes involve our facing trials and tribulations.

Noting that spiritual growth “is a function of obedience to the will of God,” he concluded by urging the church to seek the kingdom of God and wisdom.



It was over 10 years ago when Mrs Anike Donohoe had an accident at work. Since then, her life had never been the same. The doctors had diagnosed the nurse’s condition and found that she had suffered total loss of the cartilage in her right knee and partial loss of the cartilage in her left knee.

The osteoarthritic patient, a Nigerian based in the United Kingdom, had been advised to have surgery. She did, but her condition only worsened, as she suffered degeneration of the back.

The doctors feared that she might become totally paralysed, so they suggested another operation to place plates in her knees; they also wanted to give her steroid injections. Mrs Donohoe flatly rejected these options and chose the divine path.

At The SCOAN, she received prayers in the mighty name of Jesus and today she can walk freely again. Her cartilage had been restored by Jesus, the Master Healer! She testified how she can now do things she had been unable to do for a decade, such as bathe herself, wash clothes or make even the simplest movements. To God be the glory!






It was a pregnancy that had been overdue for over two weeks and a caesarian section stared Mrs Ndidi Ogudebe in the face, for that was all the doctors could offer.

After all, they had no way of placing the baby head down in the womb so the mother could have a safe delivery. Together with her believing husband, she came to The SCOAN for prayers two weeks ago.

As the prayers went on, in the mighty name of Jesus, Mrs Ogudebe’s tummy began to vibrate as God’s power surged through her. Minutes later, her husband rushed her to the hospital. No sooner had she landed on the hospital bed than the baby popped out effortlessly!

On Sunday, the couple came with baby Chisom Blessing Ogudebe, beaming with excitement and gratitude to God Almighty. Mrs Ogudebe said that during the prayers she had experienced the baby turning in her womb as it positioned itself properly. “Believe and trust in God; with Him all things are possible,” Mrs Ogudebe advised.








It is no secret that the feet are a professional footballer’s major tool. The devil of course knows this too, so he had tried to afflict Mr Knowledge Musona thereby giving him  a serious ankle injury.

For five years, the Belgium-based 28-year-old striker and captain of the Zimbabwe national team, had been unable to do what he knows best owing to an injury sustained during a game in South Africa. With his ankle cartilage damaged, Mr Musona had to have his ankle wrapped up by a professional physiotherapist and he also had to take pain-relieving injections anytime he had to play.

Of course, the injury hampered his moves on the field and he played very few matches. Trusting God to restore him to a perfect condition, Mr Musona sought God at The SCOAN in December 2018. After the prayers, the footballer stood up believing God had healed him.

He returned to Belgium and resumed playing football without having to use the ankle bandage. He has also been able to score wonderful goals after his healing. Demonstrating his healing, he brought testimonial pictures of himself playing for a Belgian club and the Zimbabwe national team.

He advised people to follow Jesus, for He is the unfailing Healer.









Little John Umeh had been playing with a key when he suddenly swallowed it, to his parents’ horror. In panic the following morning, they had rushed him to the hospital where doctors recommended an X-ray. It turned out that the key had been lodged in a delicate part of the boy’s chest.

The way out? “Surgery,” the doctors had answered.  The boy had begun to run a temperature and could not eat without vomiting. Troubled by the news, his father, Mr Umeh, decided they should return home, as he remembered he had the New Morning Water.

He then ministered the New Morning Water all over the boy, as he prayed. The boy became pressed and his father gave him a bowl. In faith, Mr Umeh dug through the solid waste and there it was – the ingested key! During his testimony on Sunday, he said, “I started shouting and called my wife.”

The doctors’ verdict had been overturned and the key had been expelled naturally, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Urging parents to keep dangerous objects away from their children, he urged everyone to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.